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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

On The Farsh-nuke And The Lore Of The Multiverse

On The Farsh-nuke And The Lore Of The Multiverse

Alexander Gordon Jahans

The Farsh-nuke is a mistake, quite literally created by accident and he is a monster. A wretched abhorrent thing. I have tried to kill him many times but I can never quite let him stay dead. He always comes back. Perhaps because he is my shadow.

The Farsh-nuke was, once upon a time, just another word for me but the character evolved and changed overtime as plot and the different circumstances caused that to become distant. The Farsh-nuke is the monster I feel I am at my most self loathing and the unstoppable casanova part of me imagines I could be at my best. When I need to analyse my state of mind I have the Farsh-nuke interrogate me. The Farsh-nuke for that reason must stay removed from the fiction and yet can never stay removed from my fiction.

I keep trying to redeem the Farsh-nuke somehow but I think I have stumbled upon the best approach to him, to keep him in the shadows. The stories I write now are not about the Farsh-nuke and he barely, if at all, features yet he is all the more powerful as an idea for it.  The Farsh-nuke was a piece of grit in an oyster to make a pearl, a speck of dust around which a snowflake formed. The Sylphs, the Weresharks, the Logicios and the Bam-Kursh are all indelibly bound to the Farsh-nuke and so by focusing on them the threat and power of the Farsh-nuke is so much greater displayed, allowing for him to not show his face because of the sense that Farsh-nuke is orchestrating things behind the scenes.

Besides which I find there is something far more interesting about sylph domesticity and the Bam-Kursh's uncaring manipulations. The Farsh-nuke is rage and lust, a creative ingenuity and brutal force of will. By contrast the Bam-Kursh is uncaring, selfish, logical, manipulative and persistent. the Farsh-nuke falls in love with his sylphs, the Bam-Kursh makes her toys fall in love with her. And it is interesting to watch the sylphs and the toys adapt to their lives and try to achieve their ends.

It is oddly appropriate that there is seemingly a pseudo religious meme cult in my name now given that the Farsh-nuke was at one point portrayed as a deconstruction of the Christian monomyth. And this plays into the lore of the multiverse as the Farsh-nuke is at once physically weaker and yet much more powerful by the standards of deities. He is not the anti-hero anymore, instead he is the old wizard who has seen so much as to be practically omniscient, particularly given his awareness of the fourth wall.

As for the multiverse? Well the war of the Septagonoids is over and a new era of peace ruled by sylphs begins but the question is, just why were the sylphs created in the first place? What terrified a great and powerful race so much that they sought to create the sylphs for their own protection?

My writing is not the serious endeavour I thought it was. Instead it's become like my videos, something I do for my own benefit that others are free to partake in. I feel like this is part of growing up, that the pulp of the past has given way to more mature philosophical questions and more nuanced and deep conflicts than Ooogadyboos from the planet Zarg looking to invade. Except that's what Doctor Who is and always will be fundamentally. I guess that's partly why I am more interested in Game of Thrones now.

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