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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Transgender women are women

Transgender Women Are Women

Alexander Gordon Jahans

I am not as progressive as I would like to be and be it just a factor of my self loathing or a legitimate issue, I genuinely worry that I am not as feminist and egalitarian as I should be, especially when it comes to my writing and I am not claiming by any stretch of the imagination to be some kind of feminist authority. 

I am however a man who has experience of not quite matching up as biologically as I should. Being biologically male and requiring testosterone for the rest of my life because my genetics don't quite adhere to the binary standard gives me something of an insight into life outside the binary whilst still fitting comfortably within it and there is one thing I am certain of: Transgender women are women and equally transgender men are men and there again those who exist outside the gender binary as gender fluid, dual gendered or without gender deserve to have their identities respected in law and society at large.

Now I am certain that I am probably not someone anybody in their right minds wants representing them and that as a writer I am probably not for a long time going to be able to represent transgender characters in a truly respectful and factual manner but things have crossed a threshold beyond which I can no longer hold back. If I am hated for my portrayals then that is a price I am willing to pay for being able to make even one person think about the idea that transgender women are women.

A story is coming that will display my first genuinely trans original character. They aren't a big part and story isn't about them being trans and they aren't in any special place within it but that to me is the point. Transgender women are women and transgender men are men. Yes trans gender people have their own unique burdens to carry and deal with and that absolutely deserves representation and exploration by far better writers than me but the central idea that transgender women are women can be represented easily without focusing on it is important.

These are people who need love, support and respect by society. I am to do what little I can through my shitty problematic writing to help that cause and in doing so I risk bile not just from the scumbags of the world but also the champions of representation who are rightfully critical of my shitty writing but if I am going to write this shit, and I am, then the least I can do is represent that transgender women are women and transgender men are men.

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