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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Spider-man 2 Review

Spiderman was the first superhero film I reviewed so it's only right and appropriate that of all the superhero films I could have decided to review so long after my initial run of superhero film reviews, its sequel is the one I should choose to review, however unplanned such a decision was.

Since my reviews started out as just being facebook status updates about my opinion of a film and Spiderman was one of the very earliest, I am afraid I did not quite do it justice. So if you'll permit me I'll do a little retro review of the earlier film.

At the time I said Spiderman was the perfect antidote to Chronicle, which I'd earlier deemed rather good even if I'd felt wrong for sympathizing with the eventual antagonist. This says a lot about the two films respectively and indeed about me:

Spiderman is the tale of a smart kid who gains super powers and learns that with great powers comes great responsibility.

Chronicle is the tale of a smart kid who learns that with great powers comes great insanity.

I am not Peter Parker.

Spiderman is a moral film with a definite good and a definite evil which sees the main character conflicted because people aren't that simple. It has a message that is a knowing compromise but is just uplifting enough to counteract against the slightly disturbing implications of siding with the main character in Chronicle.

Spider-man 2 brings up again just how unlike Peter Parker I am. (well aside from the issues with hyphens in names) Peter in this film is cultivating the impression that he is brilliant but lazy due to his double life as Spiderman leaving him less time for homework and chasing girls. I am lucky if I even I think I am brilliant but lazy but for Peter this reputation just won't do, so with the added inconvenience of his super powers mysteriously vanishing now and again he decides to quit.

This movie for me brings up issues which I'd like to talk about now but two issues I've singled out for their own posts at are Writing Villains Effectively and Analysing Comic Book Film Sequels. They should be up within a day.

This is the film where everybody figures out who Spiderman is and I like that because I hate the Status Quo Is God trope. I want Merlin to tell Arthur he's a badass wizard. I want the Doctor to reveal that his name is Slartibartfast, he is half human and he was The Other. I loved that Tony Stark told everyone he was Iron Man. In this film everybody finds out, the public, the bad guy, his best friend, his almost girlfriend. The only person who doesn't find out gives us something far better, J Jonah Jameson admits Spiderman is a hero and he wants him back, even if it's for less than a minute.

Everyone in this film is badass and funny. This is quite simply sublime and for those saying the car throwing scene is a plot hole, I'll remind you that Harry only added the not hurting Peter bit after Doc Ock had stalked off.

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