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Friday, 31 July 2015

A message to the Blairites

A Message To The Blairites


Alexander Gordon Jahans

Before I begin I want to make something very clear:
What is happening with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Leadership contest is amazing. This man has rejuvenated a nation of dispossessed voters and given them hope again. He is a sign that this doesn't have to end in bloodshed and history is not a jackboot smashing down on a human face forever. He is optimism, awesomeness, morality, love and wisdom in one and I genuinely think this is bloody fantastic. Jeremy Corbyn is a great man and a good one too.

But what do we mean by him being a great man? Well the messianic elements have been touted as the story of Jesus is monomythic and very much part of our popular culture but for me he resembles nothing so much as Julius Caesar. The man who defied the corrupt political senate and appealed to the public to get into power but isn't just a narrative fit because really there isn't much similarity in terms of story. Why Jeremy Corbyn makes me think of Julius Caesar is something far more nerdy: Our approach to studying history.

In the past you had the great man theory of history which arose pretty much from the memorization of names and dates. When you see these names crop up again and again it's easy to think that it is something about the people that makes them special: Julius Caesar was amazingly charismatic and lucky and a great general so that's why the Republic fell.

There is however another approach, first posited by Karl Marx I believe, that says that actually history is shaped by these great impersonal forces and the great men take advantage of these forces. In this interpretation of history it doesn't matter if you kill Julius Caesar because the people will demand a new populist emperor and oh yeah that's exactly what happened. If you killed Adolf Hitler as a Baby this theory says that the third reich and the second world war still happens only the details will be different.

What is interesting is that in this moment of history we can see the great impersonal forces of history inaction because everyone has a twitter or a facebook or a youtube. We can see that the people have been demanding revolution, have been demanding an end to austerity and restoration of the welfare state. Heck you can possibly argue that the reason it's taken two elections to get to this point of galvanized support is that the Lib Dems had a whiff of power and fucked it up because they did not trust the people to vote for a lefty majority and decided to be a restraining bolt on the right wing instead.

A nominally leftwing party that did not trust the electorate to vote for a leftwing majority and so decided to act as a restraining bolt on the right wing instead? Huh? That reminds me of someone. Oh yeah Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall and then their shadowy overlords, the Blairite higher ups, threatening to stop the election of Jeremy Corbyn, I mean the leader of the Labour Party and even perform a coup to get rid of him.

Which reminds me of why I'm writing this, my message:
If you perform a coup you will set a very dangerous precedent possibly for generations to come because if you think you can go against the democratic will of the people to ensure a right winger remains Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the people will respond in kind and there are more of us than there are of you.

To any spooks watching and wondering if I am a terrorist I ask you what happens if you arrest me or torture me or kill me or whatever the hell it is you are supposed to do? Do you think that the words I have said will cease to be true? Do you think the danger of bloody insurrection will vanish because the guy warning of it vanishes? I don't really care what happens to me but I sure as hell care what happens to the country if anyone is stupid enough to defy the will of the people at this critical time.

Incidentally I don't seriously think anybody is looking at my blog in government but my family is quite keen to impress upon me the fire I am playing with by having the balls to be honest so this is my concession to pragmatism. A hearty fuck you. I will not give up writing about what I care about on the off chance that the government take issue with it. 

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