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Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Farsh-nuke Counter Proposal

The Farsh-nuke Counter Proposal

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a bit busy coordinating a massive counter to Richard Raspberry and his legion of nazis. I’m not going to lie, things don’t look good.

What’s that saying? Nature abhors a vacuum? Well when the great Septagonoid war ended one hell of a vacuum was created by the fall of the Logicios and United Civilisations. Sorry about that.

Some of you may agree with Black Adam, the almighty Alpha. Well you play video games, surely you must know that Alpha means buggy and incomplete. The first man was no man at all. He was just a function. He thought therefore he was. Doesn’t mean his ideas were any good.

I talked about how good I found Paul Mason’s Post Capitalism and do you not what kind of idiotic reply I got? ‘Why waste your time on the words of some random journalist when you could go back to the source, Karl Marx?’ Because Marx died long before the age of the personal computer, the internet and VR. The world has changed radically since Marx’s time so we need to read the words of people who have experienced the changes that define our current reality. Marx is about as relevant today as a book advising on the proper transportation of slaves. It is a historical document that provides context for the present, nothing more.

I can understand the desire to find strength and safety in a strong leader. I can understand the escapist simplicity of pretending all your problems can be solved if you just attack x or y different group. I can understand the desperate desire to believe that one man, if given enough power, will have the ability to hold back primal forces. Do you know who else thought that? Hitler and Stalin. Two men whose power crumbled and regimes fell.

Maybe you think this time will be different? Maybe you think having the Black Adam on your side will make all the difference. Clearly nobody told you that there are seven other gods who’d have a problem with that, or that most of us were actually arrested tried and executed because here’s the thing religions like to ignore. You absolutely can kill a god many gods have died throughout history, elder gods included. That sign of the cross the KKK wield is literally a sign of the hubris of god. No, Black Adam offers you no salvation. He will fall.

Except it’s more than just one man isn’t it? Marx disproved the great man theory of history. We may live in the age of the cult of personality but the cult chooses the personality. In every revolution, in every coup and fascist take over it was the will of the people that let the ‘great men’ take their places in history.

This is the truth of the 21st century though. Young boys and desperate lonely men all play games designed to make you, the individual, feel important, in control and the saviour or persecutor of all. You have raised a generation of arrogant pathetic fools who think they are more important and capable of changing the world than they are.

The ultimate irony is they know this. Donald Trump was elected because he is the arrogant pathetic fool who got everything they wanted. Because he is the failure who turned into the skid and claimed victory despite failure after failure. He isn’t a fascist, not really. He is a last desperate fuck you from a generation of men avoiding the urge to kill themselves for how pathetic and damned they are.

So what do? What hope is there?

Well you’re still breathing, so that’s something. I’m not going to lie this isn’t going to be easy. There is going to be rioting, civil disobedience and destruction of property. As people get desperate the rise of the desperate and the damned will begin. So far it is only the far right who are snapping, everybody else is sated by more equal rights for the oppressed. Except everybody has their limits and change will only happen when the powers that be realise the calculus for their survival and remaining in power has changed.

It will be a long hard road. It will require debates, marches, riots, essays and pop cultural polemics. The facts are there now. The Establishment’s time to cling onto the mentality of the current era is running out. All I can advise you to do is survive peacefully for as long as you can. Write your letters, write your essays and kick up a fuss but most of all survive. The more the poor outnumber the rich, the harder it will be to ignore their needs.

Everybody is going to have their own limits and already people are dropping like flies. That’s going to get worse. A lot worse before it gets better. Survival itself is going to become an arduous task for many. That’s why if I thought fascism might actually work there is a chance I might have endorsed it, because millions, billions, are going to suffer for far too long before the chaos of this transition period ends.

I don’t have an answer for you. I just have a plee: Stay alive. 

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