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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

To Block Or Not To Block Comments

To Block Or Not To Block Comments

Alexander Gordon Jahans

So... 4chan hates me.

Well no, hate's too strong a word. 4chan is infatuated with trying to harm me for the luls  It's like the Joker blowing up half the city just to get to Batman. It is extreme obsessive douchebaggery for the sake of a laugh and a weird respect and pity for someone so similar that they can't quite understand but who fascinates them and makes them laugh with their reaction.

And I'm not Batman. I'm nowhere near that insane nor extraordinary. I'm just an idiot making videos on the internet and aside from that time I said we should invade North Korea I'm not saying anything controversial. Unless you happen to be a cold hearted, selfish, sadistic, amoral, xenophobic, misogynist, which pretty much sums up what 4chan finds funny.

Now I'm not here to debate or discuss. I don't want your opinion. I'm here to lay out a dilemma I have and my reasons for picking either action so you know. You see I sorted out my email today, well mostly, and thast means I now have a neat little sub folder for youtube notifications.. They're not in my face, they're not on my mind. I don't care about them. Except I have approved comments only.

Approved Comments Only means I have to take action on the comments or that number is going to keep building until the end of time unless I see to them. Which was fine when I was getting email notifications in my face every day because that meant I knew I could address that problem. I could delete the negative comments.

I want to do get rid of Approved Comments Only, I want to let chaos reign in the comments. I meant fuck it I've already been doxxed right? What are they gonna do, doxx me again?  I guarantee you my home address is backed up ready to be circulated again at a moment's notice. The only answer is to move house and make sure I don't have contact with anyone who might give away my location. So let chaops reign. Let the death threats and the insults and the pleas that I commit suicide build impotently until 4chan gets bored.

Except the fuckers have already gone after my family so why should I give them so much as a fucking inch? Why should I let them say their horrible piece when it could harm those I care about? Remove the comments section. If people want to contact me there are other ways. Give up on the youtube comments system altogther and stop people posting there. At least this way I'm not presenting a show room for any doxxing that might go on.

I just wish 4chan would get bored already because I'm sure bored of them.

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