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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Forgive Me

Forgive Me


Alexander Gordon Jahans

I just tried to write a blog. It went badly. I can't do stream of consciousness right now because my brain is not in a good place and has not been for some time. I am petty and vengeful and I remember everything with great clarity everytime I do a thing related to a thing. Everytime I play minecraft I remember everything I listened to when I played minecraft. Every time I watch a show I remember the last time I watched it as I watch it. Everytime I have a conversation about a subject I remember the last time I had a conversation about that subject. So everytime I write...


I wrote part one of a redo of the Queen of Mirth today. An entirely fictional account of how Lucy Danse walked the hundred million universes, inspiring revolution and discovering the sylph cure. All problematic aspects related to trans people will be excised. I am changing around the demographics of the fictional characters so as to be more inclusive and have less white male characters but the Queen of Mirth herself will remain a trans games journalist because it's no good striving to create a canon version that is less problematic if at the same time you cut out a key character of representation. Do it right and proper, don't just cut the attempts at representation out. 

As for why it remains a story of a games journalist, an interviewer and a rockstar? Well on one level I want to create a melody that is recognizably similar to the original. This is the canon version of the forsaken original, it should have a similar cast. And secondly the story requires a group of civilians rising up to be heroes. Internet reviewers have a lot of cult of personality. I have experienced how loyal and effective their followers can be and I remain forever amazed by the skill and work of games journalists to find the truth in a world of churnalism, unlabeled satire and propaganda. Also the Doctor has a sonic screwdriver and I like bards as a D&D class so I'm keeping a musician in the triumvirate. And triumvirates are just cool and historically effective at bringing people to power.

Also I am technically starting a thing when I am halfway through a thing that I started when I was nearly finished with a thing. If I had it be say, an artist, a voice over actor and a cosplayer becoming the leaders of the glorious revolution I'd have to think of some new plot. I don't really want to do that. 

Anyway I'm doing a thing and I'm still not dead, so yay. 

Sorry about everything. I'm a moron. 

Ah, that'll be the darkness coming again. Time to stop writing about myself. Go do stuff. Be happy. Be safe. 

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