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Old Shame

These are the stories that for various reasons I have struck from the canonical record. This is the museum of my shame. The mementos of my screwups. Look ye upon my failings and judge. I will not pretend I was never so foolish, I will not lie about what I did wrong. Consider this stuff not just Not Safe For Work but Not Safe For Sanity.

Laura The Queen of Mirth (AKA the one where SRS in a bottle is offered to a trans person in a single ambiguous throwaway scene.)

The Pretty And The Brain (Because what every problematic piece of fanfiction needs is a spinoff where an OC clones another OC by removing their brain.)

The Game (There was no backlash to this but now that a proud sexual assaulter is President of America, after running against a woman, I feel very uncomfortable about this story where a woman becomes President by agreeing to let the Bam-Kursh try to seduce the sapience out of her. What the fuck was I thinking?)

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