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Tuesday, 28 March 2017



Alexander Gordon Jahans

I have this sense almost of time running out. Perhaps that’s just my own tiredness with life and my increasing desire to leave all this bullshit behind. Perhaps it’s just a function of getting older. Except I don’t think it is. Capitalism is dying and the people are restless. Britain stands on the edge of a precipice and looks set to fracture utterly. David Cameron may go down as the man who destroyed the UK.

Look I’m an English man, even now, even as capitalism dies I weep for the dream of Regulated Capitalism I still love. To me, Communist is a worse slur than Cunt. I don’t like Revolution. I fear it. I see people on the left championing violent Revolution and I panic. Kill them all. Prevent the virus spreading. The only good thing that came of Violent Revolution was America and now look at them? How long before Trump crowns himself King?

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. I see of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Americans celebrate Independence Day and Thanks Giving. The day America was founded and the day it was discovered. The English celebrate the day the revolution failed. American heroes only die to live again. English folk heroes have failure and death built into their narrative. We celebrate Boudicca and the Romans, Harold Godwinson and William the Bastard. We celebrate and eulogise our loses.

So I’m scared. I am damned scared because capitalism is dying and it’s inevitable. Revolution will occur in Britain. I want it to happen the British way. I want the establishment to realise before its too late and make the concessionary changeover gradually. I want capitalism in Britain to fade and be replaced bit by bit like the ship of Theseus.  What I dread is the establishment’s incompetent arrogance and refusal to accept reality.

Capitalism had the edge over Feudalism because it granted power. For the upperclasses of Britain to embrace capitalism, it was made easier because it gave them more power. Post Scarcity removes power. If the poor can eat without working you can’t work them as hard and you make less money. If the poor can educate themselves and spread that knowledge to build up fame reputation and power then the power of the upper classes dilutes.

The only way the upperclasses will embrace Post Scarcity is out of survival. Because they have a choice. To be a part of the Post-Scarcity Society and an important part or to futilely fight against it and reduce their power in the new society.

You will never stop free booters or pirates because you can’t destroy something which can be infinitely created. You can obscure stuff, distract attention away from stuff or get in front of the wave but you can’t stop it. I know this all too well. Fortunately my philosophy has always been that the truth will out anyway. Yes people know where I live and those who don’t could find it readily enough but for the moment while information may be infinite people aren’t. They could force entry into my house to kill me but the moment they leave the safety of their keyboards they are vulnerable and no one is quite willing to pursue me that thoroughly. So far at least.

I hope hacktivism is the worst the revolution against capitalism and global inequality gets. I hope but I doubt. Part of me is almost thankful Trump got elected because it shows firstly that minority demographics can seize power via the internet peacefully and secondly that there are dangers to having an authoritarian president. Thank God we got the incompetant Trump now rather than a competant dictator after successive “moderates” have given the presidency more and more power. I dread the damage a left with revolution in America may have done without Trump.

Remember I myself have seen just recently that the tendency for revolution to collapse into autocratic brutalism still exists even in places as benign as fan groups on facebook. We don’t tolerate the enemy because we are traitors. We tolerate them so they will tolerate us and bloodshed will be avoided. Comparing internet safe spaces to violent revolutions isn’t fair since internet safe spaces are by their nature infinite. For all I know there’s a fan group dedicated to Laura K Buzz that is just transphobic nazis almost guiltily sharing their love for her journalism. That said the psychology of people in groups is not incomparable. Particularly when they are literally singing Les Miserables song lyrics while making the same basic mistakes of the French Revolution without irony.

We haven’t evolved past greed, hate and distrust. We haven’t evolved past the desire to consolidate and hold power. Most of us are just educated enough to understand survival lies in cooperation, regulation and compromise. I would like so many things that I can’t have and wouldn’t have even if I could have them because I understand that. Except desperation drives people to act outside societal norms. When the people are starving and can’t sleep from pain, giving them a lecture on the history of revolution and the folly of acting without consideration of compromise will not help. Again a lesson I know from personal experience. I genuinely had people ask with bafflement why I was against mob justice before someone tried to come to my defense by theorising that I had been at the wrong end of it. As if you can only be against public lynching if you yourself have been lynched.

What’s your skin in the game? Why are you prepared to tell all these desperate hurting people not to lash out? How are you hurt? What do you have to lose? That kind of rage, that of hurt, is not easily reasoned with and my autism makes me a shite negotiator at the best of times. Yet I am a fucking saint skilled in negotiations compared to the Etonian Oxbridge educated elite that will be dealing with the revolution when it comes. If you are someone who thinks having a lot of money traps you and makes you unhappy then the poor will eat you alive. Perhaps literally if you really fuck up.

I don’t want revolution. I don’t want that endless cycle of bloodshed to start up so despite being a mad so atheist I would lecture the shit out of god if he showed up I will pray to every god in the entire universe that the upper classes are smart enough to handle the changeover to Post Scarcity well. I would rather jackboots, genocide and nuclear holocaust over generation after generation destroying itself over politics.  The future of society and civilisation outranks every person alive on this planet right now. How can it not?

So yeah I’m scared. Scared that change is inevitable. Scared that we aren’t ready. Scared that we’ll make the same mistakes people always make when they are desperate. Scared that what should be a peaceful transition to utopia while begin the start of generations of violence and bloodshed. My life is not important. What you think of me is not important. The future of society and civilisation is. So I’ll pray, pray to the old gods and the new, stop the revolution before it begins. Let capitalism die peacefully. Let me die, let my country disintegrate, let millions starve and suffer just prevent Revolution. To quote a meme of me, it’s just not worth it.

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