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Thursday, 21 May 2015

People aren't working and that's okay

People aren't working and that's okay


Alexander Gordon Jahans

Before we begin I want you to answer a question for me, what do you consider the technology of the future?



Flying cars?

Virtual Reality?


How about telepathy?

Invisibility cloaks?

Lab Grown Organs?


Or how about tractor beams?


Great orbital weapons of mass destruction?


L33t hackers who can do shit we'd regard as techno magic?

Yeah we either can do all those things already or we're working on it.

For more than two thousand years humans have lived basically the same way. On the economy of scarce resources with an upper class who profited, a middle class who sort of broke even and didn't have it too bad and a lower class who were lucky if they got paid a pittance to work the land.

Then in the last 500 years the industrial revolution happened and in the last 100 years the industry and science escalated at an amazing pace until we could do or try to do all of the above. Which leaves us with a problem, we are a species that cannot comprehend not needing to work. From a purely dictionary sense not working means damaged. When the words we use state that to not work is to not be well we have a clear illustration of the hypocrisy in society. The Economy needs to use more and more robots as they are cheaper and at the same time there are more and more people alive to need jobs to function in society. 

What do you do then? If you are a person that is alive today and you need to find a job in a society where robot workers are just better, what do you do? Well many, including myself, find the pressure to find work too much to bare and contemplate, attempt or commit suicide.

We are so desperate for jobs and for the economy to let us function again that we vote in political parties who promote themselves as being for the economy but what that really means is more and more people who are out of work and less resources to support them. 

I will be honest I am not sure if I will make it through 5 more years of Cameron's ridiculously nonsensical and amoral government (Which makes his increasing power to crush opposition seem laughably pathetic. If I might kill myself then I have nothing to fear from Big Brother.), one thing I do know though is that millions won't. People have died under the Tory cuts and they will only continue to commit suicide as joblessness is demonised. What is more is that this is not a protest or a cult or terrorism. There is no structure to this. There are just millions of people deciding that death is preferable to life and we need to fix that.

Smarter people than I have written articles with actual statistics and evidence on this subject but I had to do my part to spread the message. People are more important than the economy. End the stigma against unemployment now. End the suicides.

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