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Monday, 28 January 2013

American Beauty Review

What a pretentious piece of shit!

Oh don't get me wrong I know that's pot calling the kettle black but at least when I'm being pretentious there's some actual action going on. I may make a diatribe about how we treat pets is wrong but at least I add some dramatic tension courtesy of a cannibalistic anti-hero.

This movie plays out like a very bad episode of My Family and expects me to feel moved.

The very best I can say about this movie is that it MIGHT be self aware as at one point we watch two people watching video of a paper bag blowing in the wind as a drug dealing stalker of a boyfriend talks about the beauty of the world,

Don't get me wrong I know the complex science and mathematical equations that explain why the bag is moving the way it does is beautiful but the bag moving in the wind itself? That's rubbish. Literally rubbish. And the film calls back to that moment in the end as if it's some big and important revelation.

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