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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

So Things Need To Change

So Things Need To Change

Alexander Gordon Jahans

It turns out that spending all day say before a screen is bad for your health, who knew? My lifestyle needs to change. I need to walk more, get out of the house more, go spend time away from the computer. That's not going to be an easy change to adapt to but it needs to.

I have also decided to see a counsellor because I have issues that need addressing...

Kind of related to this theme of physical and mental health is that I am going to continue writing and I am going to make av genuine effort to include more trans characters. I am going to make mistakes and for that I apologise in advance and will of course take on board constructive criticism but equally I am not going to let a minority of individuals dictate whether I do or do not write. I receive regular comments from people on my videos telling me to stop making videos and delete my channel and I don't give a fuck about those comments so why in a world of equality should I give a fuck about similar comments from trans people?

I understand the philosophy behind the criticism. I understand that discriminated demographics feel angry and uncomfortable so they wish to exercise power where they can and a small independent creator looks like an easy target. Except that's precisely what the negative commenters on my channel think. Criticism that helps me better portray trans characters is wanted. Criticism that insults me and seeks to deride me as a dangerous individual only makes me want to lash out from my own position of insecurity and that helps noone.

I am not going to stop writing, in fact I am going to write more and better. I am a scifi writer. For too long I have been wallowing in pulp, I need to indulge myself with the challenge of hardish scifi and the social commentary that provides. The world is changing. Society is changing. I want to help shine a light on those changes and explore them.

I am not the man I once was, I am becoming something different and that's okay.

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