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Friday, 6 January 2017

The Appeal Of The Submissive Female, Microphilia And Vore Fic Part 3 Microphilia

The Appeal Of The Submissive Female, Microphilia And Vore Fic
Part 3 Microphilia

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Now that we have delved into the shallow end of the quasi-misogynistic fetishization from from the male’s perfective it’s time to delve deeper into the abyss and see what horrors lurk there in.

There is little point me point by point what is it, why does it suck and why don’t I give a crap because this is not something that is ever on mainstream media (more’s the pity says my selfisdh impulses), and the misogyny is fairly self evident as I describe it.  Indeed this is why I aborted a textual analysis of the microphilia genre after my elation at completing my collection of the webcomic Diary Of A Shrunken Woman (where I got the term sylph from) and wrote the Shrinkening (

So what is microphilia?

Well bare in mind that it is a strange fetish that evidence can only be found of deep underground so it’s not like there are tons of academic papers on it like with submissive women in general. That means I am sticking my head above the trenches and am very likely to get shot at but that’s okay 2000 nazis already want me dead so what’s a little extra dead for science and the grand feminist cause?

Well the first thing I can tell you is that Microphilia is in its broadest term the fetishisation of the shrunken person with Macrophilia being the counter fetish for giants and giantesses. This obviously has overlap with the BDSM and Vore areas of fetishism. With Microphilia more typically being for those of the dominant or (and boy does saying this term remind me that discussing Vore is going to be fun - where fun means bloody terrifying) predatory persuasion while Macrophilia tends to overlap more with the submissive or prey persuasion. I will be discussing Vore later because at least for me Microphilia has been for many years very distinct.

The next thing to make clear is that the type of microphilia can vary. Size obviously is variable depending on personal preference with some wanting close to normal size but short enough that the subject is at a disadvantage in life. Others like their subjects ant size. For some its all about the shrinking, for some it’s just about the size difference alone, which is where there is overlap with narratives about fairies and sprites. For some the shrinking must be consensual, for some the fetish is about forcing the shrinking about a subject. For some the subjects aren’t transformed by the shrinking but rather are seen in the narrative to have meant to be shrunken to begin with, for others the shrinking is very much a transformative experience. Are you starting to see why a section pointing out the misogyny is a tad redundant?

Now I am not going to talk about what others see in the fetish because at 24 I am just wise enough to know that I only know what I think and it wouldn’t be fair to tar a whole fetish with attempts at generalizing from my own perspective. None the less a sample size of one is better than a sample size of none so here goes.

The typical Microphilia narrative that appeals to me (puts head in noose) involves a successful woman. She’s smart, in some way privileged good family, car from a rich boyfriend or father. She could be doing more with her abilities but she’s having fun and being a bit of a dick to people. There is a man in her life that she feels something for, at least enough of a connection that neither has quite stopped bugging the other yet. The guy doesn’t matter, his role is just to sound nice but put upon, like he really cares for this woman. Then the shrinking happens. (kicks stool out from under my feet)

It doesn’t really matter for me how the shrinking happens, what matters is that it is slow. Maybe a few hours, maybe a day, perhaps even days. Maybe she consents to the shrinking but once it starts she realises she’s out of her depth and it’s too late to stop. She has time, as her excess matter burns slowly away into the air, to think about her life and realise the good things she had and the great things she could have done. That’s when she chooses him. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen now but she knows she wants him. The shrinking is a transformative experience that drains away her power and privilege leaving her submissive before him until she is a foot in height, maybe half that, and ready to become his pet. At this point my preference is that she stop ageing as well.

I haven’t actually written this particular fetish into my fiction many times before. There didn’t seem much point when the great Catster had told the perfect narrative, pictures included.

You can see why it’s misogynistic. This is a fetish, at least for me, about the loss of agency and power of a woman, about her being reduced to a pet depending on a man, tiny plaything who can sass and complain but is ultimately under another’s control. There really is not excusing it.

Well except for the small point that it is literally impossible. Even if you could rewrite the laws of physics to make a full size person shrink so small you’d then have the issue that oxygen particles are too big to pass through the blood stream and how do you get enough food to keep them alive? At this point I am sounding like I have put way too much thought into this but I am a pulp scifi writer who likes things to have a ring of plausibility. Shrinking makes no sense. In the end I had to go with basically “A wizard did it.” So unless we encounter any wizards who know the secret of letting humans not need to eat, breathe or defecate I think the chances of microphiles going around shrinking people without their consent are pretty damned slim,

I will raise my hand and admit that microphilia is, at least for me, a misogynistic fantasy but since it it is literally impossible I won’t lose sleep over being criticised for it. I mean it’s not like you can even say it’s part of rape culture since practically noone knows about the fetish.

As to why I personally hold such a fetish, even to this day. Well when I was going though puberty with less testosterone than the average woman I discovered this genre of porn comics and it got a reaction where it counts. Since I was so desperate to tell myself I was heterosexual and thus ‘normal’ I clung to this fetish in fierce desperation, even if I did try to water it down to something less actually impossible like BDSM, And now I actually have testosterone enough to try growing a beard this stuff is like nitrous oxide for my libido. That is a kick you don’t let go of easily, even if you do have to consume it responsibly.

Speaking of consumption, join me in Part 4 for Vore. The part that I am most dreading writing about but perhaps most needs light shed on it.

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