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Monday, 8 April 2013

Reaction/review of The Bells of Saint John

Crash Review

I think Crash is a fair representation of predjudice on the big screen. I think it is well acted and well directed with a good music score and some nice character beats but I think it is a very dull and boring film where shit just happens. This isn't a movie, it's car crash in slow motion. It gives you the feels but it doesn't do anything plot wise.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WTF is Green Nothing Productions?

Landa Pictures has pulled out of making Green Eyed Nothing

Green Nothing Productions needs your help to make Green Eyed Nothing a reality

Well Luke Tedder has left the building. Green Nothing Productions now needs a new producer to oversee production of the series. Call it creative differences, whatever.

I almost see this as a shining opportunity as it means I can have a more hands on approach to the series but for this to work I need crew and cast so if you've been following this and think you can help be it through props, make up, filming, acting or directing get in touch.

This is only going to happen if people want this to happen so even if you think all you can do is pledge moral support let me know. If enough people are interested and I find a director who has a similar or better vision than I and we may look to crowd sourcing to provide the first series with a budget.

Scripts available on request.

Interested in doing something for Green Nothing Productions that's unrelated to the series, be it merchandising, advertising, a book series, podcast or something else let me know.