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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Britain has a Problem with Paedophilia

Britain has a Problem with Paedophilia

Alexander Gordon Jahans

It's time we admit it. Time we talked about it. Time we really and truly addressed it.

The problem is not that we accept it or like it. It's that, like homosexuality in the 50s and 60s, even if a guy is practising the act and using associated slang on our media we will refuse to see it because it's just so horrible. You don't go throwing around those kinds of accusations. They could ruin a career or get a guy lynched. Mis-aimed vigilante justice in the past has only further encouraged this masquerade that there is no such thing as Paedophilia anywhere in Britain. Except maybe amongst those shifty Muslims...

Paedophiles in Parliament. Paedophiles in the BBC. Paedophiles in the Church of England. Paedophiles meeting Prime Ministers and Royalty and painting the Queen's Portrait. And nobody noticed anything. Nobody said anything.

Well you wouldn't would you? Paedophile doesn't happen in Britain. The child is probably just lying or causing trouble and as for those bruises, well you know how children are always getting themselves into mischief.

We are so wilfully blind because the idea is so horrible. It wouldn't be polite. You just don't talk about those sorts of things.

We'll teach our kids about stranger danger, about not taking candy from strangers but will we teach our teachers and parents about the fact that most children are abused by someone they know well, like a teacher or a parent? Of course not because you can trust the state right? You can trust teachers, you can trust parents? And blood is thicker than water after all....

Paedophilia happens elsewhere, in less enlightened cultures. It happens in brown places or places with a scary church but not ours right? Of course ours! Paedophilia is as British as Tea and Crumpets, the Chimes of Big Ben, the Queen's Corgis and Doctor Who. There have been Paedophiles closely affiliated with every major public institution in Britain. 

Almost makes you think the Americans have the right idea and we should be arming kids with guns. That's one way to level the playing field and better protect kids when the threat could come from any direction. Let them be judge, jury and executioner of anybody who tries to assault them. Except of course that Paedophiles rarely just fuck children, they mindfuck them first, get the poor souls to think they deserve and want the abuse.

We have to protect the young from the monsters amongst us who would do them harm. The government is already having parents be on the look out for Muslims who might radicalise our children so maybe they could draw up guidelines to help identify Paedophiles. Though that would have to get through Parliament, our parliament, a parliament filled with an unknown number of totally respected Paedophiles, yeah....

One reason they might quite reasonably throw it out is under claims that violates fundamental human rights regarding privacy and not living in fear of the thought police. Which would be a perfectly valid claim to make were they not already violating those rights in defence against terrorism. Which again makes a kind of sense. Terrorism could cause more casualties and so it is more correct under utilitarian morality to violate people's fundamental human rights in defence against terrorism than Paedophilia. And of course that Muslims are an easily identifiable otherised community who aren't part of the establishment and so the paedophiles in Parliament, the BBC, the Church of England and the Police Force can continue terrorizing children with impunity.

I do however have a suggestion to make which may seem counter intuitive. Don't persecute Paedophiles who acknowledge they have a problem and will willingly come forward to the authorities to be helped and made safe from causing harm,

If we have a system that focuses on rehabilitation and making paedophiles safe then we can listen to one hundred percent of accusations. I mean if you're not a paedophile and you get swept up it won't be that bad, well unless you're a teacher but - Actually I don't have answer for that except that the current system does not work and with proper regulation this might. Obviously they'll be some kind of appeals process for the falsely accused where they'll be put on a list just in case their name ever crops up again and if a Paedophile has actually committed acts against children they will serve their time accordingly with maybe some small but noticeable benefit for having come forward willingly to be made safe.

We need to acknowledge and make safe the Paedophiles infesting Britain. This state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue but before we go I would like to address one more thing.

The "Poster Girl" of the Brexit campaign, that's the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, is 16. I don't like that. I really don't like that. At 16 she can't even vote in the Brexit campaign but she can have sex legally so Wahey! Look at her body! Makes me sick. This was published in the Telegraph by the way. The Telegraph is a Tory newspaper and the Tories are a political party with a habit for being particularly brazen regarding their despicable views and yes there have been a few Paedophile politicians amongst their number but I'm not making any politically motivated accusations, just giving context.

In my opinion children/teenagers are going to explore their sexuality and have sex with each other and that's fine and healthy so long as they know how to access supplies of and properly use contraception and so I have absolutely no problem with the age of consent being 16 or even lower but that does not mean that everyone from 21 to a hundred and one can jerk off to them because the law says they can fuck other teenagers. As far as I am concerned 20 is the barrier. Maybe that's just me being a prude but let the teenagers fuck other teenagers and the adults fuck other adults and don't cross that barrier. 

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