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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Mummy Review

With an opening scene lifted from Bram Stoker's Dracula, the mummy is quite obviously a homage to classic horror.

The introduction to the hero and the starscream seems based on the fact that we, the audience, already know that Brenden Fraser is the hero. Something which I'd like to criticise but can't seeing as the trailers and movie poster tell you as much. I like Brenden Fraser, he's a good actor and I enjoyed him in George of the Jungle and Bedazzled, he's even one of the few american actors I could see playing the Doctor but he's not what I would call Hollywood handsome, being a tad neanderthalic in the face department and so it's somewhat of a surprise to see him playing the hero in such a big movie (by my standards). He is very good in the role, adding just enough humour to the trope of the hero to avoid it becoming stale.

Evelyn is introduced as the love interest by being the first woman to have a full scene. That scene in particular is ridiculous because it sets up three things: 1. She's smart 2. She's got incredible balance to keep herself upright on that ladder for so long 3. The film does not give the tiniest fig about reality and runs on 'Rule of Cool' I mean how else could Evelyn falling knock over one bookshelf let alone two? Rachel Weisz plays Evelyn, someone I'd last seen in Constantine and I would say on the basis of that there's been some typecasting going on. I think in Constantine she had deeper concepts and serious acting to deal with but this film is so much better because it is so much more fun.

John Hannah plays Evelyn's Brother and the comic relief in a comedic film but for some reason I kept confusing him with Peter Capaldi, presumably because of Peter's role as another British comic relief actor in Local hero.

Special mention goes to Corey Johnson but only because it was nice to see Henry Van Statten mauled by zombies.

The mummy himself is like a cross between Dracula and Lord Voldemort only he's far less hammy in his acting, doesn't look ridiculous and it's possible to handwave the whole thing as sufficiently advanced science so I prefer it.

The story is predictable but enjoyable. I would rule this a 'Meh!' but it's just too good to be judged as such.

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