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Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Own Personal Unrealistic Utopia

My Own Personal Unrealistic Utopia

Alexander Gordon Jahans

So I tried to confine myself when I last wrote about utopia but this time I won't because if I am going to embrace the hedonistic imperitive it only makes sense that I outline what for me is a utopia.

First off this utopia is close to the technological singularity but hasn't passed it yet. There is effective post-scarcity and welfare programs are all but a universal basic income. Yet Capitalism limps on, something I will go into more depth about later. Strict taxes on carbon emissions that exclude space craft have both helped to curb the worst excesses of climate change and incentivised private space travel to such an extent that technology and infrastructure has advanced to the point that we have colonies in space. 

I mean the colonies are basically just New Israel (allowing Palestine to retake most of its former territory), The White Nationalist Protected Zone (leaving the world free of its worst racists [and ensuring pretty white women never go extinct]), Norther Korea (Actually a democratic and egalitarian society that barely plays lip service to the politics of the real North Korea) and Putin's Fist. (Russia's own colony in space in case America decides it likes the look of nuking Russia.) These colonies were built at the Lagrange points early on but America has since built a colony on the moon, 3 colonies on Mars and is sending ark ships out to colonise the rest of the universe. With Russia and China doing their best to keep up. 

The United Kingdom has become The Republican Union of Great Britain, or RUGBY, after the entire union disintegrated, leaving England alone with crippling debts and arsehole establishment politicians who eventually were forced to acknowledge that the poor outnumber the rich and if they have no job, nothing to eat and nothing to do then perhaps taxing the crap out of them to pay for your champagne as you sit in gold chairs eating steak is not a good idea. It wasn't a revolution per se but the English no longer speak of the gun powder plot when they want to express their severe anger at the government. Now the English have proportional representation, renationalised railways, a renationalised NHS and effective UBI with proper taxes for the rich and a monarchy that limps on for the sake of tradition but with a much different attitude. The monarchy now serves as the canary in the coal mine for the politicians, living like the average citizenry and without bodyguards. If they are threatened then they will pass on the distaste to parliament to address concerns.

The European Union has been scrapped and reformed with a different currency framework in mind. Each country retains its own currency but the Euro acts as a super currency, existing just for the sake of easing conversions. 

America has invested heavily in a well trained police force with extensive infrastructure across all its territories following a backlash to Black Lives Matter. Further backlashes led to increasing gun control in stages as first Americans argued against blacks having guns then the Latinos and Irish immigrants before finally the gun control was applied to the White Americans. By this point all the arguing about "Well it's just so easy to build a gun..." and "Why don't you come and take them?" was rendered moot as police were now wearing the latest graphene armour and carrying plasma blasters capable of melting a gun with a single shot. Who would have thought that the alt-right would end up being the downfall for the American racists and gun lovers? It's almost as if strengthening the enforcers of governmental will, even against your enemies, will have consequences against yourself at some point. Good luck 3d printing a plasma thrower by the way, since they are more expensive than a tank.

The Education System has received a massive overhaul with smaller class sizes and a syllabus focusing on what will actually be needed to live in the new world with introductory courses to help students decide what vocations they want to pick.

Cattle farming has all but stopped, replaced by industrial cultured meat production. Related discoveries and industry techniques has vastly improved the working life span of the average person since brains aside everything else can be grown cheaply and replaced. As a side effect most people remain young looking until well into their 400s, unless they're making a statement or just that comfortable with ageing.

The Simulated Brains Project has teamed up with right to die clinics and as a result their results are fast improving. Computer brain interfaces have similarly much improved by teaming up with various health providers for brain scan data.

Real Sapience and sentience is still a long way off but improvements on human like walking robots have been making quiet progress and with new meta-materials allowing for human sized walking robots that are light enough to catch and hold have resulted in a new interest in them. Prior to this companion robots were basically just seals, cats, dogs or otherwise small fluffy animals. The change in technological development of walking robots was first seized upon by film studios looking to use practical effects and avoid killing their cast. Then once enough studios showed enough interest to warrant mass manufacturing them deals were struck to start selling the robots as rare expensive live size hyper realistic action figures.

At this point you have lightweight walking robots that look human, uncannily human, in the possession of nerds. It did not take long for the first porno made using hacked walking robots to get onto the internet. I mean it was artistically a piece of crap since the robots were just designed to walk but the idea was there and it was so fucking weird that it spread virally and you better believe porn companies saw the potential, if only for the same reasons film companies used them, to avoid harm to their best actors.

People have of course been working on sex bots for basically as long as technology has existed but lust is not the best route to quality (as my own writing can attest). Now you had directors, special effects experts, businessmen working together to make sure the end result worked. One thing decided early on was to go for a slight stylisation to avoid the uncanny making the products terrifying. They went back to the manufacturers and started heavily investing making the base robots able to perform a wider array of actions than just walking with a larger memory drive for actions. As that was being worked on they teamed up with game designers working on AI for VR and AR to record motion capture of their best actors and actresses at work so as to begin compiling a library of basic actions.

At the same time as this development in sex bots was happening society at large was becoming much more accepting of sex as an industry with the legalisation of sex work in most parts of the world and America taking a novel approach to the problem of student debt by basically formalising sugar daddies and sugar mamas into the economy so that graduates had the option to sell themselves as a sex toy to wealthy individuals. And with the free market it wasn't long before America was exporting its young towards the rest of the world, causing similar movements in countries with poor job prospects for graduates with high debt. Especially as social liberalism had all but conquered the world so it was entirely possible to sell yourself to someone and never perform a single sexual acts. This actually had a part to play in the new socialism as suddenly the rich were opening themselves up to classes and creeds far different from their own.

So we have a world already accepting the idea of the young and beautiful as sex objects to be bought and sold as the porn, film and game industry work on developing better human looking and behaving robots, then you remember that by this point privacy is dead and there is data on everyone able to be bought for a price. And this is the age where wearable technology comes as standard and augmented reality is just an everyday part of life.

People are already used to communicating audibly with a machine that will display real life quest markers or highlight what they need and frequently people will by virtual girlfriends that only exist in augmented reality. Haptic feedback suits now exist but people are just used to not having them. None of these AI are anywhere close to sentient or sapient but as programs working on complex algorithms they do a close enough approximation for people to accept.

So the robots are produced. First for the film and porn industry then the fetish scene. This is the age of piracy when the only way people make money is through convenience, an appeal to the audience and general good will. Videos, VR and AR experiences, can be pirated and so will be but you can't pirate a robot with a sizeable mark up. Well not immediately at least. There thus began a race to find and make famous more and more porn stars and actors so that robots of them can be sold. Then the video games industry played its hand offering robots of their characters as top tier pre-order bonuses. This led to its own technological race as companies outdid themselves further and further until eventually it was common to synchronise in-game AI with the robots.

To be clear these robots would absolutely fail a Turing Test and this was observable in the wild as it was not uncommon to see businessmen with their university graduate fucktoys on the same trains as NEETs with their preorder bonus sex toys. Except the manufacturers weren't trying to pass the Turing Test and indeed the university graduate fuck toys were generally regarded as inferior to the sex bots for three reasons. 1. Sex bots were much cheaper and easier to maintain. 2. The sex bots could always be reprogrammed and were very obedient. 3. A sex bot had an off button.

Eventually even America tackled its student debt problem and the graduate fuck toys all but went away though it remains an option for graduates and it's now not unusual for submissives to sell themselves to their doms, even at the age of 300.

With technology so pervasive privacy is dead, crime has drastically reduced, even the very poorest enjoy a comfortable standard of living and the increasing investment in space exploration and colonisation has kept capitalism turning so technology is still advancing and media retains an inherently populist and quality producer.

Oh and we have dragons and shark men now. Prosthetics and robotics are just that good. 

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