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Monday, 19 June 2017

Stop with the Joss Whedon Hate

It was fun for a bit to see the pseudofeminist face the kind of shit that made me briefly anti-feminist but it’s really probably time to stop.
The dude fucked up. 
He wrote a bad script that wasn’t picked up and we don’t know the issues behind it. I am seeing so much metatextual analysis at the moment to explain and justify the rage people are feeling but I studied textual analysis at university and it is bullshit. It works if you disregard the author and use it as an interesting tool to interpret the fiction. It does not work as evidence for your judgement of the man.
Joss Whedon does not deserve your hatred. He does not deserve your rage. There are far bigger shit heads out there, me included. That fucker tried. He tried and tried so hard to stand up for you and fight for you and he succeeded amazingly. Especially if this is what he was like all along.
I am a writer whose fiction makes Joss Whedon at his worst look like the peak of Mount Olympus and I am telling you that if that man is even half as misogynistic as you are saying then he deserves a goddamned medal for managing to write what he did. I literally can’t go 500 pages without my brain forcing me to write about some pretty young woman being cute and submissive. I have had so many internal and external struggles to beat this beast and in the end I gave up because I can’t win but I love to write. 
If Joss Whedon is as damnable as you say then that makes him all the stronger in my eyes because he managed to fight against his own internal toxicity for so long and got you stories you loved.
Joss Whedon is not a misogynist, not yet anyway. He has done so much for you, that you have praised him for. Maybe he’s used up his energy. Maybe he can’t beat back the toxicity anymore. Maybe he is now truly damned to face a slow decline into misogyny but he fought for you, he fought well and he got you stories, he got you stories and characters you love.
The truth is you don’t hate Joss Whedon with such a passion because he wrote some bad scripts and might be a misogynist. You hate him because, despite all that, he still managed to create things you loved. Because it’s so much easier when misogynists are just the moronic fuckwits nobody cares about or criminals who deserve prison time. If a misogynist can make things you love then maybe you worry you have to stop declaring them evil. If a misogynist can make things you love then maybe you have to look for the wisdom you agree with amid the bullshit.
And yeah, betrayal sucks.
Here is the important thing though that I think is important. Driving someone from a media platform is not a victory, convincing them you are right is, and when that person used to think you were right to begin with and maybe still does, all you are doing is encouraging them to disagree with you by being a dick to them.
Joss Whedon didn’t hate women and maybe he still doesn’t but if you think women stalking him, insulting him and harassing him will make him love women again then you don’t understand human psychology. Which is odd really. You’d think Women would be experts on how online harassment feels.

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