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Friday, 18 November 2016

Welcome To The New Age

Welcome To The New Age

Alexander Gordon Jahans

The first me was naive but honourable, the second me was flawed but tried to be normal, the third was broken but survived and me? I’m harder, tougher and more accepting of my flaws. For years I lived in fear of my darkness because I did not understand it, did not trust it. That is no longer the case. I know who and what I am now. The first me became the second by being broken then trying to forge himself anew. The second became the third by expecting a break and hardening in response, not knowing just how broken he would become. I came about because the one before me hardened around his flaws. Like geothermal pressure turning carbon to diamond, the slings and arrows of life have hardened me from the survivor to the thriver.

A war is coming, I am dreadfully sure of it now. My stalkers and trolls have started a movement which will bring about persecution and bloodshed so there will be war and people will die. I should be scared. I should be terrified, I should be panicking, it’s the normal reaction, the moral reaction. I’m not though, not really. Partly it’s disbelief and being at the thin end of the wedge but it’s also because I know now that I will survive. I’m not talking about survival in a purely biological sense, wars are dangerous things, I’m talking about survival of the soul. Of the ethics and unique perspective that makes me up.

I am not a nice man. I am stubborn, greedy, sadistic, vengeful, prone to jealousy and I have such a sordid mind but I know where my limits are. Where the fantasies stop and where they will always stop. I also know that if the forces of the left decided to disembowel me and feed me to myself that I would not abandon  them. I may be a misogynist and I may need to leave the trans community well alone and for these reasons I may suffer great misfortune but that will never stop me believing fundamentally in the equality of women and trans people and the importance of their proper representation in the media, even if I myself prove incapable of creating such representation.

The alt-right are running high right now what with Trump and Brexit and they have already shown a fascination with trying to make me squirm. I know now that no matter how much they damage me I will always oppose them, look down on them and advocate their ideological destruction. I am ready for the propaganda war, if not necessarily the real war to come.

Make no mistake the world has changed. Welcome to the new age. The establishment has shown itself to be weak, the old media is not as powerful as it once was and the age of filter bubbles has well and truly begun. A war is coming and the climate apocalypse approaches, we will never be ready but we can try to prepare ourselves. I have made peace with the possibility that my future may be very bleak indeed but I will do all I can to push back the darkness and fill the days with good cheer.

I have been educating myself about the holes in my popular culture knowledge and I have found new ways to exercise my mind that don’t involve writing smut. For now I am happy and hopefully these things I am doing will leave me better prepared for the dark days to come. Yet there is hope and joy amid the tidal wave of shit. 3d printing, VR, AR and automation improve every year, even if the limit to Moore’s law approaches we have not reached the limit of mankind’s ability to utilize currently available tech in new and better ways. You can’t programme on a machine that does not exist yet after all and you certainly can’t fine tune the programming

The age of post-scarcity approaches but first we must survive the age of the Alt-Right and I very much plan to. I have been Alexander Gordon Jahans and you have been very welcome. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to watch a letsplay.

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