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Friday, 19 September 2014

Getting Excited for the Vanilla Minecraft Single Player Series

Last night I finished grinding for iron off camera on the let's play map Solar Survival. To the point where even falling into the void a few times I think I have enough to finish the map and in the process I developed a quick and efficient method to build scaffolding over void so I can swiftly do the off camera grind between each episode. Planets are going to go down fast when I resume recording on the series.

I've also been watching more of BDouble0, Zisteau, Etho, Vechs and Docm77. I've even started watching Etho's let's play series from episode 1 season 1. Plus I'm going through my past episodes of Let's Play Solar Survival to pick out the brilliant moments for use in intros and cutting the rest. So I'm getting antsy. I want to build and not in the utilitarian fashion Solar Survival demands. I want to build Volcano Vestibules and Underwater Uoblietes and Cloud Castles and Tree Houses. I want to not be constrained in my visions.

I've already told you my plans for connecting the adventure and ctm maps to my single player series, well now I'm thinking about the logistics. I mean I can farm iron and gold and everything else but diamond, that needs to be mined and that means terrain destruction. Not cool. So here's my plan, in the nether I will create an impressive cinematic path towards a far away portal that will take me to a mountain. I will dig into the side of it and start a mine. At the very least I will pretty up the mountain to make it look like a great dwarven city if not pretty up the mines themselves once I've finished mining them.

Then there comes the issue of the teleporters. I mean after I've built the dirt hut at spawn I'll probably build the intermediate "getting stuff together" house where I'll install my first teleporter so I can get the loot from Solar Survival and participate in other maps and multiplayer things while I build the big "frell off" main house which will naturally have its own teleporter. We've already established teleporters' abilities to send and receive loot between different maps so why not within the same map. I mean I'm going to have two teleporters anyway so I should be able to right? Then what about the far away mines? Will the teleporter work there? Can I instantly transport the loot?

I think the answers have to be yes so here's an idea to make that seem less cheaty and more fun. Every time you teleport within a map you roll a d20. A critical 20 means items are copied to their new destination, not moved. 10 or less and you roll a d6, your results determine where it lands:
A 1 on the d6 is the same as a critical fail on the d20
A 2 on the d6 means the transit materialises in the air within 5 chucks of the intended destination.
A 3 on the d6 means the transit materialises under water close to the intended destination
A 4 on the d6 means the transit materialises above a farm near the intended destination
A 5 on the d6 means the transit materialises on the road to the intended destination.
A 6 on the d6 is the same as an 11 on the d20

A critical fail on the d20 means the transit materialises within a floating dungeon that appears above spawn. Roll another d20 and a critical 20 means the dungeon includes a ghast spawner and you can pick where the dungeon spawns.

So there we go, should have fun times with this.

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