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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Time Heist review

Don't Think. Think and You're Dead

This was rubbish. This was reheated vomit. The characters were 2 dimensional.Dialogue was the most blatantly expositional. The twists were obvious and retreading old ground. The plot hinges on cliched nonsense. And I loved it.

Objectively shit. Subjectively I loved it.

Why didn't I just say that I loved it? Well firstly because I couldn't resist that tagline and secondly because certain reviewers and opinionated people seem to think that just because you enjoy something you are unaware of the faults and have failed to take them into account.

This is an absurdly poor quality episode but I really do not care because it was fun. Also as much as I expect the moffat haters to have placards saying "Don't think. Think and you're dead" that is genuinely quite a terrifying concept. Also bizarrely sound advice both for enjoying the episode and for not being scared by Listen. Don't think about the Fridge Horror. Think and you'll lose your mind.

Also I love how in this one episode Moffat has seemingly almost wrapped up Day of the Doctor and who Missy is. The Doctor is the architect. The eyebrows are why he's in charge and he gave the woman in the shop the tardis phone number while the exit strategy explains people going to the promised land. It so almost fits but I'm sure Moffat has more of a character driven story in store.

I love Clara, Capaldi is maybe my third or second (if you count 7 and 11 as joint first) favourite Doctor now, there's definite Sherlock bleedthrough and I love to juxtapose this with the bank heist episodes of Farscape. John Crichton is always failing. The Doctor is always in charge. And now I want bad fanfic. Damn. 

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