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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Accessory

The Accessory

A Distraction Fic


Alexander Gordon Jahans

Sally was nervous as she walked to the restaurant. Denires was a really posh restaurant with 5 Michelin stars and her best friends had invited her along to discuss something big so Sally had walked from the bus stop in a dress that was ever so slightly too tight. Damn thing was itchy too. Clearly this was why you didn’t rent clothes.

She entered the restaurant and saw James and Celia enjoying a quiet romantic meal. She almost didn’t want to intrude, they looked so cute together. A recurring itch reminded her she was paying £500 for the privilege of seeing them in this dress so she sauntered over, high heels clicking as she walked.

Celia caught sight of Sally first and started clapping as she stood up to welcome her. James joined in with the clapping.

Sally blushed.

Celia and James each hugged Sally and gave her a kiss on the cheek as greeting before they sat down.

James said “Thanks for coming and by the way I simply must say that that dress looks gorgeous on you.”

Sally studied her cutlery intently. James had the most piercing blue eyes and Sally had to avoid looking at them when he complemented her, the temptation to take it as anything other than friendly would be too irresistible otherwise “Thanks, I guess.”

“We got your favourite wine” said Celia, pouring out a glass for Sally.

Sally glanced at Celia and smiled “Thanks” and accepted the glass.

The rose calmed her nerves like an old friend.

James coughed “I think starters might be a good idea”

Sally looked panicked “My student loan - ”

Celia reached across the table and took Sally’s hand to comfort her “Our treat. We’ll pay.”

“But this is really expensive” said Sally nervously.

“We can afford it” said James picking up a menu “And we’ll be paying for the cost of hiring that dress while we’re at it”

Sally was seriously stunned now. “You must be kidding, this cost half my term’s allowance”

“Which is exactly why we’re paying for it” said Celia, placing a menu under Sally’s nose “Now pick a starter”

Sally swallowed down her nerves and did as she was bid.

A waiter arrived “And what will the gent and ladies be having for starters then?”

James coughed “I’ll have the duck pancakes please.”

Celia said “I’ll have the potato skins, thanks.”

“I’ll have the soup” said Sally.

The conversation flowed but Sally couldn’t help noticing moments when it seemed like someone ought to say something but a glance from the other would convince them not to. It felt like driving round a road that kept getting diverted, you wondered what the cause was.

The food arrived and everything was blissfully silent as they ate though Sally couldn’t help noticing that both Celia and James seemed to watch her as she ate.

When the waiters arrived to clear the plates Sally couldn’t help but notice Celia and James relax, as if a crying they had been ignoring had ceased.

Celia looked at Sally and said “Sally, you must have wondered why we asked you here?”

Okay, thought Sally, this should be good. “No” she said “You’re my friends. What’s odd about friends asking friends out to dinner?”

Celia raised an eyebrow at that but remained silent.

James took a large sip of his glass and swallowed. He looked Sally right in the eyes. piercing her with his blue eyes. “We know you fancy us, Sally.”

Deer in the headlights time “What? No. Me? No. I’m- I’m just your friend.” said Sally.

“It’s okay” said Celia “It’s why we asked you here and why we’re paying for that dress.”

Sally was mortified “Oh god. You think I’m creepy don’t you? This is you dumping me.”

“This is us asking you out” said James

Sally didn’t hear that or if she did she decided she had misheard. He couldn’t have said that.

Celia stared into her wine glass “We aren’t fools, Sally. We grew up around nerds. We can recognise unrequited lust when we see it and well you know us? We’re very adventurous when it comes to our - shall we say - recreational pursuits. One night we were playing a little game of confession and it didn’t take much to connect the dots when we each confessed to having sexual fantasies about you.”

Sally blinked. “What?”

“To put it bluntly” said James “We want you to be our sex toy”

“Entirely consensually of course” said Celia “You are more than welcome to stop at any time, to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, bring them in on it or give up our little union for them. No pressure and needless to say we’ll still be your friends however you answer.”

Sally looked from one to the other like they were both mad. “You cannot be serious?”

“We were hoping you’d be staying at ours tonight” said James “But Celia is right. It is all up to you. You are in control here. Just think about it, yeah?”

And then the main course arrived and everyone ate in silence again.

This time Sally noticed Celia and James were conspicuously focused on the food on their plates.

When the waiter arrived to take away their plates James asked “Do we want to see the sweet menu?”

Celia glared at Sally.

This seemed to be an important decision.

“Sure” said Sally with a shrug “I could eat something sweet”

Celia nodded “I think dessert is a definite possibility”

The waiter thanked them and returned with the desert menu a moment later.

“I’ll have the tiramisu” said Celia

“I’ll have the sorbet medley” said James

“I’ll have the cheese cake” said Sally.

As they waited for their food Sally said “What I don’t get is, why go to a fancy restaurant and wine and dine me? If you only wanted a freesome, you only had to ask.”

“Because we don’t just want a threesome” said James.

“We want an accessory” said Celia “Someone we can call upon any time a third party is called for.”

“Someone to fill the missing space in our love life” said James “We’re both very dominant personalities and we need someone to act as a buffer.”

Now Sally was beginning to understand “You want me to be the submissive for when you both want to be dominant in the bedroom?”

“Not just that” said Celia “There are many occasions when throwing a third party into the bedroom can make things more exciting. And we do both find you very attractive.”

Sally smiled “Oh stop. I’m not some aphrodisiac. I’m a person.”

“And that’s why we’re doing this formally” said James “We value you as a person and as a friend. Not just as an aphrodisiac.”

“But we do want you to be our aphrodisiac” said Celia

Sally smirked “Why am I trying to talk you out of this? I’ve dreamed of this.”

Celia smiled.

James squeezed Celia’s hand and smiled when he looked at her.

Sally blushed.

The sweets arrived.

They ate in silence.

When they had finished, James asked for the bill.

As they waited Sally asked “So I take it you have plenty of lube?”

James chuckled.

Celia grinned “My dear, we have more than enough lube and we also have a well stocked shower and a guest room that really could do with being filled.”

Sally stared at her “You mean for the night, yeah?”

“Well it would save on your rent” said Celia “And as I recall student accomodation can be awfully drafty. You could get ill and that wouldn’t do.”

“Besides it pays to have your accessories nearby” said James

Sally swallowed at that.

The bill was paid and they took off towards their Porche Cayenne


Sally woke up naked on top of silk sheets. She felt sore and sticky but utterly happy. There was, as promised, a well stocked shower and Sally stepped out feeling rather refreshed. She was about to wonder where her clothes were when she remembered her dress being torn off her during last night’s recreation. There was a gorgeous wardrobe in the bedroom and Sally opened it eagerly but it was bare.

Now Sally realized that she was naked and alone with no sign of clothes and wondered if the intent was that she stay in the room until called. In all the excitement of last night Sally could have consented and not remembered but she felt awkward. What if this was all a misunderstanding?

There was a landline phone on the bedside table and Sally dialed James’s mobile number, she knew it by heart because she’d considered drunk dialing him more than once.

James answered “Hello”

“Hi, it’s Sally” said Sally “I was er- well I couldn’t help noticing that there are no clothes here?”

James laughed “Yes, sorry about that. Celia wanted to buy you a wardrobe’s worth of clothes but I was convinced it would be too forward. We didn’t expect the dress to tear so easily. Sit tight and I’ll drop by with something appropriate.”

Sally smiled with relief “Thanks”

James hung up the phone.

Sally was left in silence and decided getting under the silk sheets would probably be wise.


When James arrived Sally was lightly dosing.

He smiled as he looked at the strong woman who had melted his arms last night and he laid the clothes gently on the bedside table. He didn’t want to wake the woman, she deserved all the rest she got after last night.


Sally woke to find the room empty and a pile of clothes on the bedside table.

She pulled on the lingerie first naturally, practical but stylish. A well cut blouse and practical trousers with belt and braces followed next. Comfortable socks and practical walking shoes protected sore feet. A touch of ostentation was added with a pin stiped waistcoat but a frock coat with flowing tails set off the look.

As Sally examined herself in the mirror she felt powerful, able to climb a mountain or beat up baddies.

She strolled out of her room a different, more confident, woman.


She found James reading a newspaper in the spacious kitchen. It had clearly been designed by some fancy architect because it was all flowing lines and curves.

Sally pulled a wonder woman pose, she’d heard it made you feel more confident, and declared “Nice place you’ve got here.”

James sneered derisively “Yeees” then he put down his paper and stared at Sally “Yes, it is rather. I must say it certainly suits you.”

“Thanks” said Sally and she sat down on a chair beside him “Any breakfast for me?”

James stared at Sally’s eager face for a moment before jerking back to reality. “Yes, I’ll make you some, shall I? Full English?”

Sally sheepishly said “I shouldn’t... but go on”

James got up from his seat and started pulling various pots and pans out of cupboards as he prepared to cook “Why shouldn’t you?” he asked.

Sally shrugged “Because I’m your sex toy, I guess?”

James snapped angrily “Who said that?” then he remember and started pulling bits of dead animal out of the fridge “Bugger. I did, didn’t I?” He sighed “Sally I am many things, tactful is not one of them. I’m sorry if you were offended”

Sally laughed “I’m not offended, it’s actually quite an accurate description and I much prefer it to being your really nice friend”

James started placing pans on barely visible electric hobs and chucking oil and bits of dead animal into them “Yes and as a really nice friend you are more than entitled to a proper breakfast. Lord knows you deserve it after last night. Thank you by the way.”

Sally smiled and hoped her cheeks weren’t turning red again. She tried to be magnanimous “Truly it was my pleasure”

“Ours too my dear” said James as he shook the various pans and turned the various bits of dead animal “Truly you are a wise investment.”

Sally cocked her head and raised an eyebrow as she parrotted “Investment?”

“Yes” said James absently, focused on cooking “A prostitute would be far more expensive and charge by the hour. You are much more value for money”

Sally didn’t quite know how to react to that so she decided to change the subject “Speaking of value for money, how much did these clothes cost?”

James stared off into space for a moment then said “Half a grand” He proceeded to plate up the various bits of dead animal as he cooked some toast and made a cup of tea. “I chose them you know? Celia wanted to give you something cute and innocent or something cute and racy but I argued that since we planned to... well... play with you, that you should get something that made you feel strong and powerful, something that made you feel in control, sort of rehabilitate you. After all, you have university and I understand that lectures can be hellish.”

Sally was taken back by the thoughtfulness of the gesture “That’s - that’s really sweet, thank you.”

James plated everything up then held the full english breakfast away from Sally as he leaned in and said “Sally, before I give you this I need you to understand that what I did was not kind or sweet. It was the only appropriate reaction. Never stay with anyone who won’t give the appropriate after care you understand? They are exploiting you and should be justly avoided.”

Sally gazed into those piercing blue eyes and said “It’s fine, honestly, I understand”

“Good” said James with genuine warmth and he slid the plate over to her as he went to fetch some condiments. “Besides” he added cheekily “I like a girl in uniform”

Sally was too busy eating to notice his little joke so James wait back to his chair and started reading the Telegraph again.

Sally finished her meal and instinctively went to wash up her plate.

“Leave it” said James “Go do something that makes you feel like you. I’ll wash up.”

Sally was confused by that “What do you mean someone thank makes me feel like me?”

“Aftercare” James looked over his newspaper at Sally to judge her expression then sighed, put down his newspaper and steepled his hands thoughtfully. “There are times when sex turns from the vanilla that one can leave... altered. Being altered is of course part of the fun but one doesn’t want to stay altered. So one does what one can to remind themselves of who they used to be. For example whenever Celia uses the strap-on on me I wind down by having a good jeer at Newsnight. You are Sally Watkins, you are a nerd and a student, go be a nerdy student. Or go for a walk in the park. Whatever reminds you that you are the center of your universe.”

Sally stared at him “You know for someone who just gave me a really empowering speech you really do tell me what to do a lot.”

“Sorry” said James frowning and he picked up his newspaper again.

Sally stalked off to university.


Sally didn’t see James and Celia for a week. She told herself she was just busy but something James had said had stuck with her. Sally did feel altered. She felt possessed. It hadn’t helped that James had literally compared her to a prostitute but it was more than that. If it had just been sex, dirty, fun, sex, Sally would have been fine with it. She had grown up being taught by the media that as a woman, as a bisexual, as a blonde, she was innately an object of sexual pleasure. That she was a seal swimming among sharks, a cow among vampires. Being treated as a sexual toy maybe wasn’t something she would have conceptually liked but she would have understood it. Have a fuck, get a taxi home. That was what she understood.

The way James and Celia had wined and dined her and insisted that they wanted to include her as a whole into their relationship, how they had paid for everything and insisted that she had a room to use as she wish, the insistence on aftercare, it all made Sally feel dirty, wrong. She was weak, fragile, the sponge to their stone, the frog being slowly bought to the boil. They were writing their marks across her soul. And the worst part was she liked it.

They made her feel so special and it felt so wrong. I’m not special, she thought, I’m Miss Mundane Muggle 2015. So why do they like me? Why were they so kind to me? This must all be a scam!


Celia and James turned up holding hands outside Sainsbury’s as Sally went to do her weekly shop.

Sally groaned when she saw them. Awkward.

Celia said “James, help her with her bags”

James shrugged and approached. He mouthed “Sorry” as he took Sally’s bags for her.

Celia said “Am I right in thinking that we scared you off?”

“No” lied Sally with a laugh “University’s just been very busy”

Celia tutted and shook her head “Sally give us more credit than that. We couldn’t have done the things we did that night if we didn’t understand you.”

Sally stared at Celia and sighed. A fucking impasse. She only wanted food so as to not die.

Celia stared back at Sally “Honey, we’re your friends, you only have to say and we’ll never so much as look at you in that way ever again.”

“I know that” said Sally through gritted teeth “But it’s not about you”

“Not enough aftercare” muttered James.

Sally snapped “Would you quit it with the fucking aftercare!?”

The shoppers backed away from Sally and hurried passed.

Sally was raising her voice now but she didn’t care “I am a woman yeah!? I am used to being perved on, used to being objectified and come onto! I am used to being fucked and forgotten about but you don’t just want my body do you!? You want my heart and my soul too!”

Celia took a few moments before reacting to calculate all that Sally had just said and done. She sucked her teeth and said carefully “And that bothers you does it?”

“Yes!” said Sally, then she caught herself and said more calmly “It bothers me that I like it. It bothers me that I love it. It bothers me that I felt more like myself when I was naked in your house than I have ever done since.”

Celia could see the tranquil fury in Sally’s eyes and she nodded “James will drop your groceries outside your house, you know how to contact us” then she turned and left.

James silently scurried off with Sally’s bags.

Sally stood alone in the car park, quietly fuming.


Sally got home, found her groceries on her doorstep, packed them away in the kitchen, had her one meal of the day, positively failed to study and lay awake at night trying to sleep. Visions of the night kept coming back to her, mixed in with what James had said.

Eventually she gave up and picked up her phone.


“I have permission to fuck you” said James, when Sally walked through the door. He was showing off a text from Celia on his iphone like a search warrant.

They were in a classic seventies style pub that was staying open till 4am to accommodate the student crowd, though it was nicely quiet.

“Ever heard of hello?” said Sally irritably.

“Just making sure you understood” said James as he sipped at his bitter “Wasn’t sure why you wanted to meet me and I wanted to make sure I can help you in any way I can.”

Sally was wearing her usual hipster jeans, crop top and hoodie and felt under dressed next to James and his three piece tweed suit. She ordered a vodka and coke and asked “Do you always wear a suit? It’s 2 am.”

“Yes” said James simply “It makes me feel powerful”

Sally paid for her drink then led the way to a table. When they sat down she realized and said “You let me pay for my drink?”

“You can afford it” said James “And I’m letting you dictate the conversation, so you pay.”

“Joy” said Sally sarcastically and she sipped at her drink. Tart and sugary, just the way she liked it. “So why do you think I asked you here, other than to fuck you I mean?”

James sipped at his bitter and savoured the taste as he thought “I was there the morning after?”

Sally nodded “You were the one who gave me the clothes, you were the one who insisted I wear clothes that make me feel strong and powerful. What I want to know is why?”

James opened his mouth to speak.

Sally hurriedly added “And don’t say aftercare. I don’t speak bdsm.”

“Alright” said James “It’s nice to feel weak with someone you trust. It brings about a sense of control, catharsis, even closure. It’s like watching a scary movie, you know you’re safe the entire time but your body reacts like you’re in danger and its quite the rush. But just like with a horror movie if you’re not careful you’ll get nightmares. Only it’s worse with bdsm and feeling weak because the very consent that makes it enjoyable can sour to make you feel guilty and dirty. You wonder what’s wrong with you, how you could do those things-”

Sally felt nauseous “Please, stop.”

James promptly shut up, though he couldn’t help giving her a concerned look.

Sally sipped her drink and remembered nights out at overloud clubs, being groped by random strangers. She felt normal again. “I feel that” she said.

James silently nodded.

Sally groaned “I just - I just want to feel normal again.”

James added “I can understand that.”

“I mean that night...” said Sally sadly “I felt so powerless and I loved it. I felt more alive that night than I have ever done and I keep thinking back to that night and how brilliant it felt but all I see is me being used and it’s disgusting”

James sipped his bitter and said “My first time was like that too.”

Sally stared at him, astonished “Really?”

“Oh yeah” said James “The real world works under a different set of rules than the bedroom and the media bombards you constantly to be normal when normal is a bizarre average that most of us don’t fit. It’s like magic, you can believe it in the moment but on reflection it always seems so absurd and the first time has whiplash that can really hurt because the experience hasn’t been normalised yet.”

“Like Doctor Who fans freaking out about changes to the canon?” said Sally “The first time is always the worst because there’s no precedent but then it gets easier and easier.”

“I suppose” said James

Sally thought for a moment and said “So what I basically need is for you to normalise this for me?”

James sipped his drink thoughtfully and said “Okay, I think I might have an idea.”

Sally had another sip of her vodka and coke. “I’m all ears.”

“Okay, it’s a mad idea, completely insane in fact but you don’t go to this pub do you?” said James veering away from the subject at the last minute as a thought occurred to him.

“No” said Sally “It’s completely out of my way. Why?”

James starts undoing his tie. “Because my idea is a crude one but one I hope will be effective. With your permission I would like to snog you, get you simmering with arousal, strip you completely naked then walk you on the end of my leash across the length of the bar on all 4s before giving you time to dress again.”

Sally stared at James “What?”

“I know, stupid idea” said James as he pulled his tie free from his shirt collar and laid it flat across the table.

“I mean yes” said Sally “Absolutely yes”

“Pleasure to be of service” said James and he reached across the table and kissed Sally gently on the lips.

Sally kissed back and swiftly lost herself to lust as they snogged and he wandered an adventuring hand down her back, undoing the clasp on her bra. His other hand ventured down towards her trousers unbuttoning and unzipping in one simple motion.

He broke off the snogging so he could see to undo Sally’s shoe laces as she sat panting in her chair.

Shoe laces undone, James started sucking her neck and plunged his hand down into her pants. A few moments later Sally was panting with increasing intensity and her blood pressure was racing.

James pulled off her shoes and socks in one swift movement and placed them on the table. Then he lifted her top, bra and hoody free of her head easily.

Sally sat gasping with arousal and embarrasment as a cool breeze hit her exposed chest.

James tilted Sally so she was lying with her back on the chair. Sally instinctively grabbed on to the chair as James pulled her jeans and underwear swiftly off her. He lifted her off the chair and laid her gently on the floor.

Sally lay panting the floor and hurriedly pulled herself onto her hands and knees.

James wrapped his tie around Sally’s neck and swiftly tied a knot that would not allow the tie to tighten around her neck when he pulled on it. Then he gathered up her clothes and shoes.

This precious moment of composure as James gathered up her clothes allowed Sally to reflect that she was indeed now naked on the flow of the pub and about to be walked across the length of it. The embarrassment and shock heightened her state of arousal.

James grabbed Sally’s leash and said “Walkies”

Sally walked on all 4s, following the reassuring tug on her neck. As vulnerable as she felt, the tug reminded her that she was not alone. She was protected. If someone objected to what she was doing James would step in.

The tugging stopped and James said “Good girl”

Sally was stunned, it was over so fast.

Her clothes thunked down before her.

Sally was acutely aware again that she was naked in a public place and hurriedly dressed.

She stood up and James handed her her drink.

Sally sipped it then gulped it then glugged it. Then she burped. “That - that was quite good” she said at last.

James nodded and sipped his bitter “So are you going to give me my tie back or - ?”

Sally stared at him, not sure what he was talking about then she remembered and laughed. She pulled at the knot and it came undone within a moment. She handed the tie back to him and said “I think it suits you better”

“Thanks” said James and he put the tie in his pocket.

They stood in silence for a moment, sipping their drinks as Sally calmed down.

Sally surveyed the pub: The bar tender was a middle aged woman who looked utterly bored. A couple of university boys were playing a card game on the floor in a corner. A guy and a girl were sat flirting at a table and an old man was doing the crossword as he drank a bitter.

“Did I seriously just walk naked on all 4s through this place?” asked Sally, incredulous.

“Yep” said James, matter of factly.

“Wow” said Sally “And nobody noticed?”

“Not a one” said James “The arousal kept you from reacting in a way that would attract attention and my speed prevented anyone from noticing the one bit that would, a man stripping a woman naked.”

Sally nodded sagely “You’re good at that” then she thought for a second and said “How are you good at that?”

James shrugged “Fancy restaurants have really slow service. Celia and I get bored.”

Sally blinked and swallowed her drink carefully “You’ve done that with Celia?”

“And she with me” said James “She did it once during a conference where Tony Blair was speaking, made it a bit awkward when I asked him for his autograph.”

Sally stared at James, this was a whole new side she’d never seen before. “Tony Blair saw you being... walked?”

“Yep” said James, with glassy eyes before sipping his bitter again “Worst bit was he implied that the missus did it with him.”

Sally was lost in thought trying to remember who his missus was “Cherie?”

“No, Thatcher” said James, staring off into space. Then he shuddered.

“You learn something new everyday” said Sally

“True that” said James

Sally began after a moment “Am I the only one picturing him and -?”

“No” said James shaking his head “I mean if you like that sort of thing...” he shuddered again.

“So...” said Sally trying to change the subject to something less awkward “What do you think of the new Doctor?”

“Rubbish” said James “They’ve made him a woman now, it makes no sense. I mean what is he? A bloody tranny or what?”

“Her and the Master” said Sally vindictively.

James stared into space once more and shuddered.

Sally smiled sadistically as she sipped her vodka and coke again.


They exited the pub at 4am and staggered out into the early morning.

James pouted “Come with us”

Sally shook her head “Excuse me Mister I am an independent woman and I don’t need no man”

“But Celia will be so happy” pined James.

Sally waved the index finger of her right hand in his face “Nuh -uh I can’t consent I’m too drunk.”

“Just sleep” said James “I just want her to wake up to you”

Sally glared at him and withdrew her hand “I am going home and waking up in my own cold bed. Fuck your central heating.”

“We have air conditioning too” said James

“No means no” said Sally

“But you could get raped” said James

Sally sneered “Well that’s his problem, not mine and anyway you’re one who stripped me naked in a bar full of people”

“With your consent” said James testily.

Sally gave up trying to debate, looked James right in his piercing blue eyes and said “Fuck off.”

James looked genuinely afronted “Fine! I will!” and he tugged on his lapels and strode off into the night.

“Good!!!” screamed Sally and she staggered off into the night, using her mobile phone to guide her way.


The alarm woke Sally up and she groaned. It was a 2 pm lecture but Sally had one hell of a hangover. She struggled into her clothes, shrugged on her bag and headed out the door for University.

To her surprise she found it easier to focus than last week despite the fact that her brain felt like a pig had shat in it.

She was going to head off to the library to study when her phone rang.

An officious haughty voice said “Sally, I understand that my boy gave you a ride last night. I do hope you’re okay?”

Sally recognized the voice “Celia?”

“Yes” said Celia.

“James was fine” said Sally “A complete gent. I feel much better actually.”

“I understand he snogged you, stripped you naked and proceeded to walk you like a dog.”

“Yes” said Sally enthusiastically “He’s very good at it.”

“He learned from the best” said Celia “Anyway I understand you have no more classes for the day?”

“Well no” said Sally “I was going to head to the library to study?”

“Uh-huh” said Celia thinking this over “Would you like to take out the books you need and meet us at reception? I promise you’ll have time to study.”

Rule 1 of being a student: Always find an excuse to procrastinate until it is too late.

Sally said “I can do that”

Celia’s satisfaction radiated through the speaker “Marvellous. I’ll see you there then”

Celia hung up the phone.

Sally headed to the library, took out the books she needed to and headed to reception.

She saw Celia, resplendent in a summer dress and James in his usual tweed but with a new tie this time.

She half wondered whether they were going to strip her but shooed away the fantasy.

James nodded curtly to Sally.

Celia gave Sally a winning smile “So nice to see you darling and so happy. You’ve got your books?”

Sally nodded

“Excellent” said Celia “If you would follow-?”

Sally laughed and strode past Celia.

James smirked.

Celia strode swiftly past Sally and took the lead.


They arrived at what looked like another fancy restaurant but when they entered Sally realised it was actually an upmarket bar.

James headed to the bar and Celia gestured to the tables, indicating that it was Sally’s choice.

Sally chose a quiet table in the corner and proceeded to lay out her books.

James arrived with the drinks and Sally asked “So what’s the plan then?”

“Plan?” asked Celia innocently.

Sally stared at her “I didn’t seriously think you were going to let me study. I thought you were going to - I don’t know - strip me or something.”

“I suppose we could” said Celia as if the idea was entirely new to her “But no, you need to study.”

Sally blinked “But I’m your... accessory?”

Celia shook her head “You’re our friend Sally. Friends don’t let friends study alone.”

Sally was kind of astonished by that “And what’ll you be doing?”

“Talking” said Celia simply “And drinking”

“And fantasizing about stripping you naked” said James to break the ice.

“Dipping you in chocolate” continued Celia.

“And getting whipped by you” finished James

Celia glared at him and she muttered icily “I do the whipping”

Sally laughed “Fine. I’ll study”


Two hours passed and Sally put away her books “Right, whatever you want to do with me, you better do it now because I’m feeling really thirsty and when I finish my drink, I am walking out that door.”

James glared at Celia.

Celia shrugged.

Sally lifted up her sprite and started glugging it greedily, the glug turned into a chug and soon fizzy drink was running down her chin and neck.

She finished the drink and placed the empty glass on the table and gave an almighty burp. She glared at Celia and got up to leave.

“Fine” said Celia

Sally sat back in her seat “Yes, Celia?”

Celia opened her purse and pulled out a small box. “Open it”

Sally opened the box. A pair of earrings sat in the box, they seemed to form the ying yang symbol when fit together.

“I was not expecting earrings” said Sally

Celia smiled “You’ve heard of friendship charms yes? One friend takes one half, the other the other? Well that is two different halves of two different friendship charms”

James pulled at his collar to reveal a silver chain on which sat a ying symbol.

Celia revealed a gold chain with a yang symbol.

Sally smiled at the symbolism “Alright, that’s cute. I’ll admit, it’s cute.”

Celia smiled “To the outside observer you are whole and me and James complete each other but the truth is that all three of us are incomplete if we’re not together.”

Sally sighed “You don’t just want us to be friends with benefits do you?”

Celia shrugged “If I get to be your friend and play with you when it suits me then I will be happy but you are not just an accessory to me.”

Sally smiled “That is really sweet. Thank you.”

“Shall we go?” said James

“One last thing” said Celia

Celia leaned across the table and kissed Sally lightly on the lips.

Sally kissed back.

Celia snogged Sally.

Sally was really enjoying the snog.

Celia broke off “One day, Sally, one day, I will walk you”

And with that Celia got up to leave.

Sally lay panting with lipstick over her face as she left.


Sally went home and lived her life. She watched anime, ate pasta and listened to Florence and the Machine.

She slept and studied the next day without issue. She paid attention in lectures and kept meticulous notes and then she received a text “Be our accessory tonight”

Sally practically ran to their house.


Sally woke up naked in the bedroom again. Sore and sticky as before.

She had a shower and got dressed in the practical suit James had bought for her but this time Celia was in the kitchen with James.

Celia smiled when she saw Sally “You’re up, fantastic. You’re just in time for breakfast.”

And everything was normal.

They talked about the night before and their performance but it wasn’t as though it was anything special. They talked like it was any other recreational activity they shared together. They joked and bantered and pretended that everything was so common. Extraordinary in a good way but mundane in a wider context. Like playing well at a computer game, to your group of friends it’s a big deal but you know nobody else cares.

Sally liked the attitude, she liked the talking and the joking and the eating, it stowed that part of herself away.


The next week was fine. She studied well and paid attention in lectures, took notes and hung out with Celia and James like the old times before they asked her to be their accessory. Then play time came again and Sally was their accessory and had a fantastic night but again the morning after was normal and jokey.

After another week and another playtime Sally decided to move in with James and Celia. She felt safe there now.


“Here” said Celia presenting Sally with a package on her third day of being moved in.

“What is it?” asked Sally as she tore at the packaging.

“It is a sign that in this house you don’t have to be strong.” said Celia

Sally opened the package to reveal a bikini “You have a pool?”

“No” said Celia “But I have an accessory and this is me giving you the control.”

Sally stared at Celia “But I have control, always?”

Celia sighed “Yes and no, you have consent but as our accessory you are dependent on us inviting you in. You are our toy and we play with you when we wish. When you wear this you are indicating that you want to be played with.”

Sally thought for a second “So I can just wear this and you will know that I want to be the accessory if you have time?”

“Yes” said Celia.

Sally smiled at the thought “And if I wear this during lectures?”

“I will see it as my sworn duty to seduce and strip you” said Celia lasciviously.

Sally laughed “You know you’re going to have to do it some day?”

Celia grinned “I know and every time I see you you’ll be wondering if today is the day.”

Sally stuck her tongue out at Celia “Meanie”

Celia laughed.


The rapport was solidified after that. Sally studied and played the accessory all throughout her time at university until at last they had to part ways for the final summer.

It was a tearful parting and Sally had a wretched summer trying to find a job and failing. All the while her earrings reminded her she was missing a part of herself.

Then graduation day arrived and Sally found herself wearing her bikini underneath her suit. She didn’t even know if James and Celia would be there but she had to hope.


As Sally was queueing to get her certificate and shake the Dean’s hand, she felt what seemed like a mosquito bite on the back of her neck. She absently shooed it away and continued queueing. She stepped up onto the stage, crossed it, shook the Dean’s hand, smiled for the camera and received her certificate. Then as she descended the stairs she saw Celia in front of her dressed in a graduation gown. Now? Now?

Celia approached and hugged her “Now” she whispered.

Celia reached a hand up Sally’s gown and shirt and she felt the bikini. She stared at Sally in amazement. The accessory had been expecting this. She almost didn’t want to continue.

Sally kissed Celia on the lips.

Celia kissed back and snogged Sally.

Sally melted before Celia. All her friends and family and tutors were here. All Sally had was that she was the subby and so this was not her fault.

Celia stimulated Sally to a simmer and stripped her. It was not quick but it wasn’t supposed to be. Celia was doing this for show.

Sally was too lost in the moment, in her joy at seeing Celia again, at being the accessory again. She didn’t care about anybody around her. She didn’t bother to think about how a collar got on her neck and how Celia could be leading her by a leash, she just obeyed.

Celia discarded Sally’s clothes, including the bikini, attached her leash to the collar she’d fastened around Sally’s neck earlier and led her bitch out of the auditorium.

James hurriedly stepped from the shadows and picked up the discarded clothes, then followed after them.

Celia walked Sally over to a limousine and entered with her.

James entered and a moment later their chauffeur took off.

Sally lay naked in the limo with the two missing parts of her soul and lamented “I never thought I’d see you again.”

Celia stroked Sally’s cheek with her thumb as Sally’s face was currently in her lap. “Oh darling, I was always going to do this.”

James sighed “Yeah it took a lot of setting up, moving trust funds around, renovating the house... We want our life to be perfect for you.”

Sally said “What do you mean?”

“He means we aren’t just taking you for a joyride” said Celia “You are coming to live with us in the lap of luxury”

The unintended pun woke Sally up to the fact she was indeed utterly naked, with her face poised in the lap of Celia. She blushed “Ah, I’m naked aren’t I?”

Celia grinned “I was half tempted to abandon you when I saw you’d worn the bikini. Good thing you kissed me, reminded me of all the times I have taken that off you. Wasn’t gonna let your preparedness stand in the way of my prank.”

Sally chuckled “James”

James presented the bikini to Sally

“Thank you” said Sally and she tried to get changed, which was when she noticed the leash. “Ah”

Celia unleashed Sally “Very well my dear, you were very obedient.”

Sally got dressed in the bikini and sat between James and Celia. She mused “I feel whole again”

“So do we” said Celia “So do we”


Years passed happily for the couple and their beloved accessory until Celia and James decided to get married.

Sally assumed that marriage was monogamous and a sign that her friends were finally ready to make the commitment and stop playing with her. She accepted this nobly as Celia chose her to be the bridesmaid. All the religious trappings only further made Sally consider that her friends were going to put away childish things like her.

But Sally’s happy now, Celia and James have taught her how to pull and strip. She can find her own accessory to play with. Or at least that’s what she tells herself at 4am in the morning when she can’t sleep.

The day of the wedding arrives and Sally has rehearsed her steps and lines, she knows her part down pat and she knows James and Celia’s parts pretty well too. She won’t let anything go off without a hitch.

The bride and groom exchange vows and wedding bands and everything seems to be going off without a hitch. Then at the reception afterwards Sally, Celia and James are sat in the center of a long table on a stage before the guests when James says “What do you reckon Celia? Should we cut the cake?”

Sally is confused by this. This wasn’t in the script.

“Yes” says Celia “Sally, if you would do the honours?”

People are watching so Sally shrugs and stands up to cut into the cake with the requisite sharp knife but there’s a metallic clang.

Celia unsips the back of Sally’s dress as James stands up and speaks into a microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen there is someone we have neglected from the proceedings until now because we know that to many of you this will come as a shock and an insult but I assure you it is not.”

Celia pulls at the front of Sally’s dress and it slides right off her, leaving Sally standing naked before the crowd. Massively off script now.

James announces “This is Sally Barbarella Watkins. She is our best friend and we cherish her for the good times we have had.”

Now Celia is standing up and taking to a mic “But she is more than that though. We call her our accessory because she isn’t essential to us but she makes us so much better.”

James pats Sally’s bare shoulder “She is part of us, her soul completes ours.”

Celia pats Sally’s other bare shoulder “She is ours to play with and today as we bind ourselves legally and ritually we pledge our undying allegiance to our fair accessory.”

James and Celia each kick the wedding cake off the table to reveal a perspex case.

Sally opens the case and holds up a collar and a leash. The collar looks to have been finished with the pattern of the tie James had used as a leash soon after her first night as the accessory. The leash is the very same one Celia had used the day of Sally’s graduation.

James takes the collar and holds it up for all to see “With this collar I tie her burdens to mine” and he fastens the collar round Sally’s neck.

Celia takes the leash and holds it up for all to see “With this leash I chain my will to her pleasure.”

Celia attaches the leash to the collar around Sally’s neck.

Sally is stunned but there’s a silence, a pause, a gentle squeeze on each of her shoulders indicates that she should speak. “With my body I pledge to make Celia and James the happiest of lovers until the day I die”

As Sally finishes speaking she stretches her arms out wide, projecting her breasts outwards.

Celia looks at the nipple nearest her then to James. James looks at the nipple nearest him and returns Celia’s gaze. They each decide to suck the nipple nearest them.

Sally is suddenly very excited.

Celia stops sucking Sally’s nipple and James likewise stops sucking.

Celia politely but firmly places Sally under the table and James does the same.

Sally obediently lies underneath the table.

James says “A round of applause for our Accessory, ladies and gentlemen.”

The crowd of family and friends stare awkwardly at the happy couple.

“She will alas be indisposed for rest of the reception” says Celia

Now the applause comes.

Celia uses her feet under the table to help Sally pass the time enjoyably.

Before she heads off to circulate round the reception room Celia leads Sally backstage to the caterers.

The caterers are mildly perturbed to say the least by the sight of a 6foot naked blonde woman crawling on all 4s but the bride is holding her leash so the head chef shrugs “What do you want?”

Celia instructs “By the time we leave for our honeymoon I want this woman lying on a large plate and I want her covered in food. She is desert, you understand? We will enjoy both her and the food on her in the ride to the hotel. She’s a very obedient girl so I am sure she will attest to your every wildest idea for food to put on her and you may even shower her if you feel it is best but if you take advantage of her your balls will be on the menu. I don’t want to hear of a single photo you understand. She is mine and James’s. No one else's.”

The head chef nodded “Okay that sounds fine but just to clarify you know we can’t actually kill her and serve her up as food right?”

Celia stared at the man as if he was completely dense “I want to fuck her man, not eat her, I just want I and my husband to eat food off her body.”

“Oh” said the head chef “Yeah we can definitely do that”

Celia knelt down before Sally and said “These nice men are going to cover you in food while you have a lie down but then we’ll be together again Sally. Hang tight we’ll be with you soon.”

Celia kissed Sally on the cheek and handed the leash to the head chef then Celia headed back into the wedding reception.

Sally was by this point utterly chill and obedient. She was washed and blow dried and covered with cling film and grease proof paper in the areas where it was dangerous that food come in contact then the piling up of food began.


Celia and James were waved off as they entered the limousine to take them to the hotel.

James stared at the vast plate of food laid out before them. “That’s not - ”

Celia giggled “Obedient little girl isn’t she? Bon appetite.”

James laughed “You never cease to amaze me” then he picked a slice of victoria sponge off of Sally and ate it thoughtfully “I wonder how long she can stay still like that?”

“Well don’t wait to find out” said Celia, digging into the cuisine.


Sally stepped out of the shower in the hotel room feeling like herself again. Celia and John were still enjoying the sweets they’d saved before the limo stopped.

Celia grinned at Lucy “Thank you for that. It was a fantastic wedding gift.”

Sally shrugged “You’re a very good tamer.”

Celia bowed.

“What I am curious about” said Sally “Is why you didn’t tell me about the vows?”

“It was her idea” said James

Celia shrugged “I wanted it to be like your graduation. Sudden, unprecedented, public and very us.”

Sally said “I didn’t consent”

Celia stared at her “How many times have I stripped you Sally? How many times has James stripped you? You didn’t really think I wasn’t gonna strip you on my wedding day did you? You could have said no at any point. I know you felt me pulling down the zip of your dress. Heck that should have tipped you off, everyone else gets practically sewn into their dresses, you get a dress I can strip you of one handed.”

“I didn’t think you wanted me anymore” said Sally “I thought you were growing up and forgetting about your accessory”

“Rubbish” said James

Celia patted the place on the bed beside her and said “Come on, lets hug it out.”

Sally sat down beside Celia.

Celia pulled Sally close and said “Accessory, it’s my wedding day and I am starting my honeymoon, why did you ever think I wouldn’t bring along my favourite sex toy?”

James laughed.

Sally frowned.

Celia passed her a slice of cake “Come on, you’ve got a busy night ahead of you. Eat up.”

Sally took a bite of the cake. It was weird eating something that had been on your naked body for hours but sugar makes so many things taste good. She asked “So you’ll never leave me?”

“Never ever” said Celia

“Not even when I’m old and grey and wrinkly?” said Sally

“Never ever” said Celia

“And besides” said James “Only plebians get old and grey and wrinkly. We will leave beautiful corpses no matter how old we get.”

Sally laughed and raised her slice of cake “I would like to propose a toast. To the happy couple, may it be a long time before you leave beautiful corpses.”

Celia and James laughed and Celia raised her slice of cake “I too would like to propose a toast. To the best Accessory in the universe, may you never change!”

Sally laughed as Celia and James bit into their cakes.

And they lived happily ever after...

The End

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