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Monday, 25 February 2013

Full Metal Jacket Review

This is a very well made film, with Stanley Kubrick directing it, how could it not be? Masterfully acted, amazing music and subtle yet effective special effects. I hate it. I loathe this film from the very pit of my stomach. I would rather watch every slash bait scene between the Doctor and the Master on a loop for the films length than watch this amazingly made piece of bile again.

The reason is simple. This film is about the horror of war, a war history tells us was a train wreck anyway. It is very effective at showing how bleak, dark and horrific war is. It makes me feel sick, scared and lonely. I wish I had never seen it. I am a writer and I abhor violence, which means having friends from soldier families can get a bit tense. I did not need to see this to know that war is bad.

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