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Sunday, 26 July 2015

The People's Militia of America

The People's Militia of America


Alexander Gordon Jahans

Before the world bites me for what I am about to suggest and outline I would like to make clear that of course I think the best solution is for America to just ban guns or institute gun control. Of course I think this is the best practice. Of course I do. 

However America is a, and I apologize for my bluntness, a deeply fucked up place. Greed, corporate corruption, pragmatic selfishness and misguided loyalty to a misinterpretation of one amendment of the Bill of Rights has turned it from a place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into a self sustaining form of corporate feudalism. America would greatly benefit from Tony Blair, this is how fucked up it is. So understand that my proposition here is a concession to pragmatism and the need to restore order and power to American communities and hopefully save people from the worst tyrannies of gun crime while appeasing the American desire for guns.

So without further ado lets get down to the proposition.

Part 1 - The Problem

America has a massive issue with gun crime and the figures are unbearable but it's kind of created a nuclear taboo where guns are so prevalent and gun crime is so common that people don't want to tighten up gun control because you can't magically remove guns overnight from everyone in America at the same time. There will be a lot of hold outs and you don't want to be without a gun when one is used on you. The National Rifle Association also has an inordinate amount of power, far more than even corruption should give them. Something has to be done but America can't just snap its fingers and get rid of guns. It can't even be a grass roots local level movement because guns will be smuggled in and now only the criminals have guns and that will end badly. You can just see it on the news can't you?

Anchor: "And today a small town in Iowa that instituted a gun free policy was massacred by a lone wolf with a gun ranting about liberal scum. It's a pity, if only someone had had a gun lives could have been saved..."

Part 2 - The Pragmatic Solution

The 5th Amendment refers to the right to form a citizen's militia. So lets give America a citizen's militia. The People's Militia of America would be an independent locally run democratic organisation. People who wish to sign up would have all their details taken, be made to undergo a psych evaluation and in return they would be given training on how to fire every gun they could feasibly own and after passing the training they would get a discount on guns bought from the organisation, a uniform they have the option to wear and a badge certifying that they have the right to act on behalf of the organisation.

The People's Militia of America could have any political affiliations they wish and would be allowed by law to make citizen's arrests of suspected gun crime perpetrators. Thus meaning that they could reliably fill the role that police should, namely deescalating dangerous gun crime situations.

Importantly the People's Militia of America would be implemented without any attempt to push through gun control being made. This has to have the full support of the far right and the NRA to work.

Part 3 - Why The Pragmatic Solution Works

Firstly and most importantly I believe the far right and the NRA would love the idea and thus it could be enacted.

Secondly this is in principle the logic behind the NRAs "The answer to gun crime is more guns" except in this case you aren't just giving everyone guns. You are encouraging people who are trained to use guns correctly to use guns they are familiar with. Now when there is a gun crime problem a member of the People's Militia Of America has both the experience and training to know when to shoot and when not to and also the authority to act before anyone is shot in a way that prevents anyone being shot.

Thirdly every member of the People's Militia Of America has all their details on a database and has to carry a badge to act in the name of the People's Militia Of America. This means that people who are planning or go onto murder others and become members of the People's Militia Of America can be easily caught and monitored. The need for a psych evaluation also means that they can weed out the mentally unstable and give the police a heads up that a mentally unstable person wants a gun.

Finally the People's Militia Of America gives local people a democratic organisation to turn to when problems arise and this can stop people becoming vigilantes

Part 4 - The Aftermath Of Enacting The Solution

This needs to be thought about and discussed because this is is the crux of the situation so here is my perspective:

A. We will see gun crime tackled effectively before or as it happens because members of the People's Militia Of America can be everywhere people are as they are people and not state controlled soldiers.

B. We will see the force of the market finally affecting the police as people now have a choice about which armed force capable of making arrests they take their problems to. This will be very interesting. I imagine the black community will embrace the People's Militia Of America because you can always vote in a less racist and more effective head of the local militia, can't do that with the police force. We may also see the People's Militia Of America better able to fight the war on drugs because they can protect witnesses to drug wars without being more of a reason to kill the witness.

C. In an undemocratic corrupt oligarchy run country you now have a country wide organisation that is run democratically at the local level, made up of and run by local people, and they have guns and the authority and training to use them. And to think David Cameron's freaking out about trade unions? This will drastically upset the apple cart, this will be like the Marian Reforms in Rome or the similar army reforms in revolutionary France only instead of having dictatorial generals with loyal soldiers you have democratically accountable authority figures with the ability to make use of coercive force. Suddenly money is not worth so much. It could back fire like those examples and lead to a new Caesar or Napoleon but I personally believe it's worth the risk because the situation in America is very dire.

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