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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Why I prefer Fourth Edition D&D to 3.5/Pathfinder

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons was my edition, the one started playing. I started out being coaxed through character creation with the 4e red box, then acted as game master coaxing my dad through the red box before finally joining 4e campaign through as a wizard and ultimately escaping the 4e tomb of horrors as the only lawful good in a party of evil pcs. I have played a couple of fourth edition one shots and even a thieves world one shot and Doctor Who RPG one shot.

I am older now, wiser. I writ my dissertation, graduated and got a job. I am not the enthusiastic noob I once was. So I joined a local Pathfinder session as a fighter for a change. I would not be the healer giving buffs and managing the party, I would be the tank taking damage for the glass cannons. LOL NOPE!!!

The fighter is the most boring character to play. In fourth edition the fighter has the same range of abilities and awesome powers as everybody else and the fighter has his own unique position in the party. In Pathfinder, unless you get 20 levels worth of feats, all the fighter does is locate the nearest thing and hit it in the face. A computer could easily play my role. The best things I have done as a fighter are things unrelated to fighting. Talking npcs into not attacking or identifying ice demons and being the bow guy. If things were better then I could play more aggressively, intercept attacks on my party and attack people who attacks anyone but me. You know be the tank sitting in harm's way, soaking up damage.

Now I can see the argument that roleplaying could make things better. Like how in Order of the Stick the Fighter is the leader because he has more combat experience and a cool story of his own. The issue there is that there are five other player characters in the campaign I play in, three of which are really into roleplaying and quite dominant about getting their views heard. It would slow the game down too much to say "Excuse me can you let me roleplay my character as awesome because he actually isn't" so I hit it in the face and if I'm being very awesome take no damage, thus denying even the tension and thrill of "Ooh might I die?"

The one thing I will say that Pathfinder has over fourth edition is compatibility with PC Gen.
Come on Wizards of the Coast, fifth Edition is out now, let PC Gen be compatible with fourth edition or at the very least make your fancy shmancy online character creation service an expensive downloadable program for keeps.

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