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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Culture Comforts

Comfort for me, real run away and hide from the world comfort, used to be Christmass incarnate. warmth and sweetness with family around and the cats curling up beside me. That's why Christmass has always been so important for me, even as a 22 year old, it's that magical place of comfort where everything is alright and the screaming stops.

As I listen through the Culture novels though I find that more comforting than any myth of christmass is a world where the broken and the dying and going slightly mad can just go to be and recover. I've listened to Consider Phlebas so I know the Culture isn't perfect but that only makes me love the idea of it more. Perfect is a lie that will never be. The Culture is a dream of something that so easily could be and indeed it is the culture of The Culture that I find so comforting. There are no judgments, no stereotypes, people can just do what they want and need to get by. A world where age and gender and pleasure are all highly under personal control. If you're a particle physicist and don't find your job fulfilling you can choose to wait tables or build ships or become a nudist artist. Whatever you want, you can do and this doesn't mean that your life has no purpose, it has as much purpose as you want and if you want to give your life under Special Circumstances they'll consider you.

I really want to find a community of Culture fans who love to write fanfic set in the world of The Culture so we can collaborate on novels or play roleplaying games set in the world. This honestly seems like the scifi equivalent of middle earth, it's a world that deserves to be a playground for generations to come. I know that fans and critics sometimes worry about tarnishing the original work with bad sequels or bad franchise tie ins but all that fear does is deny the potential for further greatness. If we have to move into the bold bright future of space travel, robots and immortality in a post capitalist society, let's do it like The Culture. I don't want a terminator, the enterprise fails in comparison and Firefly is set in a deliberately crap sack galaxy. Here's to the culture.

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