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Friday, 25 January 2013

Batman Forever

This film is stupid. Doctor Who stupid.

The villains are such scenery chewing large hams, the costumes are ridiculous, the plot nonsensical but by Zarquon I love it.

This film is fabulous and wonderfully hilarious. It's not like Batman Returns where they're expecting you to find a world of penquin people and a cat person serious, terrifying and foreboding. This is pure campy fun.

Val Kilmer is a fantastic Bruce Wayne and Batman. He humanizes Batman and hardens Bruce Wayne. A terriffic actor.

Chris O'Donnel as Robin is inspired and I love his character and the in-jokes 'Holey Rusted Metal, Batman!' floored me.

Nicole Kidman is a fantastic actress and plays the best love interest for a Batman I've yet to see. She isn't just a pretty face, she's strong and intelligent but really has a kind of bile fantasy when it comes to Batman and its one I can understand. The things that frighten us and terrify us are the things that fascinate us and drive us. Plus on the less cerebral level she's a damn site hotter than the love interests in Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Batman or Batman Returns IMHO.

Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face doesn't get anything like the brilliant depth of character or origin Harvey Dent had in the Dark Knight but he was fun and evil with a brilliant explanation at the beginning of his psychoses.

Jim Carrey as The Riddler is hilarious and kind of realistic. I know that seems like a stupid thing to say since it's Jim Carrey Unleashed but his motivation as a cloud cuckoolander ego maniac who took his man-crush turning him down badly is something that I think many a fanboy has had to deal with at some point and indeed at the beginning his portrayal as the fanboy nerd is rather like Lee Evan's Portrayal tas the Doctor's fanboy in Planet of the Dead.

Honestly I prefer this film over The Dark Knight. I know that it's crap compared to the technical and acting brilliance of The Dark Knight but this was my kind of film, stupid but fun.

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