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Monday, 19 August 2013

Serious Buisiness

I got into reviewing by accident and it has somewhat taken over my life. I write reviews, record reviews and watch reviews. I love reviews. Primarily because they're the one instance where someone can trulyt tell you their opinion of something without challenging you to a debate.

Of late I've started watching the marvellous SF Debris on Blip. I've actually nearly caught up entirely I love his reviews so much and here's what I love. He doesn't judge, he's not divorced from the will of the people but he's not controlled by them either. He can do funny reviews, positive reviews, negative reviews and even occasionally serious reviews. Serious reviews that make reviewing a serious business because he's not just riffing trash, he's debating big issues such as eugenics, the possibility of making contact with alien life and nuclear war. These are topics I now want to cover just to throw my own two pennies into the ring but first my channel needs to undergo a serious upgrade.

Firstly I want to find a way to import my dvds so I can edit them. 
Then I want to have proper series, not just off the cuff ones, though I might still have those but scripted series with a long production. I want to have an official feedback series where I gather up comments, read them up and respond to them. For too long I've been putting myself down, putting out substandard work because it's easy and complaining when it's called out. I'm not sure how or when this will happen but in the meantime in the comments below suggest comments you'd like to see me talk about in a serious series.

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