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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Why I prefer Fourth Edition D&D to 3.5/Pathfinder

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons was my edition, the one started playing. I started out being coaxed through character creation with the 4e red box, then acted as game master coaxing my dad through the red box before finally joining 4e campaign through as a wizard and ultimately escaping the 4e tomb of horrors as the only lawful good in a party of evil pcs. I have played a couple of fourth edition one shots and even a thieves world one shot and Doctor Who RPG one shot.

I am older now, wiser. I writ my dissertation, graduated and got a job. I am not the enthusiastic noob I once was. So I joined a local Pathfinder session as a fighter for a change. I would not be the healer giving buffs and managing the party, I would be the tank taking damage for the glass cannons. LOL NOPE!!!

The fighter is the most boring character to play. In fourth edition the fighter has the same range of abilities and awesome powers as everybody else and the fighter has his own unique position in the party. In Pathfinder, unless you get 20 levels worth of feats, all the fighter does is locate the nearest thing and hit it in the face. A computer could easily play my role. The best things I have done as a fighter are things unrelated to fighting. Talking npcs into not attacking or identifying ice demons and being the bow guy. If things were better then I could play more aggressively, intercept attacks on my party and attack people who attacks anyone but me. You know be the tank sitting in harm's way, soaking up damage.

Now I can see the argument that roleplaying could make things better. Like how in Order of the Stick the Fighter is the leader because he has more combat experience and a cool story of his own. The issue there is that there are five other player characters in the campaign I play in, three of which are really into roleplaying and quite dominant about getting their views heard. It would slow the game down too much to say "Excuse me can you let me roleplay my character as awesome because he actually isn't" so I hit it in the face and if I'm being very awesome take no damage, thus denying even the tension and thrill of "Ooh might I die?"

The one thing I will say that Pathfinder has over fourth edition is compatibility with PC Gen.
Come on Wizards of the Coast, fifth Edition is out now, let PC Gen be compatible with fourth edition or at the very least make your fancy shmancy online character creation service an expensive downloadable program for keeps.

Episode 12 Taking down the Sun

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Caretaker Review

This episode is like a meatfeast pizza, it's got lots of cheese, a sprinkling of meat and more ham than one might like.

Actually I'm not going for a metaphor or word play, I literally mean that the episode is like eating a meatfeast pizza. I mean I've eaten a lot of pizzas through out my 22 years on this earth and I generally eat the same kind. Pizzas are one of those food stuffs that is brilliant on a regular basis (dietary impact aside) but too important to risk not liking because of experimentation. So you eat the same thing time after time, relishing in the subtle nuances between tomato sauces, cheeses, meats and pizza bases, feeling immensely happy to have the same flavours and textures that you enjoy while dimly feeling in your soul that you are wasting your life by eating the exact same pizza time after time.

Here are some things I noticed about the episode:
1. The Doctor thinking Clara has left him for a younger human stand in for the Doctor has shades of The Green Death.
2. A recurring character who is a soldier and maths teacher in an episode set at a school when really Ian Chesterton should have been the guest companion reminds me of Mawdryn Undead
3. A plot point in a previous episode that was built up by fans is actually revealed as not important. That reminds me of the tardis exploding and the reason why it did.
4. The Doctor going undercover to save the world and cocking it up is now the generic Gareth Roberts story.
5. It's parents evening and the main character being dick saves the day from an advanced military robot reminds me of an episode from the cartoon series of Dennis the Menace.

All those things are things I love for being like awesome but resent for being the same shit over again.

By the way my favourite part of the episode (Clara aside) was the Doctor's anecdote about sulking from River by staying with Otters (a sherlock reference perhaps?). I love the extra dimension the Doctor has now. He's a widow and his past life as a married man crops up occasionally.

I laughed at the episode and I squeed at the awesomeness. I'm totally onboard with the new tardis team now. I just really hope they get some decent writers soon. Mediocre to good is not good enough for Who.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Doctor Who The Slump of the Haggard

I used to care so much about Who. I used to be so passionate. I used to be so goddamn passionate but something happened, something happened to kick the joy out of who for me.

Before we begin, I have a few caveats:
1. Series 8 is better than series 7.
2. Doctor Who at its worse is always better than 90% of the rest of TV
3. Even if it was the shittest of the shit I would admire it and its fandom forits history and the fact that it came off life support to have a brilliant last stand.
4. I will never forget my love for the Doctors and series that are fantastic and even when I'm old and grey I'll still make up fanfics in my head.
5. This is my opinion and mine alone. By holding my opinion I do not magically bind reality to my will and I do not invalidate yours, even if i disagree with you.

Capaldi is awesome, a fantastic actor and I really quite like his Doctor, even if (or indeed because) he is the eleventh Doctor with added snarkyness and black comedy. Clara is also amazing and delightful and I am completely in love with her. What I say next should not impact upon those characters or actors. I think I looked past the flaws in series 6 and seven because I felt I owed the Ponds and Moffat. As a critic I didn't hold back but as a fan who loved the characters and the writer, I defended and lashed out where really I shouldn't have.

Mr Tardis is right. Cracked is right. Sodding Tumblr is right. It's time for Moffat to go. I love his style of timey wimey storytelling but it's clear he is no longer the man to write such stories. It's not that the timey wimey is inherently boring and repetitive. It's that the way he writes it it's so fricking paint by numbers that fans on message boards can mass guess the answers to his stories.

Look I'm not hard to please, show me the action porn, give me the pseudoscientific exposition, linger on diagrams and explanations and temporal paradoxes and quantum anomalies. Bullshit as you go, just be consistent and don't let the stories revolve around speculations of character.

I don't care that Danny Pink is Journey Blue's Brother, I care that Clara is only travelling with the Doctor because the Doctor met Clara and the Great Intelligence before he kickstarted their origin stories and that those origin stories only came about because the Doctor died on Trenzalore, leaving a scar in time and space for Clara and the Great Intelligence to fall through, creating an ontological paradox. An ontological paradox that was then undone on Trenzalore when the Doctor didn't die BECAUSE of Clara, the Impossible Girl. The woman whose very act of salvation for the Doctor should have snapped the time continuum in two as Clara was both there to speak the answer and not there.

Oh who's Missy? Who's Missy? Bollocks to who Missy is. She's a chess piece on a game being played between the Doctor, Moffat and us. She matters just as long as she needs to. I have zero interest in the arch and ongoing story because it isn't cool and complex and a struggle to fit in my head. It's a romp. Even the dark episodes that are about defeating the monster of the week and solving that week's problem. See if Capaldi started quoting Nietzche and outright murdering fuckers and meddling with time, then I'd care. Then I'd pay attention to the characters at the moment all the story is giving me is shit I already know.

Doctor Who isn't competing against Breaking Bad or True Detective in my life. It's competing against Zisteau, Vechs, Etho and Minecraft and it is losing. I used to snap at my family for entering the room when I watched Who, now I regularly miss it and have to catch it on iplayer when facebook lights up and I'm reminded of the need to watch before I'm spoilered. Yes it's funny and entertaining but that isn't good enough. The Let's Plays I watch are funny and entertaining. Meatspace is funny and entertaining. Minecraft is funny and entertaining with the right auditory accompanyment. If Doctor Who is to become essential viewing again it needs to quit being a sit com and start being a serious drama with sodding consequences, something I'm really not sure can be done under Moffat.

And still I get hate mail, still my friends are variously either loathing Doctor Who or loving it while I feel Meh! about it. It's not bad but it's not better than a let'splay of minecraft either and that isn't good enough because if I wasn't firmly entrenched in the fandom with reviews being posted from all sides, I'm not sure I'd care, I might forget to watch it and just quit caring about Who all together.

Day of the Doctor was the last time I truly cared about Doctor Who and I remember then thinking "This could be the end of Who" and for me perhaps it was but not a death of the show itself but my love and passion for it. Give me my bad fanfic and let me experience an adult Doctor Who with consistent technology and world building and consequences for characters. Or maybe that's Farscape and I just saw what I wanted to see in Who but now my eyes have been opened and I cannot unsee how bland, thoughtless and shallow Who is.

Episode 11 Animals

Introduction to revamped minecraft letsplays

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Time Heist review

Don't Think. Think and You're Dead

This was rubbish. This was reheated vomit. The characters were 2 dimensional.Dialogue was the most blatantly expositional. The twists were obvious and retreading old ground. The plot hinges on cliched nonsense. And I loved it.

Objectively shit. Subjectively I loved it.

Why didn't I just say that I loved it? Well firstly because I couldn't resist that tagline and secondly because certain reviewers and opinionated people seem to think that just because you enjoy something you are unaware of the faults and have failed to take them into account.

This is an absurdly poor quality episode but I really do not care because it was fun. Also as much as I expect the moffat haters to have placards saying "Don't think. Think and you're dead" that is genuinely quite a terrifying concept. Also bizarrely sound advice both for enjoying the episode and for not being scared by Listen. Don't think about the Fridge Horror. Think and you'll lose your mind.

Also I love how in this one episode Moffat has seemingly almost wrapped up Day of the Doctor and who Missy is. The Doctor is the architect. The eyebrows are why he's in charge and he gave the woman in the shop the tardis phone number while the exit strategy explains people going to the promised land. It so almost fits but I'm sure Moffat has more of a character driven story in store.

I love Clara, Capaldi is maybe my third or second (if you count 7 and 11 as joint first) favourite Doctor now, there's definite Sherlock bleedthrough and I love to juxtapose this with the bank heist episodes of Farscape. John Crichton is always failing. The Doctor is always in charge. And now I want bad fanfic. Damn. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Solar Survival Music Video

Getting Excited for the Vanilla Minecraft Single Player Series

Last night I finished grinding for iron off camera on the let's play map Solar Survival. To the point where even falling into the void a few times I think I have enough to finish the map and in the process I developed a quick and efficient method to build scaffolding over void so I can swiftly do the off camera grind between each episode. Planets are going to go down fast when I resume recording on the series.

I've also been watching more of BDouble0, Zisteau, Etho, Vechs and Docm77. I've even started watching Etho's let's play series from episode 1 season 1. Plus I'm going through my past episodes of Let's Play Solar Survival to pick out the brilliant moments for use in intros and cutting the rest. So I'm getting antsy. I want to build and not in the utilitarian fashion Solar Survival demands. I want to build Volcano Vestibules and Underwater Uoblietes and Cloud Castles and Tree Houses. I want to not be constrained in my visions.

I've already told you my plans for connecting the adventure and ctm maps to my single player series, well now I'm thinking about the logistics. I mean I can farm iron and gold and everything else but diamond, that needs to be mined and that means terrain destruction. Not cool. So here's my plan, in the nether I will create an impressive cinematic path towards a far away portal that will take me to a mountain. I will dig into the side of it and start a mine. At the very least I will pretty up the mountain to make it look like a great dwarven city if not pretty up the mines themselves once I've finished mining them.

Then there comes the issue of the teleporters. I mean after I've built the dirt hut at spawn I'll probably build the intermediate "getting stuff together" house where I'll install my first teleporter so I can get the loot from Solar Survival and participate in other maps and multiplayer things while I build the big "frell off" main house which will naturally have its own teleporter. We've already established teleporters' abilities to send and receive loot between different maps so why not within the same map. I mean I'm going to have two teleporters anyway so I should be able to right? Then what about the far away mines? Will the teleporter work there? Can I instantly transport the loot?

I think the answers have to be yes so here's an idea to make that seem less cheaty and more fun. Every time you teleport within a map you roll a d20. A critical 20 means items are copied to their new destination, not moved. 10 or less and you roll a d6, your results determine where it lands:
A 1 on the d6 is the same as a critical fail on the d20
A 2 on the d6 means the transit materialises in the air within 5 chucks of the intended destination.
A 3 on the d6 means the transit materialises under water close to the intended destination
A 4 on the d6 means the transit materialises above a farm near the intended destination
A 5 on the d6 means the transit materialises on the road to the intended destination.
A 6 on the d6 is the same as an 11 on the d20

A critical fail on the d20 means the transit materialises within a floating dungeon that appears above spawn. Roll another d20 and a critical 20 means the dungeon includes a ghast spawner and you can pick where the dungeon spawns.

So there we go, should have fun times with this.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

What do you think it takes to be a writer? My evolving perspective.

Hi, Alex writing on the 18th September 2014 here, I was just rummaging through my hard drives, earching for college and university essays to have ready as filler content for this blog when a piece of writing I did in my first year of university struck a chord with me and gave me the idea for a blog post. I'll let past me speak first then I'll point out how my opinions have changed and evolved and how that might reflect on what being a reviewer and getting a job does to you.

Live Editing, NaNoWriMo and Charity stuff

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vlog 13th September 2014

Listen Review

Listen Review: Bottling Fear

I awoke to the world afraid and alone, locked in a fantasy world, fascinated and amused as my very consciousness and understanding of who I was kicked into gear. My first ever memory was Jaws and I do not fear the hand beneath the bed, I fear the shark attracted by my over reaching limbs. Alex Kintner the boy on the lilo and the third shark victim, Alex Jahans the boy on the bed, dying by shark attack each night. 

Listen! does that rare thing, it bottles fear. Doctor Who can easily say monsters are real to scare kids but once the monster is real the Doctor can and will stop it. This is why Midnight and Blink work, both episodes remove the Doctor of his power, make the villains ambiguous and avoid clarification of what the threat is but each has nice big Climax.

Listen! is better because we get a fantastic resolution that ties up the plot and lets the viewer feel reassured in the dark while actually avoiding clarifying or solving its main plot. What we get instead is a series of separate plausible handwaves and one great big overwhelming air of nope. I get why Mr Tardis hates it. I understand. I disagree but I understand. That's Moffat's great trick though. In real life it is the wind, the pipes or a thousand reasonable explanations when all the while your subconscious is screaming "Nope! Run! You're dead!"

If Moffat had collapsed that dichotomy by saying "They are all this monster that the Doctor will now easily massacre" it wouldn't be scary and it wouldn't last. And that means I was actually scared of someone wearing a sheet for a bloody good reason because that was probably the most we will ever actually see of the Listen beast.

Now the ending, the resolution. Steven Moffat just did more to explain the Doctor's origins than Lungbarrow. A scared little boy, running from the army, running from killing and being a monster, gets influenced by a ghost and a friend who tells him how to be the Doctor. Clara already did basically the same thing before but in this episode we get the Doctor explained. We know who the lonely little boy is now and we know why he's running and why he's scared and how he manages to face to so many terrors. At this point and revelation of his name or looms is unnecessary, we know the boy and we know the old man, we can guess the young man from there.

The man who monsters have nightmares about and he did it by having his nightmares tell him to be a good boy.

I appreciate the genious and the skill and I think MrTardisreviews is wrong about judging it harshly in context. This is the end though. The Doctor can turn evil and die or become a woman and it won't matter because Moffat already unbottled the Doctor's biggest secret. New showrunner please.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Radical Feminism and the Rejection of Man as Witnessed Against an Appreciation of Doctor Who

Warning this is not safe for work.

The contents of the blog represent no-one and nothing but the writer Alex Jahans. It is not an objective academic or journalistic article. Please take all the following with a gigantic ocean of salt.

Review of Just Bad Gamers' Minecraft Mondays Episode 1

I am reviewing a let's play episode.
I am reviewing a let's play episode on a monetised blog so I could technically earn money from this churnalism.
And I am reviewing a let's play episode of a small young channel about a much overplayed game.

My journalistic integrity has just plummeted more than when I uploaded a video of my tits.

Oh and I know the woman in the episode I'm reviewing so I'm not only out of ideas, churnalistic and bullying but I'm also nepotistic.

Oh well, 4chan calls me much worse on a daily basis.

Just Bad Gamers' Minecraft Mondays Episode 1 Review

1. Editing 

2. The Commentary

3. Advice and Improvements

1. The Editing

This episode is what happens if Heston Blumenthal works at a fast food joint. There is so much skill and talent on show that it detracts from what punters want. Actually that's an unfair analogy, Heston Blumenthal would do the research to find out what fast food consumers actually want. It feels like barely a second goes by without a cut or a wipe or a sound effect and my Zarquon the incessant backing music is annoying. I mean when the only consistent thing in the video is a tinny chip tune playing on a loop that is very definitely not good.

2. The Commentary

This minecraft let's play episode features 2 letsplayers. Sean Rowe and Louise Richards. Sean is the straight man teaching Louise how to play Minecraft and as such isn't actually in the episode enough to comment on because his bits were presumably more likely to be cut. Louise though, Louise has a fine grasp of comedy. I mean I've done a module on humour writing and have anecdotal evidence that I make people laugh but I'm often too serious, somber and paranoid, leaving me outclassed by Louise's comedy gold. Turns out gold on its own looks like piss, is very weak and really good at transmitting painful experiences.

I mean she's loud. I mean I'm not listening on headphones and my sound is turned down to half what I have it for normal youtube purposes and listening to five seconds makes my ears hurt.

3. Advice and Improvements

Give Your Editor A Horlicks And Tell Them To Calm Down

Kidding aside that is your biggest problem. 

I know why you edit so hard and fast and why Louise sounds so loud. These are things you are good at and what people want. A fair amount of Zisteau's popularity is his editing flair and the Yogscast made its fortune off Simon doing loud stupid voices and Lewis screaming in fear. As a new letsplayer myself I also get the desire to edit an episode into oblivion since it takes so long to get anything done in Minecraft while Youtube stat's indicate people prefer shorter videos. I know this trap and conundrum well as I still grapple with it but the key is balance.

There is a real and genuine demand for Minecraft content, to the point where even I notice a significant difference between the reception of my Minecraft videos and the reception of my Half Life 2 and Skyrim videos but the important thing to note is that my Half Life 2 videos are the only consistently short videos and don't need editing but they fall far behind hour long episodes with lots of jump cuts to accommodate more progress because unless your video is under five minutes in length people are watching for the content, not because it's short and they're curious.

Look at the let's players on the Mindcrack Server and even the Yogscast. These are minimalist let's plays with editing that services the content. If it's a Yogscast video you get cuts between two different perspectives to give you the best view of the action and maybe sound effect, theme song or onscreen image where appropriate. If it's a Mindcrack video what you'll get is a long stretch of talking broken up by either fighting, building or a grinding montage because people who watch let's plays come to see the game being played and stay for the personality of the let's player. If you are editing out the actual playing of the game and the personality of the let's players (which you most definitely have done with this episode) then you are gutting your video of what people want most.

My advice is do live editing. Instead of using Final Cut or Sony Vegas to trim the fat in post, record the episode as live and if the footage is getting boring (because you're lost, you're building something repetitive, you need to slay a horde of zombies or you need to farm a lot of resources), pause or stop the recording and restart it when you're done. Even then a good rule is to show what a little bit of the off-camera grind anyway. 

You have potential you just need to let your episodes breathe a little. If you want then do a 4 minute trailer for each thirty minute episode but please ensure future episodes are nice and long.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Doctor Who Robot of Sherwood Review

A little spoiler is good for the soul.

Series 8, and Series 7 for that matter, can charitably be described as "Good fun with a silly concept". This is not new for who and is a vital mantra for sharkploitation films but recently I've missed the jokes and I think that has to do with being a spoilerphobe after getting involved with the speculation ruined series 6 for me. The reason I can suggest this idea is that I didn't watch Robot of Sherwood live. No, I got a bit caught up in minecraft and didn't notice the time so I watched it on Sunday morning, getting minor spoilers from just glancing at facebook in the interim so I was prepared for the sillyness. Again I could tear it apart like tissue paper, especially as the Sonic Screwdriver doesn't do wood yet somehow the Doctor blew up a wooden archery board with his sonic but it was fun.

Yes, it's predictable. Yes, it's a cheap and fannish episode clearly reusing props and costumes from Robin Hood and Merlin but this is the episode where the Doctor has really clicked and is just the Capaldi Doctor not an angry Billy Connolly or an old Scottish Matt Smith and most importantly Robin Hood won me over, I'd love to see a spinoff. Also Ben Miller was fun, with just the right amount of ham.

I also love that here we get almost explicitly that it's the Doctor trying to be a hero (trying to be a good man), even if he's not, that's important. Also have Sherlock and the Doctor now flipped since the Doctor is clearly a fallible half human trying to be an infallible god at the moment and Series 3 showed Sherlock, now an infallible god after undergoing death and resurrection, trying to be fallible human for John? (This is meta talk, don't worry if you don't get it.)

I give this a rating of : Recommended and 6 out of ten fucks (where 0 is Love and Monsters and 10 is the Curse of Fenrik director's cut).

My theory is that the promised land is the matrix of Gallifrey.

The Good The Mad and The Neutral

Friday, 5 September 2014

Aperger's Syndrome, Hype and Backlash - what the hell did I miss?

There is so much hate against people with Asperger's because of fakes. Like I grew up bullied and reviled with my mum using my syndrome as an excuse to never keep her promises or warn me when my plans would be disrupted and my every argument against her would be dismissed as Aspergers, making me deny my condition, avoid seeking help and loathe A Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime because I thought that was how the world saw me and now suddenly Asperger's and Autism means jerkish geniuses like Sherlock and Sheldon or Einstein and there's a real backlash against this weird group of people who think being Aspergers means you are better than everybody else. Like what the fuck happened? What did I miss? Is Autism cool now and hipsters are revolting or did the daily mail just have a slow news year and a vendetta?

Episode 6 I know you wanna shout

Planning Vanilla Minecraft Single Player Let's Play

The video I recorded and uploaded today proves that I, incompetent as I am, can graft the contents of one ctm map onto a single player map. Not a particularly world shattering statement as many people better than I do it as easily as I ctrl+c and ctrl+v  but the point is that I now have that power.

The problem adventure maps and ctm maps have is that they want to focus on giving you adventure and dungeons to defeat, not mining and building because you have the normal minecraft singleplayer experience for that but because you don't have the singleplayer world to hand they have to give you the ability to mine and build, resulting in needless off camera grind work for the letsplayer or failing that a game that feels far too easy. With my new skills I intend to remedy this by keeping the building and the caving to single player and have the minecraft adventure and ctm maps have consequences. If you beat a superhostile map or a parkour map then you earned that loot so you deserve to keep it. For those curious about playing along here is my plan for the Vanilla Single Player Let's Play experience.

  1. Keep your tiers of progression around: - This means not only displaying your first tools and armour at each level of progression but hanging onto your dirt hole at spawn and your intermediary level buildings and contraptions. The moment your building or contraption is defunct, it is now a museum piece.
  2. Make at least 1 of the following:
  • Mob grinder
  • Gold Farm
  • Iron Farm 
  • Villager Farm
  • Enderman Farm
  • Realistic Passive Mob Farms (whether cutesy or dystopian is up to you, I'm doing both)
  • Blaze Farm
  • Ghast Farm
  • Slime Farm
  • Castle
  • Loot room
  • Potion factory
  • Beacon
3. Once you have beaten Single Player by ensuring that you have the potential for infinite resources wherever it is possible then you can build the Player Transporter and Cargo Transporter.

The Player Transporter has two variants. 

The first variant lets you transport without your inventory and means you can't bring any items back. It costs 5 blocks of diamond (arranged in an x in the bottom layer), 4 jukeboxes (filling in the spaces between the diamonds on the bottom layer), 9 signs (completely filling the second layer), 8 blocks of obsidian (arranged in an empty square on the top layer) and one lava source block (filling the square on the top layer. To teleport you jump in the lava with 30 levels and die. You will be reborn at the desired location.

The second variant lets you keep your inventory and bring loot back. Instead of signs that layer has a diamond block at the center, gold blocks at the corners and iron blocks at the sides. Finding the coordinates to where you want to teleport to costs a stack of gold or iron blocks. Without coordinates you will get sucked off into a multiplayer world and the inventory will not carry over.

The Cargo transporter costs 4 beacons, 8 filled jukeboxes, 5 diamond blocks, 8 emerald blocks, (that's the bottom layer arranged in a five by five grid),  25 blocks of gold (the second layer) and 25 blocks of iron (that's the third layer) It can carry a 5 by 5 by 5 cube of cargo and work off the coordinates of the player transporter but it must be connected to the Player Transporter by a diamond block.

This is actually extremely cost effective when you factor in the loot from the different maps but feels nice and end-gamey.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

This blog can now make money*

*Theoretically, if enough people follow and read it.

What this means literally is that Google has decided at last that my adsense account for this channel is fully verified and legitimate meaning I can make money from this blog the same way I make money from my youtube account. (How does one attract 4chan to mass troll a blog? :P) The adverts on this blog will give me a tiny cut of Google's profit if you click on them.

What this means more practically and importantly is that it is now worth my time and effort to create content here as my blog is no longer just a landing pad for my youtube videos but a revenue stream in and of itself. This is a very great thing for you the reader because I am trained as a writer. I have studied journalism and film studies and even mythology but always from the perspective and profession as a writer. I am very glad that my derpyness and attempts at comedy and acting or entertainment have succeeded as well as they have but there can be no doubting that I am better qualified, trained and skilled as a writer. It will take a while for me to adjust my business plan to include this new potential but already I see the following things happening:

1. The return of written reviews. Reviews that by their very nature are more in depth because I am not restrained by time and worrying about being entertaining. If you're reading the review instead of watching it you expect satire and wit to hammer a point home, not mugging to camera.

2. Short stories or even novels uploaded in parts. Perhaps I could invite guest authors to share a sample of their work for you guys?

3. Transmedia storytelling and reviewing.

4. The stuff I usually post on facebook. My reviews started on facebook and still I find myself posted reviews there first, quick posts about having just played this or that game, articles expressing my views on particular news stories. All that professional media personality stuff will go here.

5. Essays - I have just finished university and I have a lot of essays on my computer. Some of them quite good and even interesting and fun to read. You will be getting these. Hell maybe I might write some new essays if there's demand or I feel like it, always did love GoldenMoonRose on Livejournal.

6. Holiday themed events and plugs. I know Paul Cornell has done the 12 fanfics of christmass so maybe I might do something like that.

7. Competitions and games. Like word searches inspired by phrases that crop up a lot in my let's plays.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

So you want to recommend a game for me to let's play?

Step 1: Look here, see if I have the game.

Step 1.5: If I do not have the game you may gift the game to me yourself or request that the designer of the game send me a free copy to let's play. I cannot let's play a game I do not own.

Step 2: If I own the game you want me to Let's Play think about which day and what time you would most want episodes of that Let's Play uploaded. If I am let's playing a game because you wanted me to then obviously I want to make sure the time I publish it is optimal for you.

Step 3: Post a comment on this blog post detailing your recommendation and upvote any comments you agree with. 

Should I ditch Half Life 2 for more Minecraft

Half Life 2 is just a corridor broken up by the occasional physics puzzle. It's getting boring to record and commentary is suffering. I don't even care when things explode around me any more, it's like a themepark ride where everything is on the rails and you know it has to be beatable or circumvent-able. There is no moment like in Skyrim or Minecraft where I go to clear out a certain dungeon and get insta-killed so I either have to give up on it, out think it or come back when I'm more badass.

More importantly though I'm getting positive feedback about Minecraft Solar Survival and people want more of that and there are only so many timeslots. Half Life 2 either has to go or it has to get its views compromised by me uploading minecraft videos on the same day as Half Life 2.

My Let's Play series are as much about you guys, my viewers, as they are about me so I'm giving you a choice:

Option 1: Things continue on as normal. With Half Life 2 on wednesdays and only one day of Minecraft content a week.

Option 2: I finish Half Life 2 but also have a minecraft series uploading on wednesdays.

Option 3: I give up on Half Life 2 and just have minecraft on wednesdays.

In case you do opt for another minecraft series I present 3 options as to what series it could be:

Option A: Minecraft Solar Survival is uploaded twice a week and will therefore finish faster.

Option B: I could start a single player let's play series in normal minecraft and upload that in the wednesday slot.

Option C: I could start a series on a server.

Let me know what you guys think. I don't want to run roughshod over you or overload you with too many videos