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Saturday, 20 May 2017



Alexander Gordon Jahans

I’ve been happy for a few days now. (Or maybe a couple of weeks, my sleeping pattern makes it hard to keep track) That’s odd. Really odd. I mean yeah I finally have some peace at last and the can of economic survival has been kicked far enough down the road that I’m not worrying about it but that’s not enough since I still get moments when my shitty situation comes to the fore. I mean I’ve had good podcasts, good weather, good tv and a good comic to read but boredom still grips. Yet the happiness never really goes away. Not normal for someone so frequently bored, tired and in pain.

Except I see it now.

Bias can be hard to see through and politics is full of bias. The truth has been so hard to see because every source of evidence for it has had a different bias and considering one of the sources I’m using here is myself that was particularly hard to consider yet please bare with me as I lay out the puzzle pieces:

Owen Jones in Chavs and the Establishment lays out the rise of Margaret Thatcher and Neoliberalism as the beginning of the shit times.

Paul Mason chimes in with Post Capitalism

Martin Ford indirectly correlates with Paul Mason that Neoliberal politics happened around the acceleration of information technology as a viable job stealer.

I lay this out in my own articles. Tearing my hair out over Neoliberalism killing Capitalism through the rise of policies that incentivised technological unemployment and collapsed the economy.

Article after article from 4 chan whistle blowers, cracked writers and mainstream press to members of the alt-right talking about how Donald Trump is terrifying because he stands outside neoliberalism, is a fascist yet still won.

Fucking Dan Carlin campaigned for decades to get a change candidate and is now second guessing himself.

Jeremy Corbyn got elected, faced internal coup after internal coup but in the face of a general election his critics are rallying behind him.

Theresa May backs fox hunting, grammar schools, restricting voting and an orwellian control of the internet in her manifesto.

I write article after article and make video after video wondering if Trump is the greatest defeat the fascists ever had by wasting the opportunity, being the villain we all see coming and too damned incompetent to do anything while shining a light on the dark underground of fascist Americans.

Trump fires the head of the FBI for investigating his ties to Russia, gives state secrets to Russia, brags about it and complains that people think it’s wrong. His Press Secretary hides in bushes and is seen wearing a di9fferent make of shoe on each foot. Impeachment Proceedings begin.

France votes against fascism but only after the centrist was shown as the alternative to fascism.

The final piece of the puzzle came today as I read Transmetropolitan then had time to think in the shower. The Beast finally reveals his ethos and why the Smiler is full of shit. The Beast by the way is very Trumpian and Smiler is obviously inspired by Tony Blair the king of Neoliberalism.

Or to the quote Alexander Hamilton at the end of Hamilton: “I have never agreed with Jefferson once, we have fought on like seventy five different fronts, but when everything’s said and everything’s done: Jefferson has beliefs, Burr has none.”

Ladies and Gentlemen and all you other glorious peoples across the grand and mighty spectrums of time and the multiverse, Capitalism is dying and we are all going to get fucked but the time of Neoliberalism is over. The rise of Fascism was a blip caused by the right being more self serving and quicker to adapt to changing political realities but it indicates to me that, with Trump’s tomfoolery in America, the thwarted danger in France and May’s rightward shift in Britain, that the global political establishment has changed. Britain has Corbyn, America has Sanders and I am certain now that May’s daft policies are the sign of a conservative party that can see the days of neoliberalism are over and naively believes its old policies will be vote winners.

It has taken me so long to see consciously because my life is still in the shit but this last year was the year of solving politics and miraculously I think we’ve done it. There’s as very long and bumpy road ahead but the unstoppable establishment has been forced to change and adapt and this is only the beginning.


You know what this means?

I need a new project to obsess over.

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