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Monday, 23 May 2016

Working Towards Normal

 Working Towards Normal

Alexander Gordon Jahans

I have described my process before as lurching vaguely in a general direction. I don’t plan. I just do the job that’s in front of me, then the next job and the next. That process has gotten me this far but it has caused me problems. I haven’t really been looking where I was going and it has created within me a compulsive drive to the detriment of all other aspects of my life. I’m not even a workaholic, at least that would be productive, instead I am a compulsive binger who wrecks his mind, body and relations to just get through a podcast, letsplay or review. This is not a healthy way to live.

I have basically given up on capitalism but the drive created by Hello Internet and Cortex persists. I am starting see and understand the world’s systems. My new voluntary job is essential about designing systems to create a more efficient, less work intensive social media/advertising campaign. That is a useful mindset to get into as I am recognising the inefficiencies of my own lifestyle.

It will take time to adapt and adjust but I am starting to take breaks from the computer and the office. I am going for walks more and starting to train my upper body more. In fact, this blog was written on my tablet with a bluetooth keyboard in the dining room. No more need I be shackled to the nerd cave.

I am also hopeful and I know what I am now, what I aspire to be, a futurist. Make no mistake radical changes are coming and we have got to be ready. The fall of capitalism, the rise of the decentralised zero marginal cost society, riots, revolution and altered states of reality. These things are going to come.

My advice to the middle class is invest in the parallel economy of the collective commons, get a HTC Vive, get a 3d printer, get a wind turbine and solar panels on your roof. My advice to the rich is buy a farm somewhere remote, donate the majority of your money to as many different charities and countries as possible then run and hide and hope the anger of the starving and the desperate does not find you. My advice to the poor and relative poor is to recognise the opportunities the future presents and seize them.

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