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Friday, 23 June 2017

Interstitial Reality

Interstitial Reality

Alexander Gordon Jahans

You are wrong. Everything you are. Everything you think. Everything you stand for. Everything that defines you is a subjective debatable sham of madness. Everything about me. Everything about everyone. It is all an inconsistent provably false lie.

We exist in a world of strongly held beliefs and I am perhaps one of the more strongly vocal in the defense of my positions. I believe in free will. I believe in Regulated Capitalism as a viable ethical form of societal resource management and distribution. I believe in violence against the genocidal and that free speech and representation in the media is a vital and important thing. I believe that human are cruel, greedy, sadistic and selfish yet I also believe human are caring, generous, kind and selfless. I love humanity and I despise it. Do you start to see how it all falls apart?

In the age of the non-binary gender spectrum we have become increasingly polarised between the good guys who deserve to live and the monsters who deserve a good kicking because they are dirty amoral things unworthy of life. We are seeing extremists among the left and the right committing acts of terror. Our world is making people sick with pain and rage and it is failing to care for them.

Now I know whose side I’m on. I shall preach and preach against revolution but if the balloon goes up I am fighting for the underdogs, the women, the Trans and Non-Binary, for the People of Colour and every kind of safe, sane and consensual sexual orientation. If the moment comes I know whose side I’m on but I am never on the side of war. NEVER.

Adolf Hitler was a shitebag my words feel entirely ill suited to encapsulating the evil of but I feel no shame in admitting that if there was a way, some mad brilliant way to peacefully, diplomatically, convince Hitler and the Nazi regime to change their ways I would have took it.

Yes, we settled the argument of whether it was okay to punch Nazis long ago but if we could avert genocide, war and hostilities with a little kindness and understanding? If we could preach, listen, debate and persuade our fellow sapients out of discrimination and sadism? If we could end the threat of the Alt-Right by recognising that the vast majority of Trumpists are the scared and exploited mentally ill offered brotherhood and answers they understand to fears that have been drummed into them by propaganda? If we could end the next war before it began by offering our enemy a cup of tea and a custard cream instead of a molotov cocktail and a bullet to the brain? We could talk our enemies into being our friends? Would that not be better?

Capitalism is doomed. The economy cannot continue to make sense when machines do the vast majority of jobs that need doing. Anarchism is a fundamental functional oxymoron, there is order in everything. Feminism without consideration to morality and economic factors is just establishment fuckery by another name. Everything I believe in, everything you believe in, everything they believe in, is flawed. Lets stop pretending otherwise. Lets stop pretending that our beliefs are anything other than flawed compromises based on our best guesses from the evidences availiable to us from our narrow perspectives.

I mean I know that my utopias is an absurd mess of contradictions. A feminist utopia with equal representation for all races, genders, nationalities and demographics that feel like it. A world free from the need to work where techno magic provides the infinite capacity to fulfill any need or desire. A world where we don’t have to debate where someone gets the right to exist, be and get reated respectfully. Where we don’t need to justify demographics. Sure, you can realise you were secretly a great oak all along and never realised it. Other times someone might turn into a fish for the fuck of it and it’s just respected.

At the same time this utopia would be a place where capitalists could still engage in the pageantry and emotion of big business and old school politics. There could be the nazi district with emergency displacement fields out for anybody who wanders in by accident. There’d be the republican district, the conservative district and the blairite district. A utopia that accommodated the dystopian idealists by letting them engage in the fantasy of being powerful at the expense of others without anyone else actually getting hurt. We could have Romans and Aztecs and French Revolutionaries if people felt like it. You want to live in a cave and eat dirt then by golly we’ll find a way to let you do that safely without affecting your feelings of authenticity. Perhaps using a fake cave packed with insulation that deposited fake dirt which was actually nutrient packed and edible food.

And of course in my utopia I would somehow have a harem of pretty young submissive white girls. Well maybe not. Some things are just too insane to even naively hope for in the ideal scenario.

I have been doing so much writing lately as I rush to finish this novel and I confess, that as a flawed and rather nasty individual, I have found it rather exciting in a grim way. I’ve actually stopped talking about politics with my family because it’s filled with the anxious and I am now quietly certain that we are approaching (within months) global civil war through out everywhere at once, from multiple different perspectives, as the desperate and the damned reach breaking point and lash out, intent to kill whoever they think the enemy is.

Neoliberalism has failed yet it still weakly clings to life and it does so it kills us all, like a dying parasite draining the last energy reserves of a patient as a disease attacks. The arrogance of Neoliberalism has been to forget the one thing capitalism has always been about, motivating the greedy, instead Neoliberalism rewards the greedy at the expense of the many and the privileged morons spread disinformation and propaganda to cover their arses as they continue to drag us further towards World War 3.

The Neoliberals have enraged the populace, made them desperate and mentally unwell, now it strips back the police force and care for the mentally ill while wondering how terrorist attack after terrorist attack keeps happening.

The politicians have failed us. Mass media have failed us. If humanity is to survive we must do the seemingly impossible, make peace with those that enrage us and provoke us to anger and depression. We do not have the liberty of united and sane leaders to rescue us. We must end this civil war, this global war, before it begins by making peace with our enemies.

I know this is hard. I know this is ridiculously impossible. Yet if we don’t then who will save us from those nobody is bothering to help?

I had no clue what I was going to write when I sat down today, perhaps it shows, I just knew I needed to write. That there was something bubbling beneath the surface that I had failed to acknowledge and needed to be vented.  I know this is hard because I know that there is a part of my mind that would dearly love the opportunity to inflict pain and suffering upon my stalkers. Yet I also know that we are only going to survive this insanity if we learn to look past the provocative attempts at manipulation and see a way through to the scared vulnerable adults beneath. These are the desperate and the damned, they need us to save and redeem them from the destructive paths they are now on.

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