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Friday, 25 November 2016

To Screw And Be Screwed

To Screw And Be Screwed

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Forgive the rather bowdlerised title won’t you? Titles show up in search results you know and I don’t want to offend people unduly by title alone. Suffice to say this particular article is not safe for work and you can consider this a trigger warning for sexual themes and feminist critique I know how the sensitive souls among my audience can be deeply affected by those things so look away now. This blog won’t make much ad revenue anyway.

There is this thing I learned in Film Studies, it’s sort of pretention bingo but there is merit to it. Textual analysis. The ability to look at a work objectively and analyse the meanings it is trying to convey and on occasion accidentally conveying. I actually failed the module on representation in film because I was going through my anti-feminist phase and in deep denial about myself and the things I enjoyed. I only scraped through with a D grade on that module when I took a superficial racial reading of Star Wars episode 4 A New Hope.. So my opinions here are not necessarily the most rigorously accurate. None the less I made the mistake when drunk of trying to perform a textual analysis of my short story The Shrinkening and the genre of shrunken women fic in general.

TL: DR I’m a misogynistic pig despite my best intentions and aspirations. Sorry.

There is this idea in feminist circles called Rape Culture. -
I must be careful here because 1.  As has already been stated I don’t really have the best relationship with, nor understanding of feminism. 2. Feminism is great vast spectrum in and of itself incorporating radicals who genuinely and perhaps justifiably in some cases hate men and wish violence upon us, radicals who think feminism should absolutely be a movement for men’s liberation from sexism as well and more moderate feminists in the middle some of which see trans people as a threat to women and many moderate feminists who absolutely incorporate trans people into the feminist banner and cause.  Finally 3. I’m not really sure what Rape Culture as a concept is myself.

None the less I shall attempt to explain. You see it is a fairly well accepted (at least across the feminist spectrum) idea that there is this oppressive regime known as the Patriarchy. Some might see the regime as just capitalism and indeed as a regulated capitalist myself, the description the Randian Anarcho-Capitalist Andrew Ryan gives of capitalism as this great chain of industry, is I think an apt metaphor for the Patriarchy. You see the Patriarchy is a system of oppression and I do mean system. We technically live in a post-feminist utopia of equality right now where women largely have all legal equality to men but the system of Patriarchy lives on, biases passing from father to sun, mother to daughter, employer to employee. Each generation may be a little less sexist, may tolerate sexism a little bit less but the gears turn and the stem remains functioning, keeping white men in a position of power and privilege. It’s positively feudal in its way, then even with such regulation cultural osmosis keeps men at the top and women in a subservient capacity.

If my easily triggered followers are raging at that idea of Patrarchy (as biased, ill informed and contentious as it may be) then they may wet their pants at what I understand Rape Culture to be.

If Patriarchy is the great chain of industry then Rape Culture is where that subtle cultural system of oppression becomes malicious disregard for men and women alike. It is what separates the regulated capitalist from the anarcho-capitalist, the conservative from the fascist, the socialist from the communist. But that’s my bias again. I don’t as a rule like the term misogyny. Even the greatest sexist prick tends to love women in some capacity, indeed that is the chief form of oppression. The cultural value of the female form. Sexism is fine that’s sexual discrimination, an apt term, but woman hater? Yet that’s what Rape Culture is, misogynistic, a culture of hating women and wanting to see them hurt.

Now here the easily triggered will cry out about society never believing that men can be victimised by women and that’s true. Men who are beaten by women, men who are raped by women are so rarely believed, given due respect and sympathy and as a result so rarely come forward. Rape Culture is on one level overtly about the system that encourages, expects and minimizes rape and violence against women but it is also about the sociological reasons behind the rape and dismissal of it. And truth is, in my limited understanding, that we don’t believe men can be victims because we want women to be victims, because we expect women to be victims.

We are civilised folk. We wear trousers, drink tea and/or coffee, have tablet pcs and understand how social media works. We are not ape men howling about our cravings for a bonk, we want equality, of course we do. But we do also want violence perpetrated against women, for them to be vulnerable, fragile, compassionate darlings. Or at least enough of us do that happen to be in positions to influence are. Many of us probably don’t even recognise these tendencies within us. We make explanations and try to justify subtle discrimination and a predilection towards art or sexual material that degrades, dominates or breaks women.

I am mindful of my own prejudices here so let me take a cue from that great feminist voice Anita Sarkesian. She has criticised the idea of the violent female protagonist and admittedly that is something of a problem with videogames. Even my hybrid morality flies out of the window when I play videogames to the point where I basically play Civ 5 as the worst kind of militaristic dictator and end up resurrecting the dead just to kill them again for the experience in Skyrim.

Turning the criticism to wider narrative media however, like books, tv and film, and I very definitely think she has a point. When I think of my favourite characters in fiction, they aren’t the fighters but rather the thinkers who use words and manipulation to control from the shadows. A role even the misogynistic as fuck history books consider to be women’s forte. There is such scope for a female heroine under the trickster archetype, even in the most backwards of settings and I would absolutely love it. I want the Ms Trickster Mysteries to exist but I can’t write them.

I performed a textual analyses of my own fiction and I did not like what I found, I did not believe what I found. I wear pyjamas and suits, I drink tea, I own two tablet pcs and have a facebook fan page. I am a feminist. Or at least I think I am and would like to be. But then I stumbled upon the most curious thing. I’m in one of my research phases at the moment catching up on classic tv: The Thick of It, Yes Minister, Blackadder, House of Cards and Hannibal. It is a hell of a thing to see the powerful charismatic villain being positively dasstardly to some poor unfortunate chosen for seduction and manipulation then find yourself aroused. And in an oh so familiar way. Can’t really write it off as the thrill of creativity or writing when one is a passive voyeur and just as intoxicated. What’s scary is the realisation that my darkest of demons are a standard and accepted part of culture. I know now why I have been tearing myself to pieces all these years, I know it’s wrong and yet I also know by the standards of humans today aren’t so great or uncommon.

And that my friends is Rape Culture. That one can be a feminist, can aspire to be a feminist, yet take delight in the fictional domination and manipulation of women and there not be a contradiction nor especial rarity in that. We live in a culture that passively accepts and finds satisfaction in the victimisation of women. It is an unsettling and disturbing thing to consider. That our unconscious biases, impulses and culture are encouraging however passively the rape and victimisation of women. We cannot deal with this problem in society unless we each wake up to our own parts in the great machine of oppression.

A women with years of political experience who actually won the most votes lost the presidential election to a fat headed, reality tv star, compulsive liar and alleged rapist. Actually fuck alleged. Trump fucking bragged about sexually assaulting women. Even if he was joking that doesn’t excuse him but the fact that it did is part of Rape Culture. Not that all female leaders are necessarily progressive steps forward. *Glares at Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher* Just that here was a vote between Hitler the second and a woman and still the penis won because the woman used  email wrongly while he got off with fraud, rape, sexual assault, racism and even losing the cocking election to come out in charge of the country.

Anyway, sorry if I have upset anyone of the feminist persuasion. I am a flawed man but I shall try to be an asset not a burden to the cause despite my failings.

Churnalism, clickbait, filter bubbles and Trigger Warnings

Thursday, 24 November 2016

To The Future

To The Future

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Doctor Who is 53 years old, my parents are now divorced, I will soon have survived 10 years on youtube and I have just somehow successfully bought legal justice to bare upon a troll. The weight of history lies heavy upon my brow and also I’m quite drunk. Do you know how much cognac it takes to make Jagermeister taste mellow? I don’t because I wasn’t paying attention but I think I’m a lightweight.

The point is that I feel history weighing me down, perhaps watching Blackadder Goes Forth, Conspiracy and listening to Dissecting Worlds Alternate history series didn’t help but I feel certain now that we are at war with the Alt-Right. The stupid pricks think it’s all just jolly japes annoying the liberals for now but genocide is no laughing matter and the media are watching. The Alt-Right are cavorting like proud baboons showing off their ruby red behinds but the establishment are scared, the minorities are terrified  and soon there will be fighting I am sure of it. The natural reaction to fear after all is not “Why proud and mighty master furnish me with thy cock so I may polish it with my tongue and grant you all my lands and titles.”

There will be blood if the daft fuckwits don’t gather some common sense about them soon. Trump walks a tightrope to remain in power, relevant and not shafted by the radical left or radical right but there are no such restrictions forcing fools to sieg heil and paint targets on their faces. Only one fool need be punished for the moment and Trump could get off with an indictment or getting kicked from office but if the rest of the daft rabble insist on being openly nazis the left will kill them.

I don’t like the trolls, they are fuckwits of the highest order but they don’t deserve to die, not if they stop before this Alt-Right thing gets out of hand. Save yourselves you fools. If esoteric jahanism ever meant anything, if rare jahans ever meant anything, if the hatebase ever meant anything, don’t get yourselves killed just to be mildly annoying to some lefties. This is fucking war, or it will be at any rate. Abandon the true bigots and save yourselves. Dying to hurt lefty feelings won’t achieve anything except the end of your lives because you were all too fucking thick to abandon a daft idea of a joke. Leave the true nazis to get themselves killed for their bullshit but save yourselves. You don’t deserve to die just because you have the intellectual capacity of a tube of toothpaste.

Anyway, I can’t believe I managed to tangent in a blog, I wanted to talk about the future. I see now that I walk within it now, or at least as I will when I do. Gone is my fragile oasis and my transitory existence. I will live and I will have a half decent existence. I will upgrade my pc, already I have bought the most ram my computer can support and soon I shall track down a graphics card upgrade and in the long term I shall save for a proper gaming PC.  I am not as naive as I used to be and I am more confident in my ability to enjoy myself without fucking my life up.

For some time now I have faced existential dread because I’m nearly twenty five and I have no job and no purpose but I see now that I was lucky to make what progress and accomplishments I have done and I am content merely to survive, witness and try to be personally content in the history to come. And I am content, more or less. I am actually fucking happy. After 2 years of the worst shit I have come out the other side in a  stable and comfortable position. I have no doubt the war and economic clusterfucks will bring about hardships but I also have no doubt that I am privileged enough to weather them without much issue and if I do die well fuck it I did my best. Blimey, I really must be drunk, I'm being optimistic.

Listen whatever happens in the next year to come, no matter how bad it gets, I am content in my life and I hope you are too, at least until it ends.  I have been Alexander Gordon Jahans. Good luck.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Welcome To The New Age

Welcome To The New Age

Alexander Gordon Jahans

The first me was naive but honourable, the second me was flawed but tried to be normal, the third was broken but survived and me? I’m harder, tougher and more accepting of my flaws. For years I lived in fear of my darkness because I did not understand it, did not trust it. That is no longer the case. I know who and what I am now. The first me became the second by being broken then trying to forge himself anew. The second became the third by expecting a break and hardening in response, not knowing just how broken he would become. I came about because the one before me hardened around his flaws. Like geothermal pressure turning carbon to diamond, the slings and arrows of life have hardened me from the survivor to the thriver.

A war is coming, I am dreadfully sure of it now. My stalkers and trolls have started a movement which will bring about persecution and bloodshed so there will be war and people will die. I should be scared. I should be terrified, I should be panicking, it’s the normal reaction, the moral reaction. I’m not though, not really. Partly it’s disbelief and being at the thin end of the wedge but it’s also because I know now that I will survive. I’m not talking about survival in a purely biological sense, wars are dangerous things, I’m talking about survival of the soul. Of the ethics and unique perspective that makes me up.

I am not a nice man. I am stubborn, greedy, sadistic, vengeful, prone to jealousy and I have such a sordid mind but I know where my limits are. Where the fantasies stop and where they will always stop. I also know that if the forces of the left decided to disembowel me and feed me to myself that I would not abandon  them. I may be a misogynist and I may need to leave the trans community well alone and for these reasons I may suffer great misfortune but that will never stop me believing fundamentally in the equality of women and trans people and the importance of their proper representation in the media, even if I myself prove incapable of creating such representation.

The alt-right are running high right now what with Trump and Brexit and they have already shown a fascination with trying to make me squirm. I know now that no matter how much they damage me I will always oppose them, look down on them and advocate their ideological destruction. I am ready for the propaganda war, if not necessarily the real war to come.

Make no mistake the world has changed. Welcome to the new age. The establishment has shown itself to be weak, the old media is not as powerful as it once was and the age of filter bubbles has well and truly begun. A war is coming and the climate apocalypse approaches, we will never be ready but we can try to prepare ourselves. I have made peace with the possibility that my future may be very bleak indeed but I will do all I can to push back the darkness and fill the days with good cheer.

I have been educating myself about the holes in my popular culture knowledge and I have found new ways to exercise my mind that don’t involve writing smut. For now I am happy and hopefully these things I am doing will leave me better prepared for the dark days to come. Yet there is hope and joy amid the tidal wave of shit. 3d printing, VR, AR and automation improve every year, even if the limit to Moore’s law approaches we have not reached the limit of mankind’s ability to utilize currently available tech in new and better ways. You can’t programme on a machine that does not exist yet after all and you certainly can’t fine tune the programming

The age of post-scarcity approaches but first we must survive the age of the Alt-Right and I very much plan to. I have been Alexander Gordon Jahans and you have been very welcome. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to watch a letsplay.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Not My Fault This Time

The Way Forward In A Trump World

Prepare For War

Prepare For War

Alexander Gordon Jahans

For some small time on Trump day, I was ecstatic. My cookie clicker machine finally had wifi, facebook had decided to make my fanpage/quarrantine the default on the share drop down menu and someone I care about very deeply didn't quit their job.

When something bad happens, anger, rage and despondency is only natural. We want to lash out and act rashly, Which is why I was sitting myself about the apparent likelihood of a Clinton victory, because the side with the most blatant racism, bigotry and love of guns could feel cheated enough to start a civil war and make terror in America. Perhaps the narrative is what made this lefty writer so captivated by it. But they won, they don't need to go to war because this is their chance to have their promises broken and become dismayed at the failure of the system. Instead it's the Clintonites in a position to desire lashing out, I know I was filled with a mighty rage when the news broke, but there won't be a civil war started by the left. Those who sold their souls for the lesser of two evils aren't about to start a war in their own country but like that person I care so deeply about, they may be able to bite their tongue for the moment but now is the time to prepare.

Panic is a natural reaction and make no mistake a tsunami of shit is going to crash down upon the American people because Trump was elected but I think our fears of fascism and actual nazi jackbootism were exaggerated. If only out of our own desperate desire to ensure the victory of the one woman whose horridness could possibly compare to Trump. The vast majority of Trump Supporters aren't molesters, bigots and reactionary men-children, any more than Clinton supporters are flip-flopping, establishment, warmonger corporate puppets. Make no mistake each side ignored glaring faults about their own, sometimes very reluctantly supported, candidates and each side demonised the opposition in attempt to win. The left played a campaign of hate and otherisation against the historic masters and they lost, everyone lost. Yet there is hope.

The Brexit referendum has shown to be an incredibly stupid endeavour, economically and politically but thanks *retch* to the conservative party it was not just a referendum on immigration but an actual open vote able to be campaigned on by the left and the right. It was a fucking disaster and the nazi scum were emboldened by it but that can of worms was opened in such a way as our soul remained intact and the establishment were given a bloody nose. An establishment that included the conservatives and gave us our second female Prime Minister, admittedly she may be an unelected Thatcher 2.0 but there was and is leftist hope to be gained in such a nazi emboldening move as Brexit.

The Trump Campaign looks a whole lot less of a grey area. Where is the hope to be found in America electing (by way of a broken electoral system) a bigot who brags about perpetrating sexual assault, can't handle twitter, let alone the nuclear codes and is openly accused of paedophilia over a woman who apparently just used the wrong email set up? The hope is that such a clearly incompetent buffoon  won against the establishment. If Brexit gave the establishment a bloody nose, Trump has been a long slow battering. the era of neoliberal spin and PR control is over. Now the establishment has a whole fuck of a lot less power and they are have been made nice and fat, just in time for Christmass. Which as Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders and Podemos show, the left can take advantage of.

The world looks a mighty scary and depressing place right now. I feel as though my childhood bullies are now running the majority of the western world or close to it. The tory's turn to the far right, Le Pen in France, Trump in America, Hungary, Denmark and other European countries electing far right parties. It's positively nightmarish. Or I suppose a great beautiful dream if you are one of my hate base. We on the left have been caught on the hoof. The Alt-Right may like to think they are some bold new millennial initiative with their trolling and memes buut their fathers the Far Right have been around in politics a long time just waiting for a chance to stroke while the enemy is weak. And we have been weak.

Tony Blair torpedoed us more effectively than any conservative politician. He gave us hope and then his actions made us feel complicit by association in war crimes before taking all that away when his enemies adapted to his new style of politics enough to sweep in without being totally loathed. Did we pile on the tories? No. We piled on the traitorous lefties that propped them up. Our guilt and resentment has made us weak while the far right has thought as it always has, with uncaring, calculating belligerence. This mix of attitudes then mapped over onto Obama, the great change candidate, who achieved a whole lot less than was hoped.

I didn't start out being interested in politics because of the politics, I entered for the policies and specifically the issue of climate change. I wanted to save the world from destruction at the hands of man. That attitude then transferred over to the threat of technological unemployment, saving humanity from destruction at its own unprecedented success. I entered politics then as scifi fan and writer caring about such issues. But politics has found me and it has tried so very hard to drag me in to its world: The Alt-Right.

I have only seen the Alt-Right as barbarians at the gates of my safe spaces, I have seen their worst aspects. Like meeting a person at their most cuntish, or me in the last two years. I have been stalked, harrassed and had my own words taken out of context then used against me. And now these pricks have got a president into power, or at least they are dining out on that idea. I want to see them destroyed and I want to be a part of that destruction because these are the nazis and the very worst aspects of tumblr egotism and antagonism included. They want a race war. Well I don't intend to let that happen.

I have been wrestling with something about myself for the last two years, more than usually anyway. Increasingly morality is feeling like a straightjacket. The old struggle between my feminist ideals and desire to write dark surreal smart, which usually only fueled my creativity, has become catalysed into a real war of ideals internally and I have felt corrupted by my creations, struggling to escape the seductive power of the Farsh-nuke. You see the Farsh-nuke is me with confidence and no fucks to give, a monster who has stopped caring about his faults and focuses on achieving objectives for the greater good. I am not the Farsh-nuke and I never will be, I'm an Autist with Kallman's Syndrome, I will never have the charisma or confidence to be even a pale imitation. Except what he symbolises, a monster on the side of good, is something I can be because I am a monster. I try not to be but events this last year have seen that it is painted upon my soul regardless. So what does this have to do with Trump and the Alt-Right?

A war is coming, or at least there is a non-zero chance that it could come and even if it doesn't there is an enemy to be fought politically. My soul is lost, so I feel anyway, and the Alt-Right are already stalking me and my family. I'm not some master spin doctor and I'm never going to be a politician. I may not be Donald Trump but all the same I think my writing bars me from politics. All I have is that I have already been targeted by the enemy and I know enough about them to begin researching them for those that can use that information. Plus, think of the views. So it is time to prepare. No more pyjamas, no more mister nice Aspie, time to done my suits once more and head to battle against the enemy, ideologically speaking.

Prepare for war my friends. Buy a gun if its legal and learn to fire it well then stockpile an arsenal and hope never to need it. Get friendly with the local police and get chummy with your governmental representative, make peace with Trump supporters and try to ensure that civil unrest doesn't escalate into civil war. Then, like me and many others, you need to join in the fight where it really matters, in the battlefield for the hearts and minds of the populace. The establishments time is over and we need every last citizen working to enlighten the others if we are to defeat them. If the Far Right and the Alt-Right are stupid enough to ever start a war then it is the left's moral duty to finish it but equally we must do our best to ensure they never get to start such a war.

These are dark days my friends but there is hope and we need you so hang on and remember that is too shall pass, perhaps like gall stone with long slow excruciating pain, but it will pass. Peace and love be with you all.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Skyrim Special Edition Review

Hope In Dark Times

Hope In Dark Times

Alexander Gordon Jahans

When I was a child, back when  the Farsh-nuke was just a name and a brand, my mother cautioned me against false hope, against the damage it could do when reality comes crushing down. It is tempting to heed such advice now, for we do live in such dark times. The racists are on the rise, the economy is in the shits and only looks set to get worse and all the while the twin countdowns to Armageddon of a new cold war and climate change tick down in the background. Putin, Trump, a hard Brexit, hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding, Justin Beiber releasing a good song, truly the end times are upon us.

I am scared, of course I’m scared. It is truly a terrifying thing to realise one might like Justin Beiber - And you know all that other stuff. Even if Trump doesn’t become President his supporters aren’t going anywhere. Heck if my channel is anything to go by Trump supporters have more patience than Ivanka Trump, and all they’re achieving by stalking me is burying a man who had long since dug his own grave. So things are scary, really scary. It’s like someone flipped the difficulty from Cookie Clicker to Dark Souls and I am probably irredeemably fucked but fear is not irreconcilable with hope.

We do face dark times, very dark times but we have as a society weathered far far worse. I have been relistening to Dan Carlin’s Blueprint For Armageddon and I am amazed at how so many people coped under the hell of trench warfare in the first world war. When I was in school I almost pictured trench warfare as like life in underground railway stations, proper underground complexes with toilets and canteens. Instead it was a ditch carved into a heavily bombarded landscape covered in shit and bits of the dead. A clusterfuck of a war caused by political allegiances. This was a war of attrition where each side could only win by grinding the other’s society into paste. Yet humanity survived. I mean okay it left such scars that a few years later a second world war was needed to properly bring closure to the insanity but despite how very fucking bleak the first world war was humanity survived.

So yes we do face dark times, very dark times but we will survive. My generation may be burdened with ridiculous debts and left struggling to survive and be economically viable in a world with fewer jobs and those that exist being sent overseas or given over to automation, we may have to address the fascist in the corner spouting pepe memes and bullshit propaganda, we may have to deal with a new nuclear crisis and we will have to weather the damage of climate change but we can survive. I’m not sure how but we can survive and we will survive. I have hope in that, I have faith in that.

Humans are an indomitable species and we will overcome the problems we face, I honestly believe that. I may be a doomed man but I can live and die happy with the hope and knowledge that we can and will overcome the problems that we now face.