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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Reality is not fiction. Why is that confusing?

It is so weird to be writing a (very radically different - they like sports) character having a conversation with their family member when your family member is next door. Like I am writing this intense interpersonal drama and make up between these two very fictional characters but I'm still like what if the X thinks this X is them and they think Y must be me because I am Y to them in real life. Maybe this is why so many writers kill off the families?
Oh tragic back story. So sad. Never feel awkward writing about it though.
I mean its one thing when the plot is zombies, aliens, robots or nazis. There is something very simple and understandable about the weird trying to kill you. I mean can quite easily imagine writing a scene where a protagonist talks about the need to go on the run from nazis. Not least because in an incredibly painfully slow fashion that is what I am trying to do. Migrate out from under the nazis before they notice.
I am not writing that kind of story now. This is much more small scale. Much more personal to the characters and thus so much more awkward to explain. Even if it weren't taken as a base concept from from delving too deep onto the internet and finding weird stuff involving only consenting adults. This is the kind of personal story that people can't help but assume is based in reality.
The Farsh-nuke eats people, removes their brains and can reprogram reality and they think he's based on me. What the fuck are they going to think when they see a 20,000 word story about a guy who finishes college and has to decide what he's going to do with his life? I mentioned in a story that in universe I was somewhere else and people were still like. "That psychopath with the alien abilities is you"
I hope to fuck these are just people who think the Legend Of Zelda is Shigeru Miyamoto's desire to play Robin Hood or I honestly have no idea how this won't generate just the most awkward outrage and confusion.
Call out the male gaze, call out shitty representation, call out when I am rightly a moron but with this story please do not confuse fiction and reality. I am Sir 'Not appearing in this story' except for one story where I obliquely do as two different characters but that is the exception not the rule

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