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Friday, 7 April 2017

A Thought Of Hope

I just remembered something I figured out while reading the introduction to Owen Jones's book on the establishment. Jeremy Corbyn is destroying the neoliberal bond between the media and politicians just by being hated and inspiring criticism from his own supporters.

I mean yes alright when he's supposed to be your great leader riding to save you perceived fallability is not something to be championed but that's the thing about Corbyn that I never twigged before. Heads he wins, tails the establishment loses. Every second Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the labour party he exposes and undermines the establishment. To attack the great danger to their neoliberal consensus of free market control they have to use the media to undermine neoliberal causes and publicity.

I mean lets be honest the moment the attacks against Corbyn began I've been expecting a nuclear blast. Okay Corbyn blundered into a couple himself with Brexit and Scotland by mismanaging crises but we're talking about a media that hacked voicemails, led us into war on bullshit and fostered racist scapegoating.

Where are the big guns? Why nit pick about his bowing, jam making or tending rugby matches. We've just seen a US president get elected after multiple incidents that are positively thermonuclear compared to these peashooters. Why the restraint? If the military and politicians are calloing Corbyn a threat to National Security why is Corbyn getting softballed?

Because Jeremy Corbyn isn't Donald Trump. Donald is a brash egotistical moron who'll say anything to get a positive reaction from a crowd. You could goad Trump into saying he flayed his mother alive and drank her eyeballs then Donald would in a panic double down and rage that anyone dare find anything wrong with that. Donald Trump happens to also be a fascist with a fascist following but that only matters to us, not the establishment. To the establishment Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are the same in terms of danger to what they believe in. Infact if anything they see Corbyn as more dangerous since Trump will abide by their rules and consensus mostly, at least until a point.

Jeremy Corbyn is not so easily goaded or trapped. He is his own man and can't be manipulated because he won't play the media game, Oh you can attack Corbyn but if you want to play hardball with Corbyn then you have to understand that Corbyn will do something no other politician will do, he will sincerely admit things. Not out of trumpian egotism and playing to the crowd but because he honestly believes it. So if you attack him you need to be careful because Jeremy Corbyn isn't backbencher number 256, he's the leader of the opposition and leader of the labour party. If you attack him you attack his office and you attack the establishment but at the same time you can't attack Ciorbyn on policies because he will own your arse.

Jeremy Corbyn has become a danger to the labour party I'll admit and I, like many on the left who love his policies in general, have criticisms with him but the reason he has most endangered the labour party is because he is exposing its skeletons since they keep rising out of their graves to attack him. The media will attack Corbyn but in so doing they frequently publicise the establishment working against him. The Blairites or whatever.

To attack Corbyn is to attack themselves. That's why they keep soft balling it. We saw and are seeing what's happenning against Trump. The establishment could attack Corbyn like that but Corbyn is so dull all anybody would see is the office. Trump is a man whose ego forces him to put his name firmly on everything, including allegations of sexual assault. If you attack Trump you attack the man. If you attack Corbyn you attack the office and in a roundabout way yourself.

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