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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

On Brand Representation And Right Wing Podcasts

On Brand Representation And Right Wing Podcasts

Alexander Gordon Jahans

Today An Alt-Right podcast called The Daily Shoah extended an offer that I might appear on their podcast. Did you know that Shoah is the Jewish word for holocaust? I didn't. Their name is a parody pun of an American Leftwing news comedy show that means Daily Jewish Holocaust. And they extended the invitation while mockingly referring to me as basically a severely disabled person and generally insulting me but this was after they covered riots by Black Lives Matter as "chimp outs" and generally were racist as almighty fuck. If you don't think calling black people chimps is racist then you need to fuck off right now.

Oh, and I also learned that I apparently have a cult I did not know about. The Esoteric Jahanists. Not everyday that happens.

I recorded a 3 hour video yesterday so my voice is a little hoarse and not quite up to the challenges faced today. Though I did make a rebuttal video that is currently causing shoah fans to cream their pants. Apparently 4chan has a new thread over which to masturbate about me.

I am not threatened by the dickheads in charge of the Daily Shoah. I know how media and new media works and I really couldn't care less if they're genuine or not, if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck and it walks like a duck then actual real ducks are going to assume they have a friend. Satire only works when people don't sincerely believe you when you say what you think is an exaggeration for comedic effect. The Daily Shoah, if it is all a massive joke, would be like Jonathon Swift coming out with A Modest Proposal when the majority of the world is seriously examining the idea of eating babies. It is not cutting edge satire, it is a bland dull repetition of the status quo that tries to shock but merely ads weight to the things supposedly being criticised and mocked.

Zarquon, comparing the Daily Shoah to Jonathon Swift is like comparing Pepe to the Mona Lisa. Completely fucking ridiculous. But that's the point. even the greats in this context would look hackneyed and cheap.

Anyway since I have a cult let me hand out some words of wisdom. I mean I am not going to stop making my videos and doing what I do so it's worth a fucking try to see whether the followers of a cult made in my name will actually listen to what I have to say.

  1. The Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  2. Suffering is subjective and to be avoided .
  3. A Sub-optimal functional system or existence is preferable in many cases to a non-functional system or existence.
  4. Since humour is subjective breaking any of the above 3 for a joke makes you a dick.
  5. A system does not need every cog within it to be able to justify the machine's existence and that is to be respected. The collective will and knowledge of the people may have a majority of the answers but that doesn't mean everybody will be able to debate and understand everything understood by the whole, nor does it disqualify the knowledge held by the whole if the individual can't answer a question.
  6. Correlation does not imply causation.
  7. Sapient individuals are each individuals with their own capacity for intelligence, stupidity, sadism and altruism. Do not let a dislike for the unlike cause you to forget that.
  8. Sampling errors happen. Check your data with a large sample size, a variety of conditions and scientists with different temperaments and dispositions. The truth will win over the majority of scientists no matter their political allegiance if the evidence is there,
  9. Shock jokes and pranks are just dickish.
  10. If you're a dick to people they're more likely to be a dick back, altruism is therefore the smarter course of action provided you've checked your moral calculations correctly. Demean the idea all you like with terms like virtue signalling but there is safety in numbers and nobody wants to hang around a provocative arsehole.
  11. Interrogate and learn from new facts. New data lets you keep pace with the right way to remain in a position of power and safety. Don't just ignore data that does not fit with your ideology check what other perspectives have to say on the matter. If it's really true even people who don't follow the news will hear about it. 
  12. You don't have to break just because a critic thinks you should be wounded by something. The placebo effect proves that mind over matter works to an extent. You don't have to be hurt just because someone is trying to be hurtful. 
  13. You don't have to be personally affected by something to ask someone to stop being a dick.
  14. Those who have been deemed not worthy get one chance to change, one explanation of why their perspective is wrong and hurtful. It may never work but it is better than not trying at all.
  15. Everybody is allowed to have fun and feel good about themselves occasionally provided it does not run counter to any of the above.
Sorry for preaching. I am in fact right now, a complete fucking mess but if there is one thing I know it's altruism and morality and it seems esoteric jahanists sorely need a lesson in it. And yes my morality is an adaptation of utilitarian morality to add greater consequences to negative and positive actions in accordance with more classical or judeochristian morality.

So yeah the man most well know for asperger's syndrome, tits and tiny balls just passed off the fifteen commandments to his new cult. And I'm a fucking anti-theist. My life is weird.

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