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Thursday, 23 March 2017

To do 23 03 2017

1. Emergency To do list
2. Eat main meal
3. Sort out podcasts - Find something worth bingeing
4. Chase up Amazon. - Where the fuck is my copy of Getting Things Done by David Allen? It was due to arrive on the tenth March and even the package tracker still says "Expected 15th March" What the fuck?
5. Play Skyrim or Civ 5. Chill the fuck out.

In Time:
1. Find new Productivity books/audiobooks/podcasts to experience. Get your shit together.
2. Empty rubbish from room.
3. Finish script on history of fascism and revolution
4. Redraft and upload short story titled Social Justice Warrior.
5. Explore options for Blogger - make navigation to fiction easier
6. Get Omnifocus on ipad - I need organisation

To finish:
Robert Gordon Banks - episode 2 codenamed the Predator
Weresylph Dawning Part 1.
Farsh-nuke V Raspberry Episode 2

Short Story Ideas:
The Bam-Kursh Combo Collection Advert
The Best Friend Vacation Experience
LaBologna and Shallattensberg - A history of fantasy politics and racial tensions
Draco - A Weredragon superhero
The Eternal Bond - fanfic about a Farsh-nuke James Bond.

Article Ideas:
The rage and suffering of the immortal - From the Doctor to Dracula - What this can teach us about mortals coming to terms with mortality
A brief history of Political Revolution - Why they fail, why thery succeed and is there a blueprint for success
Living with autism - aka Autistic People Aren't As Superior As I'd Like
Vegetarianism and Vore - The fetishisation of barbaric cruelty normalised by society
How to save capitalism - A desperate Hope
Why Do I Now Like Puns? - Sincerely my sense of shame
Why Blondes - An analysis of why I pick the features to fetishise in my fluff fics.
Escapism A Guide -From fluff and romps to nihilistic fantasise and the masturbation of taking back agency in a broken system

Okay that last section was basically bullshit but my brain is currently going wibble wibble and picturing millions of shrunken immortal Amy Ponds coating themselves in maple syrup pumping themselves full of pint chocolate covering themselves in almonds then queueing up to enter my mouth. I need order. I need logic. I need a guide to how to pull my shiot together. It has been a long few days

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