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Friday, 22 August 2014

Need a new game to letsplay

Might be biting off a bit more than I can chew since I start my job very soon but the problem with my letsplays at the moment is that while they are getting me to play more games and extremely fun to record I can't really play them for fun any more. I mean Half Life 2 has to be recorded all the time as it's a blind letsplay following a very linear path. Minecraft Solar Survival is just a grind: Grind mobs, farm pumpkins, farm trees, build platforms beneath planets. Skyrim, the one let's play that I can still actually play off camera, is almost too good in that no grind is necessary and lots can be had and the quests are awesome. I record too much of it and so have to wait around playing piddly side quests until it's time to record again. Also Skyrim has the slight problem that if you don't follow the main quests you won't level up as you're supposed to and get curb stomped in side quests. This has happened to me a lot lately.

I think a solution is to find a game as good as Skyrim to letsplay so that I can have a break from grinding minecraft and doing Skyrim sidequests. It would help if this hypothetical game were less likely to tank my fps than Skyrim.

Take a look at the games I own on steam and make recommendations:

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