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Thursday, 24 November 2016

To The Future

To The Future

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Doctor Who is 53 years old, my parents are now divorced, I will soon have survived 10 years on youtube and I have just somehow successfully bought legal justice to bare upon a troll. The weight of history lies heavy upon my brow and also I’m quite drunk. Do you know how much cognac it takes to make Jagermeister taste mellow? I don’t because I wasn’t paying attention but I think I’m a lightweight.

The point is that I feel history weighing me down, perhaps watching Blackadder Goes Forth, Conspiracy and listening to Dissecting Worlds Alternate history series didn’t help but I feel certain now that we are at war with the Alt-Right. The stupid pricks think it’s all just jolly japes annoying the liberals for now but genocide is no laughing matter and the media are watching. The Alt-Right are cavorting like proud baboons showing off their ruby red behinds but the establishment are scared, the minorities are terrified  and soon there will be fighting I am sure of it. The natural reaction to fear after all is not “Why proud and mighty master furnish me with thy cock so I may polish it with my tongue and grant you all my lands and titles.”

There will be blood if the daft fuckwits don’t gather some common sense about them soon. Trump walks a tightrope to remain in power, relevant and not shafted by the radical left or radical right but there are no such restrictions forcing fools to sieg heil and paint targets on their faces. Only one fool need be punished for the moment and Trump could get off with an indictment or getting kicked from office but if the rest of the daft rabble insist on being openly nazis the left will kill them.

I don’t like the trolls, they are fuckwits of the highest order but they don’t deserve to die, not if they stop before this Alt-Right thing gets out of hand. Save yourselves you fools. If esoteric jahanism ever meant anything, if rare jahans ever meant anything, if the hatebase ever meant anything, don’t get yourselves killed just to be mildly annoying to some lefties. This is fucking war, or it will be at any rate. Abandon the true bigots and save yourselves. Dying to hurt lefty feelings won’t achieve anything except the end of your lives because you were all too fucking thick to abandon a daft idea of a joke. Leave the true nazis to get themselves killed for their bullshit but save yourselves. You don’t deserve to die just because you have the intellectual capacity of a tube of toothpaste.

Anyway, I can’t believe I managed to tangent in a blog, I wanted to talk about the future. I see now that I walk within it now, or at least as I will when I do. Gone is my fragile oasis and my transitory existence. I will live and I will have a half decent existence. I will upgrade my pc, already I have bought the most ram my computer can support and soon I shall track down a graphics card upgrade and in the long term I shall save for a proper gaming PC.  I am not as naive as I used to be and I am more confident in my ability to enjoy myself without fucking my life up.

For some time now I have faced existential dread because I’m nearly twenty five and I have no job and no purpose but I see now that I was lucky to make what progress and accomplishments I have done and I am content merely to survive, witness and try to be personally content in the history to come. And I am content, more or less. I am actually fucking happy. After 2 years of the worst shit I have come out the other side in a  stable and comfortable position. I have no doubt the war and economic clusterfucks will bring about hardships but I also have no doubt that I am privileged enough to weather them without much issue and if I do die well fuck it I did my best. Blimey, I really must be drunk, I'm being optimistic.

Listen whatever happens in the next year to come, no matter how bad it gets, I am content in my life and I hope you are too, at least until it ends.  I have been Alexander Gordon Jahans. Good luck.

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