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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What I'm Thankful for 2014

Hi, this an american tradition and one founded in unpleasantness but that's not important because the spirit of giving thanks is something I think we could do with doing more. And if we imported Halloween why not a time of reflection and merriment too?

This year has not been pleasant for me and there were certainly some things I didn't expect but I am thankful for how the year has gone. I am thankful that my youtube has grown exponentially bigger than it used to be. I am thankful Nine Worlds Geek Fest was so awesome and I met many amazing people. I am thankful that my, rushed at the last minute, dissertation on sharkploitation films passed. I am thankful that the new kitten Ronnikin has helped my old cat Patch and bought joy to all my family. I am thankful that the time of lying and manipulation within my family is over. I am thankful that despite my fears and some close calls my family have stood by me and supported me. I am thankful that my NaNoWriMo experiment went over so well, I am thankful that Doctor Who has shown it can be progressive. I am thankful that TV shows are getting a lot better, even if I can currently just get The Flash. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given that I cannot yet tell you about.

Most of all I am thankful for you reading this now, my friends and family and blog readers or youtube watchers. You have stood by me this year no matter how stupid or dickish I may have been. It has been my dream to get paid for my writing for so long and though this is just the beginning, within the first two or three months of having my blog monetised I have made one penny each month from the views upon my blog. My reviews and my NaNoWriMo parts or short stories. You have been reading them and it does count. It lifts my spirit to see that you care about what I write and in the coming year I hope to cater to you more.

Thank you all of you.

Alex Jahans 2014

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