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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

SkyFall Review

This is a great film with some odd quirks. Where Casino Royale was obviously inspired by the Bourne franchise this film feels very Torchwood and that sounds so odd.

It opens with what tvtropes would call a Batman Cold Open but is very like the typical opening to Torchwood, a cold open where we see the team working together as one smooth and efficient team, only for the plot coupon of the week to ruin things.

Bond saying his hobby is Resurrection is very Captain Jack and it seems he's adopted the former's habit of stalking high places, even his omnisexuality. Plus the episode ending with a partial revelation about our mysterious hero's origins is consistent with series one and two.

The episode focusing on one particular character who is about to kick it is very Torchwood. Not to mention the magical hacking wars with Toshiko's action genius role being split between Q and Moneypenny respectively.

The villain being an obvious ripoff of the Joker who mirrors and slash baits the hero is again very Torchwood.

At one point Bond even name drops the Doctor. A storm is coming indeed.

Ironically despite being a brilliant example of how to do Torchwood right after Miracle Day, it does actually have a very inferior basis for a story and on a Torchwood scale Children of Earth beats it by miles, even if I'd rather watch this again.

A very good film, a great film but very much a Doctor Who spinoff in nuance and plot, which probably isn't Bond.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Full Metal Jacket Review

This is a very well made film, with Stanley Kubrick directing it, how could it not be? Masterfully acted, amazing music and subtle yet effective special effects. I hate it. I loathe this film from the very pit of my stomach. I would rather watch every slash bait scene between the Doctor and the Master on a loop for the films length than watch this amazingly made piece of bile again.

The reason is simple. This film is about the horror of war, a war history tells us was a train wreck anyway. It is very effective at showing how bleak, dark and horrific war is. It makes me feel sick, scared and lonely. I wish I had never seen it. I am a writer and I abhor violence, which means having friends from soldier families can get a bit tense. I did not need to see this to know that war is bad.