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Friday, 26 August 2016

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Alexander Gordon Jahans

I like life. I do. I like youtube and writing and videogames. I don't actually want to die. Except living is not enough. My entire life I have had purpose, a thing to strive for and get. I have lurched my way to most of my targets and now I think that, shittyness of the government not withstanding, I can actually live, I can survive. Oh I'll keep striving to get a job and a girlfriend but... well look at me, I am a freak with very generic skills and no experience in a world of internships and technological unemployment.

I feel in my heart a great yearning to be with someone and chase my fantasies but I'm also a realist so at best that's a long term goal. I need a purpose to life. A thing to do. Something intellectually stimulating. Letsplays could have been that maybe but my computer is shit. So I don't know what to do.


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