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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Appeal Of The Submissive Female, Microphilia And Vore Fic Part 2 Submissive Women

The Appeal Of The Submissive Female, Microphilia And Vore Fic
Part 2 Submissive Women

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Now that we have established that I am a homunculus of shit, lets begin analysing why.

So to briefly explain the order of business I will cover microphilia and vore in their own parts and for the sake of sanity I shall be covering each topic in the following order. What is it/What do I write, Why this is problematic then Why I write it. With both a literary explanation and my own attempt at a death of the author style psychological and sociological explanation.

In case you couldn’t tell amid the sheer bitterness of the first part, the intent of this short series of articles is to add the perspective of the male writer of such problematic fiction to feminist discourse so that it may more properly encompass and counter the issues caused by such stuff. It is also unfortunately a biased as fuck attempt to save my head from the shit storm I believe is heading my way because of feminism. I will try to counter this but fair warning.

What is a submissive woman in fiction?

I will address this first as an enjoyer of examples in fiction, then as a writer of examples in fiction.

For my enjoyment a submissive woman in fiction needs to choose inferiority to another and actively enjoy it. There are works of feminist academia pouring scorn over the perceived fetishisation of women in distress or the fetishisation of women as inferior to men but this isn’t either of those. This is about a smart capable women who is out of her depth and exhilarated by it, trusting to an older, stronger or otherwise more powerful man when we as the audience know they really shouldn’t. This doesn’t have to include conventional sexual submissiveness such as bondage or masochism, just a willingness of a woman to place herself in the power of a man who will put her in danger.

Examples include Clara Oswald and Amy Pond in Doctor Who, both of whom repeatedly placed their faith in a much older and more powerful man who manipulated them and put them in harms way.

Mattie Storin and Sarah Harding from the British House Of Cards, both of whom fell for, were manipulated by and eventually killed by the much older Francis Urquhart. They get bonus points for his Wife Elizabeth’s complicity in the arrangement of the affairs as I’ll explain later.

Felicity Smoak from Arrow arguably qualifies for continuing to idolize Oliver Queen after he drugs her and apparently leaves her for dead though that crosses the line into NoYay by having a despicable act against her played down with Oliver Queen still painted as the good guy. At least the Doctor is shown narratively to be a dick for the things he does and Amy and Clara do occasionally call him out on it. Even Mattie Storin and Sarah Harding are given enough agency to try to bring Francis Urquhart down before they are killed.

There are surprisingly few examples of the trope in Game of Thrones as rarely is anyone given enough agency to choose to to anything let alone be submissive.

Will Graham from the Hannibal series is that rare example of a male submissive in the typically female mould and even rare for managing to appeal in the same ways to me as a bisexual.

In my fiction there are two principal types of submissives with two defining masters.

The sylphs are a preexisting artificially created superspecies intended to survive through means of exploitation. Their very origin as a species is consenting to exploitation, submissiveness and oppression. This is explored for drama and cool factor in multiple ways but where it is relevant here is how it can make otherwise sapient and sentient beings into domesticated beasts in need of a carer.

The Farsh-nuke is the master acting out of love and good intentions. He is a monstrous character and can be portrayed as a villain but his role as iot pertains to this trope is being the typical example of the man who tries to protect and care for the delightful beauty he sees in the world by offering it immortality and pledging, by implication if nothing else to take care of it. Character development and plot can mean this trope doesn’t apply but as far as the kink is concerned the Farsh-nuke is the benevolent reaperman come to take women who are ready to become sylphs and guide them into their new lives as pets.

The toy girls are a blatant take on rape culture and how society sculpts women into objects for society to fetishize. Barbie meets the Pygmalion. Toy girls think they have consented of their own free will and maybe some of them have to a certain extent but all are remade from individuals with their own lives into products to be bought, sold and given away. They are the women overwhelmed by a more powerful force and used to service another’s end but are glad of it. Obviously this most frequently ceases to satisfy the trope and exists largely to display the Toy Maker’s power and villainy but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t included here because the idea of a woman volunteering herself to become property to be bought and sold didn’t satisfy the trope enough for me at least occassionally.

The Bam-Kursh is the Toy Maker and more often nowadays a woman. The Bam-Kursh is a cold capitalist who sees people as resources to be used and exploited but I found myself unwittingly charmed by the way she offers the illusion of choice to further ensnare her prey and secure that her ends are met. The Farsh-nuke honestly cares and tries to do what he thinks is best for people and society however monstrous. The Bam-Kursh does not care most of the time for the people in her care and is only ever out to help herself but she will do genuinely kind and helpful things for her toy girls to ensure they are more effectively remade.

Why is this sexist/misogynistic?

There is this idea in feminist discourse of Rape Culture. The idea that culture in general, and media as part of it, is effectively raising women as victims and men as rapists. Obviously I recommend doing your own research into how feminist academia defines the term but that’s the long and short of it. Things like blaming the victim when there’s a rape (“Well what did she think she was doing going out at night dressed like that?” etc...), constantly putting pressure on women to conform to a certain standard of beauty while training men at the same time that women who look like that are pieces of meat to be salivated after and attained.

By presenting women in fiction as smart and capable but still willing to put their lives in danger out of deference to men and women who will use and abuse that trust, particularly in a sexual manner then that is playing into the idea behind the god awful “Blurred Lines” song. That sex and love is really just a game you need to master. That women want to obey and be put into danger if only you are powerful/charismatic/nice/clever/strong/good looking enough.

It may be that there actually is nothing inherently wrong with the relationship in-universe or even when criticised in isolation, indeed since some women genuinely do like BDSM and fantasises about being commanded such a relationship may be embraced by a sizable female demographic but viewed as part of wider culture even the most self aware, critical and least problematic work is still playing into a wider theme of women as willing victim in society and thus arguably accountable for raising rapists.

The sylphs and the Farsh-nuke are every bad portrayal of the submissive woman iin fiction turned up to 11. Sylphs imprint upon their masters, they are impossibly beautiful, resilient, nigh immortal and obedient. They take on the submissiveness willingly and become pets before the male Farsh-nuke who is shown despite his villainy to be kind and compassionate. Perhaps most damningly the way one becomes a sylph is by imbibing a substance, be it a pill or a liquid, the implications there are unfortunate and explored as such in places where someone has access to the technology and a lack of morals. Also, as I learned to my cost, it is never a wise idea to call a thing which alters one’s biological state a “cure” which the counter to turn a sylph back to their native species is called.

The toy girls and the Bam-Kursh are practically designed as a representation everything feminism hates, with toy girls under going quite literal objectification. It is intended to play on how the female form is exploited by capitalism today, and that is probably very stupid given I tend to lose whenever I have a disagreement with a feminist. That would be bad enough if it was just straight up presented as villainous exploitation but the fact that it is on this list is because I as the writer feel some of the toy girls have enough agency to genuinely consent and I genuinely don’t think it is possible to consent to slavery. Though obviously sex workers and people in BDSM slave relationships may disagree.

Why do I write this then? What do I like about this?

From a literary standpoint I find submissive women (and submissive men in the case of Will Graham) help to establish and explore the moral complexity of a manipulative trickster character like the Doctor, Francis Urquhart or Hannibal Lecter. Not that you need a submissive woman or man to give such characters this depth. Doctor Who achieved this very well for decades before Moffat took over, Francis Urquhart was already a magnificent bastard and Sherlock manages to almost perfectly match Hannibal for moral complexity and magnificent bastardry without the need for Watson to be the submissive.

With my own fiction I’ve talked at length about the evolution of the sylphs and the Farsh-nuke and the toy girls and the Bam-Kursh are fairly self explanatory for why I think they work narratively.

So psychologically and sociologically then, why do I like and write about submissive women?

Well what you must first understand is that for me this is very much fetish about a diversion from the norm. I am not some knuckle dragger who wants to go back to the good old days when men were real men and women made sandwiches. I make my own sandwiches damnit.

More seriously my dad was massive cunt when I was growing up, only showing his love through money when he wasn’t scaring me shitless, my mum, for all her faults, has never been anything other than a commanding and wise figure in my life. The majority of my teachers in school were women, my sister was the only sane person in our house, blessed with the amazing power of social skills and even my girlfriend, as sweet as she could no doubt be, would knee me in the nadgers for fun, The essential tenet of feminism, that women are equal to men, has never been in doubt for me. Indeed my interest in genetics and darwinian evolution led me far more naturally to regard women as biologically superior since they are the gatekeepers of reproduction. Though I expect I’ll talk about that more in the vore episode.

The next thing to consider is that I suck at being a man. My Asperger’s Syndrome means I fuck up talking to people at the best of times, never mind women I fancy, and my Kallman’s Syndrome means I am, by rigid patriarchal standards of masculinity, less than a man. Something I have been in denial about all my life. Among the worst insults a man can receive are to be told he’s got a small cock, that his sperm don’t work and that he does something like a girl. Having less testosterone than the average woman while growing up as a cis man then is not fun.

Also while I am bisexual, for a long time, because of the Kallman’s syndrome I was desperate to cling to perceived normality and with it heterosexuality. When you have so little testosterone and testicles the size of baked beans it takes powerful stuff to get any kind of reaction. And when you’re a fucking weirdo desperate to feel normal you will turn to dark corners to get any kind of reaction that indicates normality. Like “See, I nearly came at the idea of a woman being a pet, that means I like girls and am thus normal.”

Culture says lusting after women is normal for a man so if you crave normality you chase after attraction to women. Now I’m on testosterone I don’t need my fetishes any more but stuff strong enough to get a reaction with so little testosterone in the blood is a hell of a drug to kick when normal levels of testosterone are in the blood stream.

For me, whilst there is clearly a sexual reaction the fetish of submissive women and trope of it is not about sex. Indeed as I will cover in later parts I try never to actually write sex on the page as it were. For me this is about the fantasy of someone so sweet and loving that they would sacrifice themselves just to make another happy. It’s about an beautiful, adorable, wise and clever friend who will never leave you, no matter how much you fuck things up. And yes it is about the male heteronormative fantasy of the princess as reward. It is the fantasy that someone would sacrifice so much for me when I hate so very much of myself.

It is a fantasy that I can’t actually find myself quitting because in order to get a job, in order to apply for jobs, I need to somehow convince myself that someone out there will want to hire me when I hate myself. Because I am a wreck. I have been through so much shit and am still going through so much shit so the fantasy that someone would accept me and love me and want to be mine is something I can’t afford to let go of and I don’t want to let go of.

To me women are superior and feminism will win. I love women and I adore them and they scare the crap out of me and I can go to a million lectures on rape culture and how poor representations of women in the media genuinely affect women, cry myself to sleep and still find myself coming back to the fantasy of submissive women. To me this isn’t about sex or subjugating women, it’s about love and friendship and the idea that someone will still accept me despite the flaws I see in myself. So I will never be able to stop having this fetish, nor writing examples of it and if that means my life is destroyed one day as a misogynistic bastard then that’s just how this particular cookie is going to crumble.

Though I remain hopeful that the submissive male may save me from the feminists in time.

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