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Monday, 29 February 2016

New Media is Far More Important Than I Realised

New Media is Far More Important Than I Realised

Alexander Gordon Jahans

So I've been feeling insignificant lately...

A lot of reasons. I'm unemployed. I suck at communicating with people. A decent section of the internet wants me dead. I have tits and the world is fucked. The usual.

At the moment the American right wing has been terrifying the almighty fuck out of me. I actually woke up at 4am desperate for some catharsis regarding the situation. And I failed. Just failed. Again and again and again.

America isn't ready. 

The south may have abolished slavery but it's still full of slaves and I ain't talkiing about the poor blacks. 

I used to think the Confederacy was right about secession just because Democracy works better with smaller voting pools and America's a fucking continent not a country. Now I think the Confederacy should have been allowed to secede precisely because the fucks were dumb enough to think slavery was okay, to think money at the expense of human suffering was okay. And this is me being charitable, this is me saying that part of America isn't as dense.

Racism is not okay. Sexism is not okay. Corporate corruption and exploitation is not okay. Guns are not a right. A national health service is. the environment matters. Human rights matter. A stupid bunch of words written long ago doesn't. 

The American right isn't racist and sexist like I am. This is no mere "But I don't want to misrepresent different cultures and I can't be arsed to do research so I'll just write what I know." America is full on Black people are dangerous and cause all crime.

Suddenly Saudi Arabia being on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations because America is also there. 

I mean look at the comparisons. Both America and Saudi Arabia are rich, religiously dogmatic, have fanatical devotion to an artificial document designed by man, intolerant of views they oppose, carry out the death sentence and torture as par for the course and are immensely racist and sexist.

Indeed I dare say that America has a habit of being allied with and at war with dark reflections of its own possible future. Stalin's Communist Russia. A continent of shit and misery with the propaganda of freedom and belief in a particular concept as its figure head exploits the suffering the wage war and reach for the stars. 

America came damn close to becoming the dark reflection Stalin's Russia presented and now it seems it could so easily because a kind of Christian theocracy with added megacorp power.

If my words are sounding bitter or rude that's because right now I feel an immense contempt for the American people. Once I'm done with this blog I need to throw myself into the things I love about America lest I genuinely become bigoted towards them. Isn't that ironic? Becoming bigoted towards a people because they are so bigoted.

But I believe in democracy not dictatorship. I believe in tolerance and education to encourage enlightenment. Not oppression and bans.

I cannot make America be the country I want it to be. Both very literally and because I could never allow myself to override the will of the people, no matter how very fucking tempting an idea that might be.

What I can do, what I am doing, is influencing the people. Being one voice among man calling for sanity on these topics. And the right wing? Those bigots who would wish to destroy me, who make me hate your country so very much right now? They give me a greater chance of changing minds for the better,

Change will come.

It will be hard, it will be tough and so many are going to suffer and die until the American people realise the sane courses of action but I will not give up. I will not give in. I will never lose faith in the capacity of the human race to learn and develop and be better.

I sound like an arrogant pretentious patronising arse right now, I know that. I'm bitter. but things will get better. The hearts and minds of the American people can be won slowly over time. Peace and sanity will reign.

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