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Monday, 10 April 2017

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour

Alexander Gordon Jahans

I’ve been a mess lately. Events pushed me to the edge of breaking point, to ‘quitting youtube’. I’ve kind of had to accept a certain amount of manic stupidity on the part of my brain as it tried to reorientate itself, like the way people doing yoga always look a bit ungainly when they break formation and try to stand or sit like normal again.

So I went back to the podcasts that made me who I am and have helped me ride out the darkness the last two years presented. That’s where I encountered a concept that just clicked with me, though binge watching Jonathan Creek probably helped to get my mind working as well.

It was in the Dissecting Worlds episode on Battlestar Gallactica. They were talking about how in World War Two the allies didn’t have enough carriers so small plans would be docked ready to launch off small fishing boats and the like. Obviously the planes couldn’t land back on the improvised carriers so they’d have to be ditched at sea when their fuel ran out which was a terrifying experience. Then they compared it to Battlestar Gallactica and pointed out that in World War Two, no matter how bad things got you knew that at some point you would eventually reach some kind of safe harbour.

It wasn’t just that podcast though. Like I said I’ve had a binge watch of Jonathan Creek to spin my brain up into gear. Then there was Mass Effect Andromeda and this one line early on where the original Pathfinder insists on finding ‘Solid Ground’. I even compared it to my experiences in school when I was also feeing suicidal and trapped, under much more personally dangerous and upsetting conditions but didn’t reach this level of darkness because I knew the answer to my problems even if I couldn’t enact it.

So I’ve been trying to find Safe Harbour. Somewhere to start from. A conceptual anchor. A real reason to have hope. I remember I was in school once and I was told I couldn’t leave until I answered a science question. My mind was blank. I couldn’t see it, couldn’t possibly conceive of how to answer the question. Then the teacher told me I could leave but had my try the answer again. I got it in a moment. The pressure, the sensation of being trapped, stopped my brain from seeing the solution.

The problem I’ve had of course is that I haven’t been able to see a solution to the problem of staying alive. Indeed the more research and work I’ve done to reveal an answer has only revealed with greater certainty that there is seemingly no answer. Capitalism is doomed. Fascism will only ever fail in the long term. Socialism cannot function in a global economy. My friends who are not burdened by GHD and Autism are likewise stuck in poverty. Attempts by my family to help me out of this certain death have only revealed with greater certainty that there is no way out. And of course I’ve been reading all these political books. Even Getting Things Done alludes to how screwed the job market is. Attemptys to apply it to claiming Universal Credit have only proven my pessimistic theories correct. I’m doomed and so is the world.

Then something in a podcast I listened to lately triggered something in my head. CGP Grey and Myke Hurley talking in Cortex about their fears for the demise of Apple as a viable professional technological ecosystem. CGP Grey’s trio of videos on youtube ad rates and youtube’s attempt to address problems by limiting payout... Suddenly the giants of the tech world are looking weak. Maybe not anywhere near death but certainly no longer immortal.

Which is when I read Owen Jones’s first chapter of The Establishment And How They Get Away With It. It’s this darkly comic portrayal of the rise of politic sadistic morons. Yet remember how I talked about the danger of Revolution? Well here was a blueprint for political revolution that did not involve bloodshed. Heck with GamersGate, Trump and Brexit, we’ve seen how a bunch of morons of message boards can topple the establishment position.

I’m reminded of that old joke that would get trotted out on my videos when I talked up the virtues of Socialism. “I agree, National Socialism is the only answer.”

Except that’s the point up till now all socialism has been national socialism because it has been restricted to the national level. Socialism can’t exist at a national level in a global economy. Capitalism may be dying but it can still destroy national socialism economically. So... think bigger. If Capitalism is doomed to fail, Fascism always fails and Socialism at a national level is doomed to fail what is the only logical answer?

Global Socialism.

We’ve seen that the establishment is weak that there is much distaste for nationalistic ideas. We live in the age of the world wide web. I don’t care if your nationalism and racism extends to a fight for all white people, demographically that is an ideology doomed to failure. Global Socialism however saves everyone. After all the immigrants and refugees won’t need to come to your country if their country is also embracing Socialism.

I have found my Safe Harbour. The anchor to keep me going. Margaret Thatcher was part of the most successful global revolution in the world’s history and we shall learn from what she managed while spitting on her grave by undoing everything she stood for. Capitalism is dying, Global Socialism shall rise. 

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