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Sunday, 18 June 2017

On Censorship

On Censorship

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Alexander Gordon Jahans

Let me be clear I am not advocating in favour of female sexual objectification. This isn’t about saving my own arse as a shitty writer. I think some on the left might have misunderstood something very important.


Criticise men who write, direct or draw women poorly. Criticise me, I know I deserve it and I also know at this point that I won’t stop writing this way

Hire more women writers, directors, artists and producers.

Have editors and executives ready to call men on their bullshit if they try to get published with a company that isn’t writing flat out fetish fiction.

I am not for one minute telling you to push for stronger and better representation in the media but don’t be fooled into thinking censorship benefits you.

Censorship is a tool of the powerful and who are the powerful in our society? Still? Old, white men.

Writers didn’t rail against Mary Whitehouse because she was stopping them showing T&A in Doctor Who. They railed against her because she was a christian conservative who wanted the world tailored to her backwards view of the world. 

Censorship has routinely been used to oppress people pushing for gay representation. That I know for a fact and I’m damned certain it’s been used to hold back attempts to represent women and back people better.

Yes, our society objectifies women. There is a gender disparity that traps and brainwashes both poles of the gender spectrum while utterly fucking up those in between. These are serious problems and they need to be addressed with criticism, education and proper representation. Not by pushing for the elite establishment of old white guys to have more powers with which to fuck you over.

I apologise if people apparently backing censorship are simply critiquing the shitty arguments thrown against them by clueless misogynists but I felt this was too important an issue to risk unhighlighted.

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