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Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Caretaker Review

This episode is like a meatfeast pizza, it's got lots of cheese, a sprinkling of meat and more ham than one might like.

Actually I'm not going for a metaphor or word play, I literally mean that the episode is like eating a meatfeast pizza. I mean I've eaten a lot of pizzas through out my 22 years on this earth and I generally eat the same kind. Pizzas are one of those food stuffs that is brilliant on a regular basis (dietary impact aside) but too important to risk not liking because of experimentation. So you eat the same thing time after time, relishing in the subtle nuances between tomato sauces, cheeses, meats and pizza bases, feeling immensely happy to have the same flavours and textures that you enjoy while dimly feeling in your soul that you are wasting your life by eating the exact same pizza time after time.

Here are some things I noticed about the episode:
1. The Doctor thinking Clara has left him for a younger human stand in for the Doctor has shades of The Green Death.
2. A recurring character who is a soldier and maths teacher in an episode set at a school when really Ian Chesterton should have been the guest companion reminds me of Mawdryn Undead
3. A plot point in a previous episode that was built up by fans is actually revealed as not important. That reminds me of the tardis exploding and the reason why it did.
4. The Doctor going undercover to save the world and cocking it up is now the generic Gareth Roberts story.
5. It's parents evening and the main character being dick saves the day from an advanced military robot reminds me of an episode from the cartoon series of Dennis the Menace.

All those things are things I love for being like awesome but resent for being the same shit over again.

By the way my favourite part of the episode (Clara aside) was the Doctor's anecdote about sulking from River by staying with Otters (a sherlock reference perhaps?). I love the extra dimension the Doctor has now. He's a widow and his past life as a married man crops up occasionally.

I laughed at the episode and I squeed at the awesomeness. I'm totally onboard with the new tardis team now. I just really hope they get some decent writers soon. Mediocre to good is not good enough for Who.

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