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The Venus Trap NSFW

The Venus Trap



Alexander Gordon Jahans

It feels weird to brush up against this story again as I am currently in the last throes of writing the Novel/Short Story collection Alpha Warriors a response to Trump, Brexit and the backlash to my more recent fiction. The nature of writing is that you get incrementally better every 10,000 words or so that you write. I have written a lot of stories since the Venus Trap, stories that I wrote specifically because I had characters or concepts I wanted to explore or particular stories to tell. Even those deliberate substantially better crafted stories have at times been so wretched as to get struck from the canonical record. So The Venus Trap feels like an odd one to keep around.

The Venus Trap was written as a NaNoWriMo challenge. No cishet male characters and a story that wrapped up a tv series that I still have not properly adapted into a form I feel comfortable calling canonical, and a novel series I never got around to actually writing.  When I'm still reeling from work more recent than this being cited as evidence that I am misogynistic and transphobic it feels bizarre to imagine a time when things were so much worse that I actively felt the need to write an all female story as a personal challenge. None the less this is canon as it is the introduction of the elder god Galla Placidia and the closest closure the series that never was has yet had

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