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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Sidestepping The Problem With Capitalism

Sidestepping The Problem With Capitalism

Alexander Gordon Jahans

I like capitalism and I like big government, when these things work. How do I define working? Am I just being a butt hurt lefty unwilling to cowtow to god emperor Trump? I define a working big government as a government that regulates for maximum effectiveness and efficiently, reflects the will of the majority of the population and fulfils its manifesto pledges. Cameron's government fails by all those metrics. I define a working capitalism as a capitalism that is sane and fair and preserves the free market. Instead the free market has been swallowed up by anti-competitive elites, corporations are ridiculously unfair towards their workers and there are whole businesses that operate under insane principles.

I have not read Marx and I would sooner understand an anarcho-capitalist than a communist but the age of regulated capitalism is at an end. Already we are witnessing a shift towards society placating, humanity exploiting measures. I am in favour of GMOs, legalising sex work and legalising cannabis provided there is a regulated capitalist structure. Instead we are experiencing a corporate oligarchy making rulers to fits its bottom line. Equality legislation isn't morally motivated, it's financially motivated. This is the left being co-opted to sell exploitation by the right. Do you honestly think people hiring lawyers to avoid tax give the slightest shit about bodily autonomy or equal opportunities? Of course not. They see resources to be exploited. Sell access to a consenting female for the fading patriarchy. Sell intoxicants to a generation with so little hope.

This is pacification and exploitation of the masses and we should be mad, We should be angry, we should want to riot, we should want to strike and block the streets and make the politicians and corporations scared. We should be terrifying in our fury.

We won't stop it though. 

People are desperate but not desperate enough. Technology means it is worth betraying your fellows for a meagre wage over the risk of government or corporation kickback. there are enough of us to mean Capitalism will always function but not enough to mean we can take care of the traitors.

Besides I am a pacifist by nature and hate violence. I don't want a revolution. So put away that guillotine and quit learning how to tie a hangman's knot. There will be no terror on this day. 

So what do we do?

Well we try to reform the system from the inside of course or at least obstruct it on its self destructive course. Sign petitions, do classy protests that can get trending on social media, wreck the public image of governments and corporations. It won't save us but it will buy time.

What for though? What is the solution I present?

Decentralised democratic socio-capitalism.

I don't understand socialism though socialists may recognise elements of it in what I am about to suggest. The Cloud Economy already exists. A load of decentralised independent creators connected via the internet and sharing their skills to benefit each other with the decaying system of regulated capitalism leaching value from it. So we extend that idea but make it possible for it to exist entirely off the regulated capitalistic grid.

This is something that can be done right now and will exist within the decaying regulated capitalistic frame work with the capacity to outlast it. There are four crucial elements:
  1. Power generation. - Through wind turbines, solar panels or even things like geothermal energy.
  2. Food. - Ideally you'd get local farmers involved but you can always grow plant crops in plant pots and get eggs and milk from pet chickens and goats.
  3. Internet Infrastructure. This will hopefully not be needed but work needs to be begun on it early. Server rooms, cables connecting homes, algorithms to ensure the right information is stored in those servers to combat the inevitable problems of net neutrality being overturned.
  4. Democratic Local Governance. - Not representative governance. Direct democratic consensus on local governing issues.
This won't be enough on its own but the hope is that this pattern could be replicatable in small towns all over the world until someday there is a viable alternative to the current broken and breaking system.

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