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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to make money from youtube or blogspot

How to make money from Youtube or Blogspot


Alexander Gordon Jahans

Hi, I'm an idiot who has made precisely 2 dollars in the last month from youtube and that's before my Multi Channel Network takes its cut so I can actually receive those 2 dollars and not have to wait until I make £60 before money will be paid into my account.

I am not a youtube professional or guru of any sort. I am simply a university graduate who has spent the past year unemployed save for money I make from youtube.

Before I begin let me make clear that in my experience claiming Job Seeker's Allowance in Britain and doing more than 11 hours of youtube video production, blog writing or volunteering is impossible. I am fortunate enough to choose growing my youtube channel over claiming JSA, you may not be. Equally it should go without saying that this will very likely not make you enough money to live on, you will be lucky if you make a dollar. The reason I am writing this article is that I know that with enough perseverance, luck and skill you can actually make a dollar for very little.

So lets start with the cheapest way to make money, this requires having a bank account, the ability to read and write and access to a computer but nothing more. If you are in Britain you can do all of the following at a local library for free if you are careful with hour data.

Step 1. Create a blog. 

In theory you can use any number of free blogging tools that allow html to be embedded. Don't worry you don't need to be an elite programmer, just know how to copy and paste blocks of text, though taking advantage of the library books wouldn't be a bad thing.

I use I find it simple and easy to use and get about 30 views per written blog entry.

Blogs can be on almost anything. The key is to upload on a somewhat regular basis.

Step 2. Monetise it.

Monetising your blog means putting ads on your blog that you will get a cut from when someone clicks on them. To do this I recommend joining Google Adsense ( )

There are very particular rules about using Google Adsense that you should be aware of. Asking for people to click on ads is basically considered fraud for example.

Don't be downhearted if you aren't able to monetise your blog to begin with. For a long time my videos were basically considered too boring to be worth monetising but the moment google said yes it was worth it.

Step 3. Advertise your blog.


Sorry for shouting but this is important. I consider my youtube and blog a success because it is a hobby I have not invested in. You do not need nor want to pay for advertising.

Search engines find things by looking in the metadata or tags. Metadata is writing about information contained in something that is online and tags are the metadata that content creators typically obsess over for the simple reason that tags are how most people find your content.

People wonder why everything is so derivative nowadays being reboots or sequels or knockoffs but the answer lies in the humble metadata tag. People are not going to search for the Farsh-nuke, the god of chaos in my super original Intellectual Property, they will however search for Doctor Who or Spiderman or Orcs. Tags therefore are your way of getting your content noticed. The problem is that to prevent every blog or video being tagged with every word in the Oxford English Dictionary tags have to be relevant and therefore your content needs a reason to justifiably tag someone else's IP or whatever big thing everyone is talking about. This is where are so many reviews, news articles and letsplays. Being derivative of a bigger work in a transformative fashion is the way for nobodies to make money.

Of course making a blog and video about being unemployed and looking for work is the most cynical way to make money from other people's misfortune which is why I only did this because one of my best friends asked me to,


Okay so you have a blog and maybe you're monetised but you're disappointed that you can't get at the money google says you've earned or maybe you just have a camera and want to double your ways to make money. In that case lets look at making money from youtube.

Before we begin let me make clear that while I love youtube and its excellent community of content creators the comments section is filled with spammers and trolls, Sadists from 4chan and Britpol whose only thought is to destroy you for kicks and giggles. If you ever wondered how the Joker could possibly function look in the youtube comment section. These are men who just want to watch the world burn and they will be valuable allies if you can withstand the relentless bombardment of grotesque politically incorrect insults, death and rape threats.

Step 1. Create a youtube account or more likely upgrade youtube watchers account into a youtube creators account.

Step 2. Get a webcam.
You want a plug and play webcam with a minimum 480p recording. I use a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 and thoroughly recommends it as it doubles as a great microphone for recording letsplays ( ) at the very least it can serve as a benchmark of quality.

Something I feel I should point out though is that I have not made back the money this webcam cost so please don't consider a webcam an investment. It is useful if given freely or if bought when money is plentiful but it is never worth more than the money that is spent on it.

Step 3. Start recording.
Youtube is brilliant for content creators because shorter videos are watched more but longer videos that are watched improve the rankings of your channel so make what you want to make and upload it.

Step 4. Understand youtube.
There is a strange quirk at the heart of youtube. Trolls are kingmakers. The people who flood your channel with death threats and dislikes boost your channels rating and so how it is presented to people who might stumble upon your video. The trolls call the people they elevate lolcows, the analogy being that us stupid content creators are cows who keep coming back to be milked for laughter. Except as content creators we have the real power.

As content creators we can block, we can censor, we can disable comments. We have the power in the relationship and the sadistic troll swarms are all about passive consumers exerting power over content creators. The transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism and antisemitism is all about unsettling the content creator and granting the commenter control over the situation. They want you on your back foot, reacting instinctively on emotion so they can make a fool of you and prove themselves superior. The instinct is to fight back, to hurt them, to make them suffer. Fight this urge.

The swarm of sadistic trolls is akin to a feeding frenzy or a stampede it comes out of nowhere fucks everything up and disperses just as quickly but each time they stay longer and longer, determined to break you. You can't predict them, you can't stop them, what you can do though is exploit them when they hit. Every comment and dislike is after all a sign that people are engaging with your channel. So if you can, go down into the comments and joust with the trolls, try to get the better of them. You will fail and they will get under your skin but every failure means more comments, more dislikes, more subscribers and more experience handling trolls. The key thing is perseverance and a sense of normality. They want to break you after all so nothing will get them more riled like continuing to make videos even as you joust with them in the comments, this means that instead of one video getting a thousand views you can get 3 with 300 views, consistency is better than a single viral hit.

I loathe trolls, I hate them and I would love them to stop which is I think partly why they persist but that just means a bigger harvest when the swarm arrives and the harvest is what matters, Nobody likes trolls and nobody likes troll bait but the troll swarms will hit your channel sooner or later and when that happens you can batten down the hatches and try to ride it out or you can surf on the hatred and enjoy the harvest.

That is about all the advice I can give you at the moment but do your research by for instance looking at these videos by the Game Theorist:

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